Invisible Liquid Fence


  • 500 feet coverage per bottle
  • Eco-friendly and petsafe
  • No rotation required


  • Need to respray after heavy rain
  • Will not keep your dog contained
  • Requires montly reapplication


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Liquid fence repellant is an effective and proven outside the box solution to create a barrier that protects your ornamental gardens and crops from damage caused by deer and rabbits. Liquid fence is a perimeter barrier that works by exposing the animal to unpleasant olfactory feedback. Liquid fence is a biodegradable and all natural solution to a problem faced by most professional and hobby horticulturists ..

How does it work?

By combining natural ingredients with smells that are naturally rejected by plant-destroying mammals liquid fence gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your crops are protected. Liquid fence can be used alone or in combination with netting. Experienced gardeners understand that netting won’t deter bunnies & deer in high population areas. Combining both methods will provide the best protection for your vegetable gardens, new trees and ornamental gardens.


Liquid fence can be dispensed with a garden sprayer when larger coverage is needed. The smaller presentations come in sprayer bottles and can be used with ease in urban and suburban small plots. Liquid fence does not be to be rotated with other repellants, many gardeners have used it as their go-to one stop solution to reduce garden losses.


Will it keep dogs from digging the vegetable garden?

No. To keep your dogs away you may want to consider a wireless pet barrier such as the Havahart Wireless..

Is it dangerous to pets?

No liquid fence is manufactured using garlic and eggs. It is not dangerous to dogs cats or domestic poultry.

How long will I have to wait before harvesting?

Please allow at least a week post- application to harvest above ground crops.

How to apply:

Spray evenly on top of the plant preferably in the morning or late afternoon. Do not water for 24 hours to allow for adhesion. Note that a pungent smell will be present the first 4 hours after application.

Wash your hands with a mild soap immediately after applying. If the smell is present in clothing items add baking soda to your load and wash the items separately.

1 Quart Ready-to-Use Coverage: 500 square feet 1 Gallon Ready-to-Use Coverage: 2000 square feet

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