Innotek SD-3000

Innotek-sd-3000Review:  Innotek SD-3000 Basic Contain N Train System – OUT OF STOCK


  • Remote training feature
  • Non-proprietary batteries


  • Not rechargeable
  • No battery backup
  • No adjustable correction levels
  • No indoor pods


Innotek’s SD-3000 adds remote training functionality to the SD-2000 (review here) for about an extra $50.  As we mentioned with the SD-2000 this is Innotek’s bare bones offering.  You get a reliable system, but lose desirable features, most notable the rechargeable collars.   

Like the SD-2000, you have a non-proprietary 3 volt battery that you can find in most drug stores and that runs about $5 and needs replacing about every 2 months according to Innotek.  You also lose the ability to manually adjust correction levels.  

As we mentioned in our review of the IUC-5100, remote training is not a feature we love.  We think it can be confusing to dog, especially in the first few months when they are learning how the dog fence works.

Summary: The SD-3000 is for those on a tight budget that need remote training capability.  The lack of rechargeable collar and adjustable correction levels are noticeable.

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Clark Hepper March 27, 2016 at 7:24 pm

How can I purchase another collar for a second dog and how much does it cost?


ADMIN – Hi Clark. I’m sorry. PetSafe bought out Innotek and all of the Innotek products have been discontinued. This includes the Innotek/PetSafe UltraSmart, IUC 5100, Contain n Train, IUC 4100, etc. The replacement collars are not being made any more and there are no currently available collars that are compatible with these systems. You can sometimes find replacements on eBay and a few other sites, but they cost between roughly $150 and $300.
Another option would be to keep your existing dog fence wire (provided there are no wire breaks in the perimeter loop) and upgrade your transmitter and collar to a new system.
Simply, unplug the old transmitter, connect the new transmitter, and test the collar with the Test Light Tool on your new electric dog fence system.
Also, the newer dog fence systems have replacement collars more readily available than the old Innotek dog fence systems.

Jim August 3, 2014 at 4:21 pm

I wrote the previous review about a defective collar. Shortly thereafter i received a collar that works perfectly. That was 3 years ago. System has worked perfectly since then. Couldnt be happier. Definitely has saved my dogs life. I have almost an acre and put the wire around most of it. I loaned the collar and remote to a friend for a month and my dog started going past the bounderiesagain. Got the collar back and shes being good again. Dont even need to shock anymore, that was just in the begining. All she has to do is hear the tone and she obeys. Best value for the money that ive ever gotten.

Crystal M May 6, 2013 at 9:16 pm

We bought this, within 1yr, we bought 6 collars (2dogs). We bought a new collar 3 wks ago and that collar is dead. Sent that one in, they sent us another collar and that one died within the first wk.

Jim June 19, 2011 at 3:30 am

I purchased the Innotek SD 3000 contain n train about a month and a half ago and it has been one big nightmare the entire time. First collar didn’t even work, battery compartment full of some greasy liquid so they told me to send the collar back while they sent a new one. The new one works well with the remote but doesn’t light up or activate at all with the fence, not even with the test loop. So then they sent me an entire new system. Unfortunately, with this 3rd collar now, the collar is completely dead. Can’t be programmed, doesn’t light up, nothing. So from Innotek I have now gotten 3 defective collars in a row.

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