Dog Fence Reviews

This section reviews and compares the DIY dog fence systems. We review systems by Innotek, SportDog, PetSafe, Perimeter Technologies and Humane Contain. The comparison chart below summarizes our findings. Click on the model name or use the navigation menu of the left for a more detailed review of each system.

  PetSafe YardMax PIG00-11115 SportDOG Contain-N-Train Electric Dog Fence And Training Collar System SDF-CT SDF-CT SportDOG In-Ground Dog Fence SDF-100A SDF-100A PetSafe In-Ground Fence PIG00-13661 PIG00-13661 PetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence PIG0014673
Reliability Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Rechargeable Yes Yes No No Yes
Correction Levels 5 7 5 4 4
Battery Backup No No No No No
Capacity 10 acres 100 acres 100 acres 25 acres 25 acres
Other Notes
  • Anti-run-through Collar Fit
  • Pod compatibility
  • Rechargeable
  • Expandable
  • Dual Purpose
  • Highest Capacity
  • Best for working dogs
  • Waterproof collar
  • Slimline Collar
  • Small Collar
  • Pod Compatibility
  • Rechargeable
  • Expandable
  • Good for multiple dog sizes
Price $319.95 $419.95 $279.95 $179.95 $229.95
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  PetSafe Elite Little Dog PIG20-11041 Perimeter Technologies Deluxe Ultra PTPCC-200D PTPCC200D Smart Dog HT-023 Humane Contain
Reliability Good Good Poor Poor
Rechargeable No No No No
Correction Levels 4 4 1 3
Battery Backup No No No No
Capacity 25 acres 5 acres 1 acres 100 acres
Other Notes
  • Smallest Collar
  • Lower Correction
  • Collar Compatibility
  • Multiple Frequencies
  • Soft Contacts
Cheapest dog fence Works with Auto Door
Price $219.95 $209.95 $49.95 $99.95
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  PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless PIF00-12917 PIF12917 PetSafe Wireless PIF-300 PIF300 Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence
Reliability Good Good Poor
Rechargeable Yes Yes Yes
Correction Levels 5 5 8
Battery Backup No No Yes
Max Number of Dogs Unlimited Unlimited 2
Capacity 0.75 acres 0.5 acres 0.5 acres
Other Notes
  • Backwards compatible
  • Rechargeable
  • Combinable systems
  • Older & reliable
  • This fence may have potential interference issues where slopes are present.
  • Metal buildings will impact the way the collar receives signal.
  • Challenge alert
  • Battery backup
Price $329.95 $269.95 $329.95
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  1. Michelle Campbell says:

    I have a 18 month female lab. She is very energetic and loves to play with other dogs. We have 6 acres. She is an inside dog but loves to play outside. We currently put her on a tieout that gives her about 30 feet of roaming room. Other dogs come over to play sometimes. They freely run the neighborhood. When I walk her, she is unmanageable if the other dogs come around. I want to get an underground fence for her, I don’t want to contain the entire 6 acres but a good bit of our property. I’m sure the other dogs will come over to play and I want that for her. I am sure that she will try to run off with them. I’m nut sure what you mean when you say that they cannot run through the PetSafe YardMax, Can you recommend something for my Nala, Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle, the PetSafe Yard Max boundary is a timed correction. It is not based on the collar entering a boundary zone. Specifically, when the collar moves directly over the dog fence wire, the dog collar will begin to give the 3 second warning beep. After this, the collar will begin to deliver the static correction which will last up to 15 seconds unless the collar retreats back inside the boundary loop.



    ADMIN – Hi Billy, the best dog fence for your Chihuahua’s is the PetSafe Little Dog which is perfect any dog under 12 lbs and with a neck circumference of at least 7 inches.

  3. Mike Baldwin says:

    Hey there, I’m looking for a wired fence system with a collar that will continue correction until the dog re-enters the containment area. What product can deliver this functionality? Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Mike, there are no fences on the dog fence market that offer such functionality. All dog fences contain a safety shut off. The PetSafe YardMax has the longest correction time of 15 seconds before automatic shut off.

  4. Deb says:

    I have two Shih Tzu puppies. what system would you recommend?

    ADMIN – Hi Deb, the best dog fence for any dog weighing 10 lbs and up will be the PetSafe YardMax. The collar is small and weighs only 3 oz. If your Shih Tzu puppies end up weighing at least 10 lbs, this is the fence I would recommend. If they weigh less, then you will need to go with the PetSafe Little Dog fence for them.

  5. Damien says:

    Hi, we have a very smart, highly energetic German Short Haired Pointer, who is making our current urban fence seem like a minor inconvenience in the way of his freedom. The property is technically fully fenced, albeit, some of it 3 foot high. Which as it turns out is just annoying for our dog to have to jump on his way to running around on a very busy road! I have read that scent/sight hounds may not be well contained by these systems as they may run through them. As we have a fence we aren’t so worried about the run through as he does have to get to a fence and actually jump it. We really want to deter him from getting to the fence to be able to jump it, so it will add to the defense system! Is there a way of looping the wire so as to keep him from the fence, but allow him to come to the back door and down the sides of the house, ie 3 sides of a square? Many thanks for your help. Damien Kearney New Zealand

    ADMIN – Hi Damien, Yes we have recommend several backyard layout solutions for underground dog fences. 1) Along the back of the home you can suspend the wire in the gutters or high enough to be out of range, 2) You can wrap the wire around the front of the home, or 3) You can run the wire along the top of the fence and return to the unit along the base of the fence.

  6. laura says:

    We have a Coon Hound – Grey Hound mix. Very sweet, gentle & well behaved. We live on 43 acres of land at the end of a neighborhood of 2-5 acre lots. We know we don’t want to enclose all 43 acres with the invisible fence, but that leads to the next question of how much to enclose? Our yard is approx 3-5 acres with a pasture out back and a barn. There are trails through the wooded areas. We ride our ATVs and motorcycles along the trails and through the pasture and sometimes up into the yard or driveway. Our dog loves to run alongside us when we’re riding. When we’re not riding, he likes to stay with us. He also likes to travel between the house and the barn. He LOVES to run (I guess that’s the Grey Hound coming out in him). When he runs he is always either keeping up with us or chasing after toys we’ve thrown. He usually only gets in trouble with the running if he runs after the FedEx guy or if one of us drives down the driveway. He has occasionally strolled out the front gate and into the neighborhood. That’s the behavior we are trying to correct with the fence–running to keep up with a departing vehicle or person and wandering into the neighborhood/onto neighboring property.

    So which is best? Enclose just the yard and do the “its ok to cross” routine each time we want him to accompany us outside the boundaries of the fence or do we enclose most of what we use while riding (knowing we can’t enclose it all and rely on him to know when to stop if we ride outside the boundary)? The smaller the enclosure the less the overall cost (yes I know it gets “cheaper per acre” since you don’t have to re buy the electronics component–its just the cost of wire and install), but I don’t see spending extra money if I don’t have to.

    ADMIN – Hi Laura, I would enclose as much as you would like and use the safe gate routine for allowing your dog outside of the loop. This will be the most efficient, effectual, and money saving way to accomplish it. The safe gate training is very intuitive for dogs. It will work great in your scenario.

  7. Zack Killingsworth says:

    Hello I have a 130lb bull mastiff she has broke a logging chain multiple time and I can’t keep her tied up due to it. I hate tying her up anyway. WhT collar do you recommend?

    ADMIN – Hi Zack, the best dog fence for a large Bull Mastiff is the PetSafe YardMax. It has the 15 second correction that is needed for larger breed dogs. They cannot run through it like they can with a traditional dog fence.

  8. Kristen says:

    Hello, I am building a new home on a 6 acre lot that backs to a lake. I would like to put in a containment system for my 80lb lab mix and my 70lb pit mix. They both love to chase wild animals, so I need to be sure this system would keep them in the yard. I understand this does not keep critters out, but that is not a big concern for me. If I am reading the comments above correctly, it would seem the PetSafe YardMax product would work for my situation. With an additional collar of course. I would like to confirm that the price for the system, including wire for up to 10 acres of land, is $259.95. Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Kristen, I would recommend the YardMax for your lab and pit mix. However, $259.95 the base price of the fence with enough wire to cover 1/3 of an acre. For six acres, you’ll need to upgrade the order to a 2,500 foot wire kit. I would also recommending upgrading it to the 16 gauge for durability.

  9. jennifer says:

    This is so great that you answer questions! I have about an acre which is fully fenced with a three rail board fence with rabbit fencing in between which perfectly contains my four beagles. The problem is my young lab/pointer mix who climbs over the fence and roams much to the displeasure of the neighbors. What system do you recommend and can I run the wire along the fence rather than burying it except at the gates? I have about 550 feet of fencing. Please tell me everything I would need.

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer, I would recommend the PetSafe YardMax underground dog fence for containing your Lab mix. You can attach the boundary wire to the fence off ground in order to avoid burying the wire. For fenced properties, the best application with YardMax is to run it in Traditional mode.

  10. jbilsky says:

    Is the underground wire portion proprietary to each system? We put in a wired Innotek system for our 15# Shih tzu 11 years ago. I just inherited my mom’s 1 year old wild Maltese/Shih tzu mix. I have a spare collar but as we were trying to remark the fence lines, I noticed that the location of the beeping is inconsistent with either collar. It does beep so the wire is intact and we put new batteries in both. I was wondering if that was just because the collars were old. Before buying a new one, I decided to see if the tech has changed any since we bought 11 years ago. Your site says the wired Pet Safe version has the only model safe for dogs under 10 pounds. I’d probably be wiling to get a new system but I don’t think my husband would be willing to rewire it too.

    ADMIN – HI J Bilsky, the wire is not proprietary. The difference in collar distance is most likely the difference in collar antenna.

  11. Brandi says:

    I have an Aussie/Border Collie and I live on a 160 acre farm. My only problem is that my dog follows me down the road when I leave and will end up in the city (were 1/2 mile from town). Is there a system that will only block my dog from going down one side of the farm but he can still roam the rest? There is only about 1/2 mile that I would need to block in a straight line. It seems like a waste to have to kennel my dog when there is so much room. Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Brandi, the solution you are needing is a Paws Away Outdoor Rock and collar. I would recommend buying just the Outdoor Rock with the PetSafe YardMax collar (PIG00-11116). This way you can create a boundary zone only at that gap in the drive way.

  12. Cole says:

    I have a 70lb pit bull and a 20lb cocker spaniel. I have an actual fence on 3 sides of my yard and only need to run one straight line(160ft) of wire across the back. How would you recommend running the wire and which fence do u recommend for 2 excited stubborn dogs.

    ADMIN – Hi Cole, because the technology requires a loop, the best way to create a single sided boundary is with a long narrow loop. For two stubborn dogs of different sizes, I would recommend the PetSafe Stubborn fence and bundle in the PetSafe Rechargeable collar for the Spaniel.

  13. Jamie says:

    Hi-I have two pitbull terrier/lab/boxer five year old litter-mates that we adopted after they were discovered along a railroad track as puppies. Both dogs have anxiety issues. Our male dog climbs and jumps our fence; we extended the fence another two feet to make it eight feet tall, but he still gets over. We tried making a electrified fence ourselves and it worked for a month or so until our male dog just got use to it and continued his bad behavior. We also have some shock collars that were bought for hunting dogs. However, the male dog just bears the pain and will continue to try to escape. What can you recommend? (They are outside dogs. We love them, but are getting tired of the constant escaping to the front door that our male dog does; especially when he hears anything that frightens him). Also, do you happen to know if compression wear works for dogs? Thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi Jamie, the PetSafe Stubborn fence would be a good fit. The difference in experience would be that the extended invisible barrier of the underground dog fence that is automatic. You will be able to adjust the signal from 2 to 9 feet off the wire. Unlike the remote training collars, the dog fence will work when you are not present. I do not know if compression wear works for dogs.

  14. Greg says:

    Hello, I have an 80 lb. 2 year old retriever/chow mix named Jack. He has a ton of energy and just won’t stay in the yard with voice commands. I have about 3/4 of an acre I’d like to contain. Jack is a very strong dog and seems to have a high tolerance for pain. He is also very strong willed. Jack also has pretty thick hair along his neck. What system would you recommend? Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Greg, I would recommend the PetSafe YardMax. It is a great underground dog fence that works well with persistent escape artist. The YardMax mode offers a true run through prevention. When the collar crosses the dog fence wire, the collar gives the warning beep and then delivers the static correction no matter how far out your dog runs. In essence, crossing the boundary wire turns the collar “on” and returning across the boundary wire turns the collar “off.” We find the sustained correction offered on the YardMax is much more effective than a momentary strong correction offered on the PetSafe Stubborn or SportDog SDF100A.

  15. Kai says:

    Hello! I have about a one acre portion of my farm that I’d like to limit my new adult Corgi to. I’ve never purchased an electric dog fence before. Can you please tell me which fence kit would be the best for my needs and my dog’s size? My number one concern after reading through this site is the size of some of the transmitters. They are huge. I would prefer a collar that is smaller, yet still effective, on a 15lb Corgi. Thank you for your time!

    ADMIN – Hi Kai, the best dog fence for your Corgi is definitely the PetSafe YardMax. The 3 oz collar is the smallest full size collar that fits well on dogs 10 lbs and heavier. Only the PetSafe Little Dog is smaller weighing at 2 oz. With the YardMax kit you will need to upgrade to a 1,000 foot kit to fence in your acre. I would highly recommend upgrading to the 16 gauge for a break proof wire.

  16. Jenna says:

    Hi, Just wondering what type of fence to get, we have three dogs, a 90lb golden retriever (all puppy) a retriever/lab mix and a small terrier mix. We have a 1/2 acre corner lot in a busy subdivision, a typical fence is not an option with HOA restrictions. We also, have a river lot and would like suggestion for it as well. What would you suggest as our best option?

    ADMIN – Hi Jenna, if all your dogs are at least 10 lbs or heavier, the PetSafe YardMax is the best dog fence for containing dogs of different sizes and temperaments. The collar is very versatile. It is small and lightweight. You can set different correction strengths for each collar and the collars are rechargeable. The other great benefit to the YardMax is that it does not decrease the size of your yard for the dogs. Your dogs will be able to walk all the way up to the edge of the boundary wire. This way you can install it directly on your property line. Do you want to include the river, exclude it, or cross it in order to include it?

  17. Dave says:

    thanks for this site; it’s very helpful in my electronic fence research. We have a 5 yr old Basset with the jowls on his neck and he’s started to chase rabbits in the adjoining woods. 1. what system would you suggest to cover 1.5 acres of lawn and cleared woods? 2. I’d like to upgrade to 14 or 16 gauge wire. Will this have any affect on the function of the system? thanks very much

    ADMIN – Hi Dave, I would highly recommend the PetSafe YardMax for a Basset hound. The YardMax mode offers a true run through protection. You can confidently upgrade the wire to as large as 14 gauge. It will not affect the fences operation.

  18. Cassie says:

    I have 3 beagles and wanting to fence in 1 1/2 – 2 acres. Trying to decide between the petsafe yard max and the sport dog. The sport dog collars look very bulky. Which do you think would be the best option?

    ADMIN – Hi Cassie, the best dog fence for your scenario is the PetSafe YardMax. We highly recommend the sustained correction over the bulkier, high correction SportDog collar. The YardMax mode offers a true run through prevention that the SportDog does not offer.

  19. Tanya says:

    I have a golden retriever/great Pyrenees mix dog in a 1/2 acre lot approx. What fence do you recommend.

    ADMIN – Hi Tanya, I would recommend the PetSafe YardMax for your retriever mix. The sustained correction of the YardMax mode is superior to the traditional dog fence boundary zones you find on fences such as the SportDog and PetSafe Stubborn.

  20. Michelle Meacham says:

    Hi, I am looking for a system that can handle 3 pit bulls. I have a 7 year old that is REALLY stubborn and I need something that will keep him in. Is there one that continues to shock until the dog comes back? Also I have 11 acres and would like to give them the most space I can to run. Thanks Michelle

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle, the best dog fence for this is the PetSafe YardMax. The collar will begin to correct the dog when the collar crosses the dog fence wire and will not stop until the collar either crosses back inside the yard or the collar times out after 15 seconds. This is the closest match. If you go with the YardMax, you’ll be limited to 3,000 feet of wire which is 10 acres.

  21. Kevin says:

    Great site. We are new to containment fencing and I have learned a lot reading through this Q & A. I am considering the Yardmax system but also looked at the Sportdog system too. Our dog Puck is a 10 month old energetic lab-mix and I like the Yardmax system with the run-through mode and rechargeable collar but we will be containing about 2 acres of yard completely surrounded by woods and I am looking to surface mount the wire a few feet into the woods away from the mowers and trimmers. With that type of install would the Yardmax mode sill be effective? What about training (flags in the woods)? How can we best make this work? Would the Sportdog system offer an advantage? Second question. We were planning to put the transmitter in an unheated outbuilding toward the back of the property. By using this install I will only cross the driveway once saving a cut and needing much less wire. But I saw in the FAQs the transmitter must not be mounted in an area that gets below freezing. How hard of a requirement is this? We live in the Midwest and don’t have extreme winters but would prefer the outbuilding install if possible. Thanks in advance for your help.

    ADMIN – Hi Kevin, the YardMax fence is a great choice for your planned layout and is our dog fence recommendation. The answer to your questions is really the training. You will want to train your dog in the visible areas where you can place flags. Then later in the training when your dog is ready to be on the fence, you can go for a walk into the woods to introduce that area. Your dog will instinctively turn and retreat at any point along the boundary where they encounter the warning tone. In the majority of situations, we prefer YardMax’s sustained correction over SportDog’s stronger correction. As for question on freezing, and unheated building is completely okay. You will see this recommendation in the manufactures manuals, but freezing temps will not affect these systems. Mainly because they are analog. If the units were digital like some are, a temperature controlled room would be necessary.

  22. Stephanie says:

    Hi, We are looking at the yardmax versus the sportdog. we have a 12 lb +\- Yorkie who is 10 and a 5 mo old great Pyrenees standard poodle mix who is current 45 lbs and growing. We live on a farm with field, woods, pond, etc. we are looking to keep them out of the road as people really fly down it:( even tho it is 30 mph. we live in Central NY and get a fair amount of snow, especially this past winter! What would be our best option? Thanks for the in put! Stephanie

    ADMIN – Hi Stephanie, I would recommend the YardMax for your two dogs. The sustained correction of the YardMax will contain your Pyrenees mix and the separate correction setting and small size of the YardMax collar will work great for your Yorkie.

  23. Ryan says:

    Hello, we have a four acre yard with an existing system. The previous owner left an old transmitter and the underground wire is good. We would like to get a system for stubborn dogs. If possible, we would also like the option of being able to remotely “shock” the dog for training purposes. Is there a system that would allow for both? For example, she would get a shock when crossing the border as well as we could have a hand held remote that would shock her if she jumped on a child. Is there such technology? Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Ryan, the only fence available with this technology is the Innotek IUC 5100. I would recommend buying when you can. This system has been discontinued. We do have a limited stock remaining.

  24. Britta says:

    Question regarding the PetSafe Stubborn Dog System……will SportDog SR200-I collars work with this receiver? If not, is there a system (such as the SDF100A, perhaps) that would be compatible with the SR200-I collars? I already own two of these collars and would prefer to be able to use them along with an underground fencing system rather than purchasing additional collars (3 dogs total). Thank you in advance for your assistance!

    ADMIN – Hi Britta, what is the brand of collar you own?

  25. Kyle says:

    Will it still work with a 60 pound hyper dog?

    ADMIN – Hi Kyle, yes, with good, thorough dog fence training it will contain your 60 lb hyper dog. I would recommend the PetSafe YardMax.

  26. Sarah says:

    Hi, my family is getting an 8 wk old Great Dane puppy and we were wanting to put in an electric fence, are electric fences safe to use on this type of large breed puppy?

    ADMIN – Hi Sarah, yes we put large dogs like Great Dane’s on dog fences. The SportDog SDF100A underground dog fence would be a great option for a Great Dane.

  27. Al says:

    We have a German Shepard husky mix about a year old. We have a large lot and I’m OK with the dog roaming freely throughout. I do have a garden area that I would like to protect. I’m looking for something that would keep the dog out of the garden which is in the middle of our yard. The garden is approx 150 ft x 6 ft long and narrow. What are my options? Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Al, with 312 foot area to cover, the best option is to go with the PetSafe YardMax. You will want to install the wall transmitter in either a garage, basement, or shed. You will run twisted wire from the unit that leads outside to the garden. Then, the twisted wire connects to the dog fence wire that encircles the garden. Since the garden is so big, the Outdoor Rock as a solution is more difficult to achieve and is roughly the same price as the YardMax.

  28. Lisa Garner says:

    Hi, Just moved to a farm. The owners left behind the invisible fence and all we know is that it’s an innotek. How do we know if we buy a collar if the fence still works? Where does the power to the under wire fence come from? Thanks for any answers

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa, the best thing would be to first contact Innotek to check availability of the collars. Many of the Innotek units have been discontinued. Just so you know, the dog fence wire you have installed will work with any unit you purchase. You just want to make sure the desired underground dog fence has a capacity range that will handle the amount of wire installed. The best dog fence available is the PetSafe YardMax. It has a 10 acre capacity with a lightweight weight rechargeable collar.

  29. kelly domres says:

    I’d just like to thank you for replying so quickly to all of these questions that all basically ask the same thing! Excellent customer service in guiding pet owners to what would work best for them. Very impressive and most appreciative!

  30. Renee Hill says:

    Hi- We have 5 acres of property for our blue nose pit bull. Our property is on a hill and has two asphalt drives. One coming up the hill and then one coming down the other side. Which fence would work best for us in regards to burying a fence? Or does it have to be buried? We are wanting to keep her having free range of our property but not leaving it to visit the cows next door which our neighbor has threatened to shoot her 🙁

    ADMIN – Hi Renee, our best dog fence is the PetSafe YardMax and I recommend it for your Blue Nose Pit Bull. You do not have to bury the dog fence wire. You can run the wire on the ground and staple it lawn staples.

  31. Lanny says:

    I have two 40-pound cowdog-hounddog-retriever-who-knows-whats and a 100-pound Anatolian Shepherd. About to downsize from 100 acres to 16 and am shopping for a containment system. Do you have a recommendation for these motley mutts? thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Lanny, I would recommend the SportDog SDF-100A with the add on rechargeable collar from PetSafe. This will give you the power you need for the large Shepherd and the smaller rechargeable collar needed for the mix breed dog. Also, the SportDog will allow you to fence 16 acres. I did not recommend the Innotek 5100 or Ultrasmart PIG00-13619 because both are discontinued by PetSafe. But know that the SportDog is an incredible fence and is definitely the fence you want for an Anatolian Shepherd.

  32. kelly domres says:

    Hello! We have a still growing 82 lb 7 mos old yellow lab who is a bit stubborn with listening outside and although he is very friendly, he is also very strong/large and I want to make sure he doesn’t knock over the small children that are in our cul-de-sac (he also takes off sometimes). We have an irregular sized 3/4 of an acre lot and I’m between a wireless system that we can take to our land or the Yard Max. Thoughts?

    ADMIN – Hi Kelly, while a wireless system is portable, I do not expect it will contain a stubborn dog very well. The PetSafe YardMax does have the sustained corrections in YardMax mode up to 15 seconds. In practice it has proven fantastic with containing stubborn dogs. The YardMax is the fence we would recommend.

  33. liz says:

    Do you have a collar that will continue to shock after a dog crosses the in ground fence? Our bulldog has figured out he can just dash over and then he’s free.

    ADMIN – Hi Liz, the PetSafe YardMax is the fence that offers that technology. It does not have a boundary zone. Instead the collar “turns on” when it crosses the wire and the collar “turns off” when it crosses back over the boundary. The collar will correct up to 15 seconds when remaining on the outside of the boundary.

  34. Jennifer says:

    Hi, I have four dogs, an 110lb American Bulldog, a 35lb Pit Bull mix, 50lb German Sheppard/Lab mix and a 4lb Chihuahua. The America Bulldog is very stubborn, has high tolerance for pain, and is very protective of our yard, but otherwise a sweet loving dog. The Pit Bull mix is the escape artist and like to go the neighbors yard where of course they are afraid of her. I am looking for a system that will cover at least an one to two acres and has multiple collars that will allow different correction levels while not costing and arm and leg to purchase the additional collars. Do you have any recommendations? Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer, the tough part is that no matter which fence you choose the collars will range around $100. The PetSafe YardMax is the fence we highly recommend for your dogs. The collar is small, lightweight and rechargeable. It will allow to set separate correction strengths for each collar which is a great feature with your mix of dogs. The YardMax is also a great fit for your American Bulldog because of the run through prevention in YardMax mode.

  35. Laura says:

    Can a Petsafe Collar be used with an Innotek SD-3000 system? If yes, which ones? Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Laura, unfortunately no PetSafe collar will work with the Innotek SD-3000.

  36. Kellye says:

    Hello, I have a 1.5yr old St. Bernard. He keeps jumping our rock wall that goes around my house. (and I can’t afford to keep breaking him out of doggie jail) I have him tied up now and he is miserable and I am miserable watching him. Are invisible fences less efficient on very hairy dogs? Which fence would you recommend.

    ADMIN – Hi Kellye, thick fur can be an issue. We recommend thinning the fur at the point of the collar probes to make sure a good connection is made. For your St. Bernard, I would recommend the PetSafe Stubborn fence. Also, it is helpful to know that securing the dog fence wire along the fence will quickly prevent the escapes. By mirroring the physical fence, you create a new buffer 2 to 3 feet just inside the fence that will keep your dog from being able to jump the fence.

  37. Laura says:

    I have a 17 lb. rat terrier/chi mix that has been difficult to train. I am looking to fence my yard to give him room to run. I heard that if you have a fast dog, the fence will not work. He is very fast and I am afraid that he will go so fast that he will go over the fence and barely feel it when he breaks the boundary. Is this a true concern? Also, what would you recommend as far as a collar for a small dog under 20 lbs.

    ADMIN – Hi Laura, that is typically only true with under trained dogs. With thorough training and close attention to your dog’s behavior during training, you should expect 100% containment. Furthermore, I would recommend looking into the PetSafe YardMax as it does not have a finite boundary zone. Instead the collar simply switches to on mode and sends the static correction when it crosses the wire and does not stop correcting until either the dog crosses back inside the loop or the collar times out after 15 seconds. So in essence, with the PetSafe YardMax underground dog fence the collar remains off while inside the loop and only turns on when it travels outside of the loop.

  38. Paul says:

    Hello, I would like start off by saying how impressed I am w/ this site. I have a 1yr old hound/chocolate lab mix. She is extremely active, likes to dig, run, and is approx. 40 pds. My property is approx 1 acre and has a 30×40 ft aluminum fence on the property. My property is also on a corner of 2 busy roads. In addition, I am going to have to put a wire across my driveway therefore there will be some asphalt cutting involved. Also, I would like a fence that can penetrate several inches of snow. Which fence to you recommend for me? Thanks, Paul

    ADMIN – Hi Paul, thank you for your feedback. For an active lab mix I would recommend the PetSafe YardMax. Even though it does not have as high of a static correction compared to the PetSafe Stubborn and SportDog SDF100A, the correction for the YardMax is a sustained correction for up to 15 seconds if your dog tries to push through the boundary. This will prevent any attempt to run through the underground dog fence boundary.

  39. Bonnie says:

    How does the Yardmax stand up to snow? This past winter we had snow piles 4+’ high – does the system retain it’s effectiveness? Also, do any of these systems provide a “break detection” alert?

    ADMIN – Hi Bonnie, with that kind of snow fall, you will want to switch the unit over to traditional underground dog fence mode to compensate. When the snow melts, you can switch it back to YardMax mode. The YardMax will alert you if the loop has a break in it.

  40. Elizabeth says:

    I have an OLD (7+ years) SD2100. Can I order the Ultrasmart collars? 5100 collars? I got refurbished collars sent to me for $30 from Innotek, but they failed, too. The wall unit was refurbished and seems to be working fine.

    ADMIN – Hi Elizabeth, those systems are not compatible with the Innotek SD2100. My recommendation would be to replace your system with the PetSafe YardMax. It is the best rechargeable underground dog fence on the market. The YardMax is the system that has replaced the Ultrasmart and Innotek IUC5100.

  41. Mary says:

    Hi, I have an adult 15 pound Maltese that is quite timid of strangers. I need to know what type of fence I would need to keep him in our front yard that’s 80’x 60′. He’s a sweetheart of a dog but he does have occasional seizures. Would a fence like this be okay for him? We also have a brick driveway that is part of that front area to contend with. Please advise! Thanks, Mary

    ADMIN – Hi Mary, with the occasional seizures, I would get the vet’s opinion first. An underground dog fence will not trigger a seizure but it may be something the vet would not recommend. If I were recommending an a dog fence, I would probably recommend the PetSafe Little Dog cause it has light correction levels for smaller, more timid dogs.

  42. Teresa says:

    Your website has been very helpful! I have a 6 y.o. male Australian shepherd mix that weighs 54 lbs and a 10 month old male chocolate lab that weighs 55 lbs right now. I live in a rural area on 12 acres. Aussie mix is timid but stubborn, visits neighbors, and roams. The lab is a huge bundle of energy and has recently started visiting the neighbors a lot – even when we are standing beside him, he takes off and won’t respond when we call him. Both love to chase other animals. I would like to fence 6 – 8 acres. Some of the area is wooded. Which fence would you recommend? Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Teresa, for fencing 6 to 8 acres for your two dogs, I would recommend the SportDog SDF100A underground dog fence. This fence will have the higher correction levels that your Chocolate Lab is going to need. You can set separate correction levels for each collar, so that your Australian Shepherd mix can have a lower correction setting. I would highly recommend running at least 16 gauge for a durable break proof wire. For 6 yo 8 acres you’ll need an additional 2,000 feet of wire.

  43. Steve says:

    We have just got a German Shepherd/Husky mix. She is 12 weeks old and seems to be as smart as a Shepherd would be, but stubborn as a Husky would be. We have a 3/4 acre lot, with dogs at about every house on the street. We would like to do the perimeter of our lot which would be about 650 foot of wire. Please give your recommendation. Thank You!

    ADMIN – Hi Steve, with a Shepherd/Husky mix, I would still recommend the PetSafe YardMax for an underground dog fence in order to take advantage of the new YardMax technology. This means that the collar no longer responds to a correction zone that is around the wire, the collar simply will beep to warn your dog followed by static correction when the collar moves outside of the loop wire. I recommend upgrading to 16 gauge wire and purchase the 1,000 foot kit to cover you 3/4 of an acre.

  44. Shannon says:

    Hi there, We have a chocolate lab puppy, she is 8 months old and weighs about 40 lbs right now. We are looking at just containing her in the garage when the door is opened so she doesn’t take off. Its about 25 ft across. Which system would you recommend. We are trying to do this as cost effective as possible. Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Shannon, the most cost effective and time efficient solution is to use an Outdoor Rock with the PetSafe YardMax. You can create a 25 foot narrow loop that stretches across the opening and train them the same as you would with a full fence.

  45. Chris says:

    I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Both are pups right now. Three months and six months. The Cavalier is a smaller breed at the adult stage. Any recommendations?

    ADMIN – Hi Chris, with your Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, the PetSafe YardMax is a great fit. The medium correction strength of the YardMax is more than adequate for such a smart breed. The collar is also rechargeable and lightweight at 3 oz. Your puppies are ready to be dog fence trained once they can learn basic sit and stay commands.

  46. george says:

    I have a wooded/slopped lot of about 1 acre. my jack Russel has started running off for hours at a time. would you recommend an in ground wire fence or can I use a wireless? thanks so much.

    ADMIN – Hi George, we highly recommend the wired fence over the wireless fence. A wired fence can be shaped to the contour of your property, the system is much more reliable, and the collars are smaller and better built. I would recommend the PetSafe YardMax for your Jack Russell.

  47. Brandy says:

    I have 2 pit puppies, 6 months now, and one weighs 50 lbs and the other about 60 lbs. They have become great escape artist with our current fence. I would like to get something that will reinforce the current fence where they will not try to jump over or dig under it to get out, and that they would not have to be constantly supervised to ensure this. They only try to get out if they see another animal, such as a squirrel, possum or cat. Also, we don’t have a fence in the front yard, but if there is something that would guarantee them staying in the front yard while being supervised, we would like that too. Is there anything that you know of that would accommodate all of these requirements? If not, then what is the best suggestion for the backyard?

    ADMIN – Hi Brandy, the PetSafe YardMax can contain your dogs as you need for both the front and back yard. The YardMax is a medium correction strength collar and is more than sufficient for 2 pit bulls. The YardMax mode which offers a true run through prevention will keep them from chasing all the critters that will catch their attention.

  48. Ellie says:

    Hi I have a 9 month old jack Russell x foxie what would be the best wireless solution to stopping her from digging under the fence that we have already placed extra wood and concrete under. We live on a very busy main road

    ADMIN – Hi Ellie, I would recommend the PetSafe Stay + Play as a good wireless solution for your Jack Russell. The collar is lightweight, it’s rechargeable, and waterproof. The Stay + Play has the easiest and fastest setup of any dog fence we sell.

  49. Sue says:

    I need to replace and purchase an extra receiver for my innotek SD 3000 system. Will a collar from SD-2000 system work, are they interchangeable?

    ADMIN – Hi Sue, unfortunately, they are not compatible.

  50. April says:

    Hi, I have an almost 8 month old Cockapoo. She only weighs about 11 lbs right now. She stays with us for the most part but we have to have all our attention on her all the time or she will wonder. I live close to a road so looking for a good fence to keep her in when she doesn’t always have my 100% attention. There are so many fences out there I just don’t know which would work best. I have about 600 feet to cover.

    ADMIN – Hi April, with her size, I would recommend the PetSafe YardMax. It is a great fit for dogs 11 lbs and up. If, however, she is timid, I would recommend going with the PetSafe Little Dog fence.

  51. mary says:

    Can I upgrade the wire on an innotek sd-2000 to 16 gauge using the same transmitter and adapter?

    ADMIN – Hi Mary, the Innotek 2000 can be upgraded. The upgrade option is located on the product page of the SD-2000.

  52. Brad says:

    I have a 60lb Pit/Rhodehsian/Boxer Mix. She is a year old and is very energetic and powerful. The yard is around 1/4 of an acre. In the back is a 15 ft hill (not that steep) down to a busy street. Across the street there is a park in view where dogs are walked. I’m looking for a system that is reliable and will contain her from running across the street to try to get to other dogs at the park. What would you recommend? From reading the reviews, it looks like the Yard Max is the way to go. Thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi Brad, I would recommend the YardMax. It has the true run through prevention and should be a great fit for your 60 lb dog.

  53. Stacey says:

    I have an old PetSafe inground system (unsure of the model but it is about 8-10 years old). If I go to one of the PetSafe wireless systems, will the collars for the old system work with the new one? I know one collar comes with the system but I have 2 dogs and am hoping to avoid the expense of buying another collar.

    ADMIN – Hi Stacey, unfortunately, none of the wireless collars are compatible with any wired system. Now, all of these collars are compatible with your In-ground fence: PetSafe Stubborn, Deluxe, and Little Dog. Also, it compatible with the new rechargeable add on collar from PetSafe too.

  54. Beth Roosa says:

    We have a 45 pound chow/afghan mix — a very well behaved dog except he likes to run down the driveway to go find his friends. Our yard is totally fenced other than the 15′ driveway. What do you recommend?

    ADMIN – Hi Beth, I would recommend the Pawz Away Outdoor Rock with the PetSafe YardMax collar. This option is located in our Accessories page. This solution will allow you to create a barrier just at the driveway opening.

  55. mary says:

    So will the RF – 1010 transmitter work with the sd- 2000 collars

    ADMIN – Hi Mary, Unfortunately they are incompatible. The PetSafe rechargeable add on collar is compatible. The Stubborn dog, Deluxe collar, and Little Dog collar are also compatible.

  56. Louise says:

    I have two dogs, one is a 40lb mutt that responds well to voice command. The other is a 5 year old bull mastiff that will run away at any chance he gets, especially if he sees an animal in the distance. I was wondering which fence would be good for these two dogs? I was considering the PetSafe YardMax, would this be a good fit?

    ADMIN – Hi Louise, the YardMax is a great fit for your Mastiff and 40 lb dog. You can set different correction levels for each collar and the YardMax run through prevention is great needed to stop your Mastiff’s excursions.

  57. Jeff says:

    Hello I have an adult golden retriever who like to run and visit the neighbor dogs across a busy street. I am looking to fence off less than an acre and was wondering which system would be best for me. I am leading toward the yardmax. Thanks Jeff

    ADMIN – Hi Jeff, yes we would agree; we would recommend the PetSafe YardMax for your Golden Retriever. The collar is slim and lightweight. It is rechargeable but with plenty of correction levels to contain a Golden.

  58. kiley says:

    Great site! What would you recommend for a black lab puppy?

    ADMIN – Hi Kiley, the PetSafe YardMax should be a great fit for your Black Lab. The collar is small and lightweight but also contains plenty of correction levels to contain a black lab.

  59. Norma says:

    Great website!!!! We have 3 dogs, 110 lb. lab/berner mix, 75 lb. labradoodle, 24 lb. mini aussie and looking for the best fit for all and 1.5 acres.

    ADMIN – Hi Norma, thank you for your feedback. I would recommend the PetSafe YardMax. The collar is very versatile. It is lightweight, waterproof but has many corrections levels to choose from. You can set a separate correction level for each collar.

  60. Justin says:

    Hi I have two full grown German Shepherds who are bad about getting in my neighbors yard what would me the best underground system for them I’m only fencing in 2 acres but I’m on a budget. Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Justin, I would recommend the PetSafe Stubborn for two German Shepherds. I highly recommend upgrading to the wire to 16 gauge. You will need to order an additional 1,000 feet of wire to cover up to 2 acres.

  61. Randy says:

    Hi, We have been using an old Innotek buried wire system for about 6-7 years. It works well as long as the wire remains intact but wire breakage has become a persistent problem. We have a large yard requiring over a 1000 feet of wire to adequately contain the desired boundary for our dogs. Locating and repairing breaks has become frustrating–the last time I simply gave up, left the old wire in place and buried a new wire. Now the new wire has gone bad. Innotek uses a 20 gauge wire for the system and I suspect it is simply too fragile to last for very long. Can I use a professional grade wire (14 gauge) with the Innotek transmitter, or will I need a new transmitter/system in order to utilize a heavier-gauged wire? Randy

    ADMIN – Hi Randy, yes sir, I would highly recommend a switch to the 14 gauge. It is much more durable and is a great long term solution.

  62. molly says:

    I couldn’t locate my original question/answer posted earlier, so this may be a duplicate. What specific collar will work with the RF-1010 transmitter? I’ve been told any PetSafe collar will work with this unit, so will a Guardian collar work? Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Molly, Yes, the Guardian collar will work with the PetSafe RF1010.

  63. molly downy says:

    Love this site! What collar do you recommend using with the older RF-1010 transmitter? Does the current PIG00-13661 update/replace this RF-1010? Also, can a “bark” collar be retrofitted some way to work with this system? We only have the transmitter and are going to attempt to piece the system together (collar,wire). Keeping our fingers crossed as well as eyes with all this information! Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Molly, No, the PIG00-13661 replaced the PetSafe Deluxe package. The PIG00-13661 still uses the Deluxe collar but they changed the wall transmitter to a lower range, 5 acre capacity unit. Unfortunately, no bark collar can work with any dog fence.

  64. maureen g says:

    Does anyone know where I can purchase wiring for inground fencing? Do they sell it at Home Depot or Lowes?

    ADMIN – Hi Maureen, we sell it on our site. For local brick and mortar stores, try an electrical supply house.

  65. Terry V says:

    Sorry, but I have another question 🙂 You have recommended the “PetSafe In-ground fence PIG00-13661, with extra PetSafe Deluxe collars for your mix of dogs. This will allow you to be able to add the PetSafe Cat Containment collar at a later date.” If I take the cats out of the equation and say that I would like the convenience of rechargeable batteries, what would the recommendation be? I am not great at changing the batteries on my smoke detectors annually, I’m certain I would fail at replacing dog collar batteries in a timely fashion. Thanks! Terry

    ADMIN – Hi Terry, If you are not containing your cat, I would highly recommend the PetSafe YardMax which has rechargeable collars. It only requires a 2 hour charge once a month.

  66. Terry V says:

    Great site! I’ve learned a lot from reading your info. I’ve got 3 friendly, well behaved, large dogs – collie/lab mix @ 86 lbs, hinz57 @ 110 lbs, and chocolate lab @ 125 lbs. All are trained to voice command and usually remain in our back yard, even without 100% supervision. They do their business and return to the deck waiting to be let back inside. However, one of the dogs seems to have a misunderstanding about an area off our property and will infrequently go 2 foot into the neighbors yard for his business. The neighbor isn’t too pleased with me, and I don’t blame him – his children are scared of dogs. I’m looking for something that would be a good fit for my 3 dogs and maybe give me an option to add cat collars in the future. I’ve got a 3/4 acre yard in town, but looking to fence only about 875 foot of it. Really appreciate any recommendation that you could make. Terry

    ADMIN – Hi Terry, the best options that allow for a cat containment collar to be added is by going with are the PetSafe In-ground fence PIG00-13661, the PetSafe Stubborn, and the PetSafe Little Dog. I would recommend going with the PetSafe In-ground fence PIG00-13661, with extra PetSafe Deluxe collars for your mix of dogs. This will allow you to be able to add the PetSafe Cat Containment collar at a later date.

  67. Annie says:

    We have a 1 year old Great Pyrenees. Our 3/4 acre yard is fenced but ” Houdini ” still finds ways to dig under or climb over. We live in Utah and get plenty of snow. Pet safe stubborn or Sportdog?

    ADMIN – Hi Annie, they are the same fence. The difference is in the range of the transmitters capacity. I would recommend going with the PetSafe Stubborn for your size of property. This will immediately solve the climbing and digging problem.

  68. Diane says:

    We have a vinyl white picket fence around our yard. Our dog Bud, a 56 lb pit mix, has discovered he can jump the fence and does so whenever he sees stray cats in the neighborhood. I was convinced that I needed the Stubborn fence until I read the complete description. How do I know if he has a low pain sensitivity? I would not want to overwhelm him with the collar if it is too strong. Thanks very much for your help. I was really pleased to read that we could attach the wires to our existing fence.

  69. Lance says:

    What a great website! Love the breakdown and truly appreciate your feedback!

    My question: we have two ~50 lbs. Lab mixes. Our needs are relatively modest: we have a sixty foot section at the back of the house (it’s fenced, but they keep tunneling under). I’m not certain how these systems work ~ i.e. potentially we could have discontinuous areas in places like the side gates (6 feet) and or the garage door? Which system would best suit our needs?

    Thank you!

  70. Kevin W says:

    Great site! We’ve got a very active and mischievous 45lb Lab Mix, Millie. We are trying to contain her to about 1/2 acre of our 2 acres so she will stop destroying our landscaping. What is our best bet? Thx.

    ADMIN – Hi Kevin, I would recommend the PetSafe YardMax for Millie. It is going to be a good fit and provide the appropriate correction levels she will need.

  71. megan says:

    Hi. We have 14 acres 7 wooded so what would you recommend for our yard it would be for a 60 lb rott and two 12 pound Chihuahuas? thanks we also have two shitzues but they listen well on command.

    ADMIN – Hi Megan, because of the size of the property, I would recommend the SportDog SDF-100A so that you can cover your 14 acres. The SportDog collar will work well with your rott. Also, you can bundle in the new add on PetSafe Rechargeable collar for the Chihuahuas.

  72. Ralph says:

    Hello, You have a very informative web site, but a little overwhelming. We have just adopted a great 1.5 year old miniature Schnauzer. We have property that lays along a busy highway. I really just want to put up a “fence” along the highway, that is in front of our house, for about 600 feet. Suggestions/recommendations? Thanks in advance, Ralph

    ADMIN – Hi Ralph, to run the loop along the road front, you can achieve this by running a long narrow loop at along the road. Keep the narrow loop 4 feet separated. Then connect the loop to the wall transmitter with a length of twisted wire.

  73. Kathy says:

    Hi, we have a very active Australian Kelpie, named Jedi about 15kgs. We are on 160 acres, which is bordered on one side by a road, she loves to sneak through the fence and say hello to anybody and everybody and following them home. The wire would have to go across our driveway and along way down the length of the fence to be most effective. Can you please advise which product would be best. Thx Kathy

  74. John C says:

    Hi wanting a underground fence for my two dogs which are one is pit bull mix over one year old and German shorthair mixed lab over two years old. The yard is a little under a third of an acre So which fence would be best for us? Thanks

  75. Deborah M says:

    I’m currently on the hunt for a healthy giant breed puppy. I know he or she will eventually weigh as much as 150 lbs and my husband and I differ over the type of fencing to get to keep this huge dog contained. We tried several brands of underground fences in the past with our Rottie and beagle, finally having an 85% success rate with our Rottie ( caused us problems with County Animal Control and fearful neighbors), and 0% success rate with our Beagle– this was Invisible Fence/supposedly commercial strength…

    Hubby is totally opposed to any type of physical fence, feeling like it detracts from the beauty of the property. Out of our 5 acres, we’d like to contain about 1.5 acres, hopefully with a much higher success rate. Someone has suggested to us electri cattle fencing???

    I also need to know if the collars for any of these fences would be incompatible with the electronic doggie doors.

  76. Krista says:

    I have two dogs. A Minpin/Chihuahua mix, about 10 pounds, and a Blue Tick Coonhound, about 55 pounds. I am interested in what you think would be the best option with the two of them. Area I am interested in fencing off is approx. 3-5 acres. My other concern is that the Blue Tick is epileptic and I’m concerned with it causing her to seize.

  77. Jenny Matthews says:

    Hello, we have a 13 pound schnauzer mix. We do not have a fenced in yard and would like to be able to let him outside without a leash. We sit on a 10,000 sq ft corner lot. Would love for him to be able to have access to the back and side yard. Recommendations?

  78. Sarah says:

    I have a year old border collie. She’s pretty small, only about 35 lbs. She’s extremely smart but pretty sensitive so I was wondering what the best fence for her would be? We live in the country on 4 acres but we’re on the corner of two fairly busy roads. Thank you!

  79. Pierre says:


    I have a 1 year old Rottweiler and a 1 year old Yorkshire, kind of jack and the giant i am having a hard time finding the correct match for a inground fence,

    I have a one acre lot and I need help finding a kit the would work for both of my buddies. Any one have an idea ?

  80. randy jackson says:

    I have a 14 year old black and tan hound and a 35 pound rescue dog. Recently they have been straying to a neighbor’s house about a mile away. I have 14 acres but ham okay with restricting the dogs to bout an acre or two. There are no trees, but the ground is relatively hard. It would be easier to do wireless, but am open to wire. What do you suggest. ? Thank You. Randy jackson

  81. laura says:

    Hi – We want to renovate the garden and keep the dog way from a large plot of it for the next few months – my dog is a douge de Bordeaux and he is approximately 10 stone – he is very large. What would you recommend?

  82. Jack K says:

    We have a Shitzu Bishon about 10 pounds and about 6 months old. Not exactly obedient likely due to our lack of training so we have to take out on leash every time:) We have a 1 acre lot with the house in the middle. Can you suggest which system would work best for her. I think in-ground is how we want to go and I will likely need more than 500 ft of wire but it will be close. More concerned about comfort and ease of learning for her.

    ADMIN – Hi Jack, I would recommend the PetSafe YardMax for your 10 lb Shitzu mix. The collar fits dogs 10 lbs and up and is small and rechargeable. You can definitely order extra wire. We do recommend upgrading the wire to the durable 16 gauge.

  83. Trae says:

    Hello. I have two male black labs, 6 months old. I live on the water with about 5 acres. I want to contain the dogs to with woods surrounding. What type of fence do you recommend and what gauge wire?

    ADMIN – Hi Trae, I would recommend the PetSafe YardMax. It has a rechargeable collar that will fit them nicely. I recommend upgrading to 16 gauge wire for a long-lasting wire installation.

  84. Lisa Blackmon says:

    Hello, I have a 1 year old friendly pit that is used to roaming on our 60 acres. Our neighbor says that she is now coming on their property and has threatened to do something about it. We want to keep her within about 10 acres in order to give her access to swim in the pond. What would you suggest. Most of the area is wooded.

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa, I would recommend containing your Pit to 10 acres with the Sportdog SDF100A. It is plenty strong for transmitting the 10 acre range you need. The collar is also durable and good fit for a pit.

  85. Fran says:

    What a great website! I am new to the invisible fence thing and would like to purchase one for our 3 year old standard yorkie he is 15 lbs and fast as a bullet. We are having problems with our neighbors because he is an escape artist. Our property is 1/2 an acre but the the back in fenced, we just need something for the front lawn which is about 1/3 acre. Do we need in ground or could we just get something else? How much do we need? and which one is the best for our size dog? Is there anything else we need to know about this? all I want is to keep him inside of our property and away from our neighbors. Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Fran, thank you for the feedback. Here’s some answers to your questions A) With the size of your yorkie, you could try the PetSafe Stay + Play fence. The collar is small enough for him to wear. You will not have the ability to customize the shape, but for a simple solution to fencing just the front yard, the Stay + Play would be a good option. The wireless fence will cover up to 3/4 of an acre, so it has plenty of range. B) With his size, he will also be able to wear the collars for the PetSafe YardMax, PetSafe In-ground Deluxe, and the PetSafe Little Dog. All of these fences are a wired fence options. Out of these 3, I would choose the YardMax with it’s slim and small rechargeable collar. 3) If you go with a wired fence, I recommend reviewing the partial yard installation info on our layouts page. It is a bit different than simply running a perimeter loop encircling the property.

  86. Tracie Fogle says:

    Hi, we have to dogs. A 2 year old Lab mix and a 1 year old German Shepard/Chow mix. They are both very energetic and have learned they can easily jump our 3 foot fence. If we walk with them in the backyard, unleashed, they will take off over the fence to chase a bird or any other critter they may hear. We have a small back yard, about 1/3 of an acre. The yard is on a steep hill, so that the back fence is about 5 feet lower than the top fence. And where it dips down, they are able to jump with ease over the fence. What system would you recommend? We are also hoping for the most budget friendly option as well. Thanks!

  87. David H says:


    We are starting to research an invisible fence system for our two dogs. We have a 6 lb Morkie and a 15 lb Yorkie/Pom mix. The Morkie is 3 yrs old and the Yorkie/Pom is 10 years old. We live on a lot 100 x 150. Which system would you recommend? Both are pretty strong willed dogs but they love to be outside with us and our subdivision does not allow for conventional fences so we thought the invisible fence system might work for our needs. Are these systems something the homeowner can install themselves or do they require professional installation?

  88. Dan says:

    For the yard max PIG00-11115, if you purchased your own under ground wire from a hardware store, is a dual wire required? Is solid core required? Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Dan, Either solid or stranded will work great.

  89. Kathleen Cleland says:

    I have 3 dogs ranging from 50 to 65 lbs and just bought a house with an acre of property. Two of the dogs can jump a six foot fence and the other one I am afraid will run out into the busy street so I would need 3 collars. With buying a new house I have a limited amount of money to purchase a fencing system but do not want to waste money on a cheap system that will stop working out of the blue. What can you recommend for my situation??

  90. Debi Martin says:

    we have 2 acres with 2 golden doodles and 1 shitzu. We would like to border just the area near the road and one side of the yard. The other side has a neighbors fence and both acres are bordered by a river that the dogs love to swim in. Which type of fence would be best if we want to have basically an L shape invisible fence?

  91. Jessica says:

    Hi. I have a 5 yr old 70lb Lab/Poodle who LOVES to run and chase the barn cats. We live on a 5.5 acre farm surrounded by 67 acres that we have full access to. The first year we lived in the home he stayed in our yard but has since become very curious and likes to go visit the dogs down the street approx 1mile down(keep in mind its a 55 mph road and most go 65mph). We have to get in our car to retrieve him. I would like to get an electric fence so that he can still run like crazy but stay on our property. i’m thinking we would want to fence off 2-4 acres for him. What would you suggest?

    ADMIN – Hi Jessica, I recommend going with the YardMax fence. The true run through prevention of this fence is a great asset for 100% containment.

  92. Jessica says:

    I have a Cur/Pit mix (65 lbs) and a Carolina dog/pit mix ( 20 lbs) the cur mix is chasing cats and has turned into and escape artist what would you recommend for the two of them with a 1/2 acre? Thank you for your time.

  93. Candi says:

    We have a 3 month old yellow lab / bouvier mix (she’s gonna be a horse). We have about 3 acres of land to seal off. My husband has heard of these ones that are wireless and you just put it in your house and put the collar on your dog. Which system do you think would best for our new baby Klohie 🙂

  94. Brian says:

    Are there any electric dog fences that can be dead ended (don’t need to be a complete loop)? I have a pvc post and rail fence that my dog has figured out she can squeeze through. the fence is hollow so I’d like to run the wire inside the fence rails. From my power source I have about 150 feet of this type of fence on either side and then stockade fence and the house in between (which she cannot get by). So if I could run the wire inside the P & R part only and stop there would be no need of running it where it is not needed. If not, and I do need the “complete loop” how far apart do the wires need to be (example could I run the out or positive side in the lower rail and the return or negitive side either in the same rail or the upper rail which is about 2 feet away) thus making 2 complete loops 1 on each side of the yard.

  95. Greg says:

    What about the PetSafe Deluxe In-Ground Fence? It has a lot of great reviews on and it is $100 less than YardMax. FYI – we rescued a 4mo shepadoodle and she is an AMAZING dog (similar to golden and lab personality&temperament)! But we are having troubles potty training. We live in a subdivision and can’t just let her run free. Btw, my mother recently paid invisible fence $1800 to install one on her 5 acre yard – I feel terrible I hadn’t researched it for her first.

  96. Susan says:

    We have a 5 month old GSP who has proven she can learn tricks easily, but house breaking, digging in the carpet, and snatching things off tables and counters continues to be major daily battles. I HOPE once we get an underground fence installed in our almost 1/2 acre backyard, she will be able to release much of her energy and some of these inside problems. At this time she must constantly be on a leash since she does not come when called.
    My fear is that she will be too strong willed to be contained with an underground fence. For her safety and because we live in a leash law area, she must stay in our yard or we will be forced to give her up. I have researched underground fences for the last 3 months. The YardMax is definitely my first choice, but I worry that she will have to have the Sport one.
    Please share your thoughts on this.

    ADMIN – Hi Susan, I would definitely go with SportDog in your situation for your GSP.

  97. Arline W. says:

    Hi Stewart, I just rescued a 5 yr old Chocolate Lab (65 lbs) & need advice on a fence system. We live in a Charleston patio home with a very very small back yard (not much bigger than a living room). Anyway, we would like to be able to let him out in the mornings without having to actually leash him. What system would you recommend? Thanks so much. Arline

    ADMIN – Hi Arline, with such a small yard, I would recommend the PetSafe YardMax because it does not use up any yard space. The collar and correction range is a great fit for your Chocolate Lab.

  98. Bruce Baloh says:

    Hello, a recommendation please is needed. We have a 26lb. 3 year old Cavalier King Charles who loves being outside but is very aggressive on his leash and harness. He constantly pulls away even while on walks. Extremely interested in an invisible fence system, to go with our 1/4 acre lot with home in the middle. Please advise, thanking you in advance….Bruce

    ADMIN – Hi Bruce, for your Cavalier King Charles I would recommend the PetSafe YardMax. The collar is small and light weight but will deliver enough correction strength to contain your distracted dog. The wire that comes with the fence will be plenty to cover a 1/4 acre.

  99. Traci Cornell says:

    Great site!!! We are searching for a unit that can attach to a chain link fence. We do not need underground because we have 12 acres all fenced. But, we have one area in the fence that has been lowered because we have a lame elk that has decided to make our property his home. He has repeated broken down the fence to get in and we have spent a fortune getting the fence repaired so finally we just lowered one portion of the fence, now he lives at our house. However, now there is a section that we must keep the dogs from jumping over. We have installed 14 gauge wire around the lowered portion. I have an old Innotek system 2100 that is not adequate. We have 3 very large (over 100 lbs) Anatolian Shepherds and when they get out, they can be gone for days. What system would you recommend that can be attached to our fence and is strong enough to deter these dogs. Thank you any help will be appreciated.

    ADMIN – Hi Traci, I would recommend the SportDog fence for your Anatolian Shepherds. It is built for large breed dogs.

  100. Dano says:

    Hi. I have 2 dogs and about half an acre. 1 pitbull and 1 dachshund. My pitbull keeps getting out of the yard and fighting. I’m worn out from patching the fence, making it taller, putting bricks around the bottom to keep him from digging out etc. and I’m finally ready to try an electric fence. I’ve been reading tons of reviews but I’m not sure which system would be best. I want 2 collars and a system for under $300 if possible. I would like small collars that are rechargeable and can dissuade a 70lb pitbull from escaping while not frying a little 25lb dachshund. Thanks for the advice.

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