Dog Fence Reviews

This section reviews and compares the DIY dog fence systems. We review systems by Innotek, SportDog, PetSafe, Perimeter Technologies and Humane Contain. The comparison chart below summarizes our findings. Click on the model name or use the navigation menu of the left for a more detailed review of each system.

  PetSafe YardMax PIG00-11115 SportDOG Contain-N-Train Electric Dog Fence And Training Collar System SDF-CT SDF-CT SportDOG In-Ground Dog Fence SDF-100A SDF-100A PetSafe In-Ground Fence PIG00-13661 PIG00-13661 PetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence PIG0014673
Reliability Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent Excellent
Rechargeable Yes Yes No No Yes
Correction Levels 5 7 5 4 4
Battery Backup No No No No No
Capacity 10 acres 100 acres 100 acres 25 acres 25 acres
Other Notes
  • Anti-run-through Collar Fit
  • Pod compatibility
  • Rechargeable
  • Expandable
  • Dual Purpose
  • Highest Capacity
  • Best for working dogs
  • Waterproof collar
  • Slimline Collar
  • Small Collar
  • Pod Compatibility
  • Rechargeable
  • Expandable
  • Good for multiple dog sizes
Price $319.95 $419.95 $279.95 $179.95 $229.95
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  PetSafe Elite Little Dog PIG20-11041 Perimeter Technologies Deluxe Ultra PTPCC-200D PTPCC200D Smart Dog HT-023 Humane Contain
Reliability Good Good Poor Poor
Rechargeable No No No No
Correction Levels 4 4 1 3
Battery Backup No No No No
Capacity 25 acres 5 acres 1 acres 100 acres
Other Notes
  • Smallest Collar
  • Lower Correction
  • Collar Compatibility
  • Multiple Frequencies
  • Soft Contacts
Cheapest dog fence Works with Auto Door
Price $219.95 $209.95 $49.95 $99.95
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  PetSafe Stay + Play Wireless PIF00-12917 PIF12917 PetSafe Wireless PIF-300 PIF300 Perimeter WiFi Dog Fence
Reliability Good Good Poor
Rechargeable Yes Yes Yes
Correction Levels 5 5 8
Battery Backup No No Yes
Max Number of Dogs Unlimited Unlimited 2
Capacity 0.75 acres 0.5 acres 0.5 acres
Other Notes
  • Backwards compatible
  • Rechargeable
  • Combinable systems
  • Older & reliable
  • This fence may have potential interference issues where slopes are present.
  • Metal buildings will impact the way the collar receives signal.
  • Challenge alert
  • Battery backup
Price $329.95 $269.95 $329.95
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  1. Ken says:

    For an above ground installation in sandy soil, would the ground staples keep the wire secure enough to withstand mowing? If so, how closely spaced should they be?

    ADMIN – Hi Ken,

    With any installation where the area will be mowed, I would avoid stapling the wire down and instead staple the wire. The lawnmower creates a suction when it goes above the boundary wire, pulling the wire toward it’s doom. Inevitably you get a couple of breaks every year however tightly you staple down the wire.

    If you are going to do the stapling, cut the lawn as short as you can, staple down the wire about ever two feet, keeping the wire as tight to the ground as you can. Then let the grass grow out and only mow it on the top setting on your lawnmower.

  2. Judy says:

    I have a German Shepherd and would like to know what would be best. We have a wood fence on two sides of our property, woods on one side and a paved driveway that is in the middle. Can we run the wire on the bottom of our board fence and along the ground in the woods and also across our driveway high enough for a ups truck to go under. It is about 3 to 4 acres. Is there a system that will work for me or do I need to keep my lot smaller and not cross my driveway. Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Judy,

    Your layout will work fine. My question is, why would you need to suspend the wire in the air over the driveway? For mild mannered German Shepherd’s, we recommend the Innotek 4100. For those that have a more hard headed outlook, we recommend the PetSafe Stubborn fence.

  3. Ann Marie says:

    I love all the questions and answers, they have helped a lot, But still not sure if the stubborn dog fence is the one I want. Young male american bulldog over 100lbs, very strong, and 60lbylw lab, the lab is very timid ( she was a rescue, might have been abused). Want to fence in yard and part woods. Would probably run fence in woods along stone wall. Also thinking of going with heaver wire 18 gauge. Also what is your return policy, would like to make sure we have enough fence when we install, would I be able to return if not used? I would order an extra 500 ft. Looking at doing between 3-4 acres.

    ADMIN – Hi Ann Marie,

    With a bulldog, the PetSafe Stubborn is always a good safe choice because it has a lot of correction strength available if you need it – something often needed with bulldogs due to their low pain sensitivity. It will work fine on a lab too, just keep it set to the lowest two settings, it is unlikely she will need anything more than that.

    With nervous dogs, it is particularly important to do the first week of pre-correction training, so they know what to do when you introduce the correction in the second week of training. It will also be important that you lead her confidently and don’t baby her when she gets the correction, she will be taking her cues on how to react from you.

    We have a 30-day, no questions, full refund.

  4. Missy says:

    I have the Innotek SD 2000 in my yard for my Border Collie mix and it works fine. I recently adopted a 6 lb chihuhua mix who wants to run free in the yard with the BC but I just can’t imagine any collar being small enough for her. Is there a collar that would fit her?

    ADMIN – Hi Missy,

    Unfortunately, for the Innotek line of fences, there are no collars which will fit dogs under 12 lbs.

  5. Emma says:

    I have 2 labs but one is a lab/pitbull mix. I’ve been looking at getting either the petsafe stubborn or the petsafe deluxe. I have an acre of land that is flat but I don’t want the dogs to get to the garden or my fruit trees.The pitbull mix is friendly but wild and strong and the other lab just likes to run. which system would be better and what is the difference between the two? Thanks!

    Admin- Hi Emma,

    There are a few differences between the Stubborn dog and the Deluxe system. The Deluxe collar operates on a proprietary PetSafe battery that last about three months. The Stubborn dog collar operates on a standard 9 –volt battery that last three months and the correction level is 5 times stronger than the Deluxe collar. The Deluxe system can contain areas up to 25-acres and the Stubborn can contain areas up to 10-acres. How much does your Dog weigh?

  6. says:

    What fence should i need for a Rottweiler and what are the costs for that fence? Do you offer free installation or i have to pay for that?

    ADMIN – Hi E,

    Depends a little on the temperament of the Rottie. A stronger willed dog would usually suggest to me a PetSafe Stubborn, this system on low pain sensitivity dogs because they tend to require a little more correction. A more mellow Rottie would do well on an Innotek IUC-4100. (These answers presume that you are doing under 10 acres).

  7. John J says:

    I just got my mother a 6 month old Great Pyrenees. He is already 70 pounds and we expect he’ll be well over 100 when he matures. My mom lives on about 40 acres, with her house and approximately 2.5 acres surrounded by an 8′ plastic mesh deer fence. She has an electric gate in her drive that stays open for almost a minute when someone drives thru. She also has an 11 year old Australian Shepard who usually stays inside the fence and now rarely goes far when she gets out. The Pyr already towers over the Aussie who weighs maybe 55 pounds.

    I had initially thought about getting her a cheap unit to make a small loop around the gate area, but after reading up on Pyr’s I think it might be a good idea to go on and circle the house by following the fence line. I read how to cut a groove across the asphalt, but do we need to dig all the way around the fence to bury the wire? There is almost no traffic out there except the occasional trespassing varmint. We already have a small electrical panel at the gate that attached to a fence post under a small mini roof. Would it be okay to mount the control panel out there if I can modify the existing structure to protect it from the elements, too? And finally which model do you recommend.


    ADMIN – Hi John,

    I’d recommend attaching the wire on the fence instead of laying on top of the ground. If you can rake ground cover over the wire, then that would be good if you lay it on the ground. The wall transmitter is not weatherproof so it will need to be installed where it will be safe from wind and rain. Temperature will not effect the transmitter however. Also, the manufacture recommends installing the transmitter a minimum of 5 feet away from other electrical panels and devices.

    I’d recommend the PetSafe Stubborn for your Pyrenees. The Stubborn is designed for large breed dogs and work well for your Pyrenees. For 2.5 acres, you’ll need to bundle in an additional 1,500 feet of wire.

  8. Dan Burroughs says:

    I have 2 austrialian shepards, one grown, the other a puppy. They shouldn’t exceed 40 lbs when grown. I have had Labs and German Shepards in the past which weigh a lot more. I want a system that can handle what every size dog I may have in the future. I have 70+ acres, most of it wooded and very hilly. I want to give the dogs at least 5 to 10 acres to run in. They love to chase deer and squirles and are very fast. Not sure if batter backup is important? I am a DIY’er and like to save money, but also am not afraid to pay for a good system. What are your recommendations?

    ADMIN – Hi Dan,

    I’d recommend the PetSafe Deluxe fence for your two Aussie’s. The Deluxe collar will work well with them. Going with the PetSafe brand will allow you to add in the Stubborn collar or the Little Dog collar if you adopt a much larger, active dog, or a smaller dog under 12 lbs. The Deluxe transmitter will cover up to 25 acres. In order to cover 5 acres, you’ll need to bundle in an additional 1,500 feet of wire and for 10 acres, you’ll need an additional 2,500 feet of wire. If you want battery backup for a PetSafe fence, the only thing we recommend to buy a third party battery backup from office supply store. Those would work very well.

  9. steve says:

    I have a sd-2000 dog fence.Do the sd-2000 and 2025 collars work with indoor zone devices?

    ADMIN – Hi Steve,

    Unfortunately they do not. Alternatively, you can purchase the zone with a generic collar that you can use inside the home:

  10. Sue says:

    We have an 18 lb Bichon and a 7.5 lb Havanese. I have an aluminum (wrought iron like) fence outside and use the PetSafe PawzAway pet barrier inside. I want to keep the dogs out of my flower beds along the fence and would like to put in an invisible fence (buried wire). Is there any system compatible with the collars I am currently using? I just got the system for Christmas and the dogs respect the off limit areas even though the wireless signal is spotty. We use black mulch and have white dogs, so an invisible fence seems like a great idea if it’s compatible. The collars use those small cell batteries, not the proprietary PetSafe batteries.

    Thanks for your help!

    ADMIN – Hi Sue,

    Unfortunately, the collars that come with the zones are not compatible with any dog fence. The indoor and outdoor zones are only compatible with the 4100 and 5100 fences. Both of these fence collars will be too large for your 7 lb doggy. I’d recommend buying the outdoor rock and plugging boundary wire into it create a custom shape around your flower beds. The collars they currently have will work great with the outdoor rock.

  11. robertbferrell says:

    I was just wondering what kind of fence you would recommend? We are on about 1 acre We have a 120lb Great Dane and a 50lb cocker the Dane is vary sensitive. We have a four foot fence that the Dane started jumping so we tried a innotek in12vbc-65ma which is vary ineffective he gets scared and runs away. Could we utilize this collar with a fence system? Also we are moving the dogs to the other side of the house which does not have a four foot fence.

    Admin-Hi Robert,

    A good fence for your Great Dane and Cocker would be the Innotek-4100. If you wish to bury the wire on the new side of the house please view our planning page for set-up diagrams.

    Planning: (

    Sorry, we are not familiar with that particular collar. To find out if that collar is compatible you would need to contact Innotek direct at (800) 826.5527.

  12. Adele says:

    i have a 2 yr old 200 pound Rottweiler.I get lots of dog running up a dead end lane from careless neighbors and of course pointed fingers at the big black dog for running all the other muts off the property is a problem . so i need a E fence that will hold him back from chasing them down the road and will pay whatever it takes to keep things organized what ya got in mind

    ADMIN – Hi Adele,

    Well, for a large Rottweiler such as yours, I’d highly recommend the PetSafe Stubborn. It has the highest correction levels of any fence you can purchase and is designed to contain dogs over 100 lbs.

  13. Matt says:

    We have a 53 Lb Standard Poodle and a 19 Lb Puggle. I want a DIY fence and I’m willing to bury wire. The Puggle can be an independent little dog while the poodle is a bit of a ‘fraidy cat”. Which is the best fence that I can get for the dogs?

    ADMIN – Hi Matt,

    If your little dog is the indepenent one while the Poodle is more timid, even with the size difference, I’d recommend the Innotek IUC 4100. The reason is that whatever correction level will work for the Puggle will also work fine for your Poodle. Plus, you can get a fence with rechargeable collars that are sleek and low in profile.

  14. Terilee says:

    I have 2 great pyrs that are VERY stubborn and run like crazy when they get loose! Please advise which fence is the very best for them, Thanks! Terilee

    ADMIN – Hi Terilee

    With large dogs like a Pyrenees where they are hard headed, it is useful to have a stronger system so we have the ability to give the dog a stronger correction if we need to. The PetSafe Stubborn would be a good bet. It has the strongest correction. It is one of the larger collars, but should be a non-issue for Pyrenees. (This answer presumes your yard is under 10 acres, if it is larger, instead go for the slightly more expensive SportDog SDF-100A that can do up to 100 acres)

  15. Diane says:

    I have a new Airdale 8 months old. We’re afraid she will run so we keep her on a long cable when she needs to go out. Also have a small miniature poodle. We have an acre lot in a country subdivision, and a second garage next to the house, plus our lot goes down on one side of the house which shows our basement windows. Which fence system would you prefer we get?

    Admin- Hi Diane,

    A good system for your Airdale and a miniature poodle would be the PetSafe Deluxe. The Deluxe offers independent correction levels; therefore, you will be able to set the level of correction between each dog. The PetSafe Deluxe offers a nice small collar with a cloth band that will fit the Airdal perfectly. The Deluxe collars are designed for dog 12-pounds and larger. If your miniature poodle is smaller than 12-pounds you will need to bundle in a PetSafe little dog collar.

  16. Bill says:

    We have two Shih Tzu , 6 months 8 lbs and 2yrs 13lbs. Our home is on 1.33 acres and we would like the dogs to have acces to both the front and back yards. We are located on a cul-de-sac so our lot is pie shaped. What system would you reccomend? Is it better to use a different guage wire (16 guage)? Thanks for your help

    Admin-Hi Bill,

    If your Shih Tzu’s neck is at least 8 inches around the Innotek-IUC 4100 will work wonderfully; otherwise, the PetSafe Little Dog will be your best option. We have found the 20-gauge wire that is offered in our systems to be very effective. It would not hurt to increase the gauge of the wire but we have full confidence in our 20-guage wire.

  17. Amelie says:

    Would the Innotek IUC-5100 work for our 18-pound dog, or is the correction too strong?

    Admin-Hi Amelie,

    The Innotek 5100 is recommend for dogs over 15-pounds. The correction levels will not be to strong for your dog.

  18. Jeff says:

    I have two 60 lb dogs, a German Shepherd and a Black Lab. We purchased a new property and plan on containing them via an underground fence whereas our last home had an above ground fence. I had a couple professionals come out and I wasn’t impressed and will probably end up doing the job myself. Which system would you recommend that would have independent correction levels, and also seperate remote trainers? Thanks for your help.

    ADMIN – Hi Jeff,

    The system with a remote trainer, the Innotek IUC-5100 does not have independent correction for the Dog Fence function, but it does have independent correction for the remote trainer function. (i.e. you have to have both dogs on the same correction level for containment). You can however add resistors to the collar that you can use to alter the correction level on one collar, reducing it by 50% or 75%. (call or email us you order number and we are happy to send you out some resistors)

    If you wanted something with remote training, the Innotek IUC-5100 would be your best bet and would work well with those two dogs.

  19. Ed says:

    Hello Stewart, we are choosing between SportDog SDF-100A, PetSafe Deluxe and PetSafe for Stubborn Dogs for our 7 months old Bouvier. We have ~1/2 acre backyard of uneven shape. Our dog is still easily distracted by other dogs, squirrels or other animals. He is an intelligent dog, a bit stubborn and a bit sensitive. So, which particular fence you would recommend for us? Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Ed,

    With a Bouvier, either of those three would work. The SportDog or PetSafe Stubborn would be my top choice (they are very similar). Pace out the boundary and figure out how much wire you need, if you need <500 feet then get the Stubborn, otherwise get the SportDog. The Deluxe is good too, but has a proprietary battery is better avoided. The SportDog and the PetSafe Stubborn use a regular 9V battery.

    Also consider the Innotek IUC-4100, it is a good choice for long-hair dogs like the Bouvier.

  20. Ed says:

    Hi, I am wondering what would you recommend for our 7 months old Bouvier, who can be easily distracted by squirrels or other animals, which we have a lot in our 1/2 acre backyard. Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Ed,

    With a Bouvier, the Innotek IUC-4100 would be a good choice. Particularly with long-hair dogs, the Innotek’s collar fit checker is useful to let you know when the collar is properly fitted. When the collar is not properly fitted on long-hair dogs, the dog does not get the correction and consequently the fence does not work.

    Temptations like squirrels and other animals should not be a problem. In the last few days of training, work with him using some distractions (a neighbor’s dog works well if you don’t have a trained squirrel!) to help him learn that the boundary rules apply even when he gets in an excited state.

  21. Liz says:

    Hi, today we had a big electrical storm in Kentucky. My pitbull mix was inside the house w/ his collar on, and my husband in his work building where the receiver is located for our PetSafe Stubborn. A huge lightning strike hit somewhere nearby, I think, and it blew the receiver right off the wall where it was installed. Smoke ensued from the plastic receiver box, electricity went off in building. Nothing else in the building was affected, even though he was using a router at the time and a freezer was running. We looked at the wire and followed it outside it was damaged every few inches, or even blown apart up to 10 ft away from the building. do you know if ligtning could have hit some of the wiring that is exposed? Fortunately, my dog was unaffected. Was there any danger of harming my dog? What should we replace it with? I see some are lightning protected. Is there any type of warranty coverage? It is new–bought in December 2010. Thanks for all the great advice here.

    ADMIN – Hi Liz,

    Sounds like you guys had a big storm, glad everyone is ok.

    What you are describing sounds like a classic lightning strike. When lightning strikes near the wire, the electric current is attracted to the wire because it is the path of least resistance. All that current surges back through the wire and will obliterate the control box as well as melting down the wire. There is indeed no risk to the dog, but when this happens the control box is toast.

    You can use a lighting protection module with any system to protect the control box from these lightning strikes. The lightning protection costs around $40 and sits between the control box and the wire loop, protecting the control box in case any electricity comes surging back through the boundary wire. It is worth getting in situations like your where there is a large property or where you get a lot of lighting strikes.

    If you are happy with your existing PetSafe Stubborn system, then I would stick with your existing system. You will need to re-lay the wire and replace the control box, but you can keep your existing collar. (We sell the base stations separately, they aren’t listed on the site – if you need one, just call in to get a price or place an order) I would also get the lightning protection module.

    I am not sure if your warranty will cover the lightning strike, it is worth a call to PetSafe on Monday to see if you can get coverage from them before buying anything else.

  22. Kim says:

    Hi- was wondering if you could help us. We will be getting a 9 month old shepard who we think will be about 55 pounds. Wondering with this breed what you think would be best. I was looking at the Innotec SD 2100 as I like the rechargable aspect. Would this be a good fit in your opinion? Thanks so much!

    ADMIN – Hi Kim,

    With a German Shepherd, if I don’t know what their pain sensitivity is, I generally use either the PetSafe Stubborn or the SportDog SDF-100A. Some historically guard/herd dogs like Germans have been bred to be very insensitive to pain so it is useful to have some extra levels of correction available if you need them.

    I generally am not a huge fan of the Innotek SD-2100, I find the collar and in particular the in-built battery unreliable. For less you can get the PetSafe Stubborn which uses a 9V battery and get a rechargeable 9V battery at a Radio Shack or Walmart. Or for a little more you can trade up to an Innotek IUC-4100.

  23. graham says:

    We have a “middi” Schnauzer. Not a mini or a full size. He is 4 years old. He has about a 12 inch circumference neck. We have a 4.5 acre property mostly woods at the rear where he would not go unless with us. There is about 1.5 acre around the house which is grass & shrubs and a very long driveway. Property layout a bit like a frying pan but the house is near the handle/drive. It would be nice to have a rechargable system. What would you recomend? I am an engineer so can modify most things. In ground? above ground? nearest neibour 200 feet away.

    Admin-Hi Jim,

    I would recommend the Innotek IUC-4100. The 4100 offers out best rechargeable collar and the collar will fit “Middi” Schnauzer perfectly.
    You can install the wire in or above ground. Just note that if you have any concerns about the area the wire in laid. You might consider putting the wire inside a water hose or PVC pipe for protection.

  24. KellyG says:

    Hello! Just beginning to research, as we became dog owners 2 months ago of a one year old mostly-Bichon (18 lbs). “Scout” likes to dart out the door and race off to chase the school bus. Kids want to add to our canine family over time and are considering tiny toy dogs as well as large breed dogs.

    Lot is not large, maybe 1/3 of an acre, but is on a lake and is steeply sloped, very long and narrow (50′ at lakeshore and only 5′ between house and property line on one side, not much more on the other). Due to the steep grade, you cannot see from one end of the lot to the other, so dogs could be out of view on occasion if we fence the whole area.

    Ideally we could leave dogs outside and unattended (weather-safety-permitting) any season of the year in Minnesota (think 2-3 foot snow drifts). Can we really count on an electric fence alone to keep dogs on our property? We have lots of critters to chase, from ducks to squirrels and rabbits, etc. Recommendations?

    If we cannot count on invisible fence alone, then we’d prefer a cedar split rail fence with a “liner” fence on it AND a wired electric fence. Any pros or cons to that solution?


    ADMIN – Hi Kelly,

    Thanks for your email. It is a good question that I suspect lots of people want to ask. We do guarantee this dog fence will work for all our customers, but our sucess rate is around 98%. The reason we don’t get to 100% is that each dog is an x factor. Every dog is different. Nearly all of our customers do experience fully and permanently contained dogs when they follow three main objectives: 1) properly and patiently train each dog individually, 2) correctly fit the collars on their dogs, and 3) Discover the appropriate correction levels for each dog. All three of these working together provide the ideal scenario for 100% pet containment.

    Training dogs against situational distractions such as wild animals is a little more challenging, particularly when working with dogs with a strong prey drive. Where that is expected to be a challenger, I like to put in a little extra work training the dog with the distraction so that the dog learns that they cannot go through no matter what.

    Combine a natural, physical fence with one of our dog fences is of course the ideal situation. You combine a physical barrier with a mental barrier and containment is very close to 100%. When customers use electronic fences with natural fences, dog’s require less training since the dogs have a natural barrier to encounter and when they receive a correction from the dog fence, and they have no other options but to simply turn around and retreat to the safety of the yard. Having both a physical and electric fence is the ideal situation, unfortunately that is not possible for most people.

  25. Sean says:

    I have two dogs (15lbs and 35lbs). In addition, the smaller dog is much more sensitive than the larger dog. Additionally, both dogs like to swim in my in-ground pool. I’m looking for a below-ground boundary system which utilizes waterproof collars that have individually adjustable correction levels. Any suggestions? Thanks.

    Admin- Hi Sean,

    We recommend the PetSafe Deluxe system. The collars are fully waterproof and offer independent correction levels; therefore, you will be able to set the correction level for each dog.

  26. Gabriel says:

    I have a male 80 lbs / 10 month old adopted Siberian Husky who loves to run. He is my only dog and my property is a little over an acre. He is a great dog but I rescued him at the age of 7 months and he wasn’t even house broken. What type of electrical fence would you recommended for the do it yourself type install type?

  27. Ronnie Sandona says:

    I live in an area that can get 3 to 4 feet of snow pack during the winter. Are the inground systems effected by this? I had our animal control agent tell me that they are. I also live on a hill with trees and am not sure a wireless system will work good enough. Thanks for any insights given, Ronnie.

    Admin- Hi Ronnie,

    We recommend when there is a lot of snow on top of the wire that you turn the signal strength to a higher level as the snow accumulates, and turn it back down when the snow starts to melt. Depending on the size of your installation and the transmitter, the units can get through 1-2 feet of snow before the signal starts getting spotty.

    If you have a lot of trees around the area you wish to contain, than a Wireless fence will not work well, the trees tend to block the wireless signals. An inground wire unit would be your best bet.

  28. John B. says:

    We have 3 dogs-140,85 & 10 lbs.. Stu/Stewart, based on your reviews, I don’t see an “excellent” product for our three dogs. What do we do? Thanks! John B.

    Admin- Hi John,

    The PetSafe Stubborn Dog system will work perfectly for your three dogs. The Stubborn Dog offers independent correction levels; therefore, you will be able to set the correct levels for each individual dog. I would us the included collar on the 140-pound dog and bundle in a PetSafe Deluxe collar for the 85-pound dog. For the 10-pound dog I would bundle in a PetSafe Little Dog Collar.

  29. Shawna says:

    I have a black lab about (72lbs) and a boston terrier ( 23lbs) What is the best type of fence for them? I would imagine that my lab would need a bigger amount of correction as to my terrier. Also i’ve seen dogs that go right through the undergrown fence. I don’t want that to happen so any suggestions there? Thanks.

    Admin- Hi Shawna,

    I would suggest the PetSafe Stubborn Dog system. The Stubborn dog will allow you to have independent correction levels for each collar. I would us the included collar on the Lab and bundle in an extra PetSafe Deluxe collar for your Boston Terrier.

    The key to a dog obeying the boundary is in the training. A well-trained dog should not have any problems keeping inside the boundary.

  30. ERIN says:

    I have an adult male rottweiler who has discovered he is strong enough to brake through my 6 ft privacy fence and get out. I was told by the trainer at Petsmart that nothing sold in thier store would work to contain him. What would you recommend? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Admin-Hi Erin,

    I would recommend the PetSafe Stubborn dog. This system offers the highest correction level of all our systems and should work well for your Rottweiler.

  31. Jeanne says:

    Hi, hope you can help us with some ideas. We have a 6 y.o. Blue Tick Coon Hound and 4 acres of wooded property, about 2.5 in fence. We have been using the Innotek SD2100 system for 5 years now. When it works, it’s great. We’ve had a couple of wire breaks that we have to track down with the radio/transmitter thing. The problem is every year or two our hound will start “escaping.” and we will see him cross the line. Sometimes when we tested the system it is erratic and we can’t find the weak spot. We’ve done collar exchanges x3 with them, and that seems to work. (We wonder if the battery after so many charges gets weak and doesn’t deliver the same shock.) When I call Innotek all the tell me is to do the line test with the radio and refuse to acknowledge that the collar exchange will work. The hound is running through the fence again. Have you heard of anyone else with this problem. When I hold the prongs up to me the shock does feel possibly weaker, but it’s had to tell from memory. It might be the hound is just going to run through no matter what, but at times it works wonderfully for months/a year at a time. It’s great for him to have the run of the woods and chase chipmunks, so I would hate for him to be on the leash for the rest of his life.


    If your fence works great for a year or two, but then one day your Blue Tick starts running through the boundary, we recommend that you review the training steps with your Blue Tick again. By going through the steps again, it will help reiterate the boundaries that you have set forth with your Blue Tick.

  32. Sue says:

    Can I use a IUC-5100 Collar and remote with my IUC-4100 Fence? If so where can I buy just the collar and remote? I have a Shar-Pei/Shepard Chow mix and she does very well with the fence but she needs training outside the area.

    ADMIN – You can indeed use an Innotek IUC-5100 collar and remote with the IUC-4100 fence. They cost around $150, and you can order them by phoning in. If you already have a 4100 collar, consider getting a dedicated remote trainer instead. The 5100 is an excellent containment collar but a very average remote trainer (limited range, not very consistent beyond 30 yards). It is decent for training around the house, but not good for distance training. For the $150, you could get a much better dedicated training collar.

  33. Jeremy says:

    Hello, I have 2 dogs, 1, 5 year old bassett hound about 60 pounds and a 8 year old beagle mix About 60 pounds. They will be on 3 acres in the country and I was wanting to know which is the best system you Recommend going with. Thanks, jeremy

    Admin-Hi Jeremy,

    I would highly recommend the Innotek IUC-4100. The IUC-4100 is a superb system and will work perfectly with your Bassett Hound and Beagle.

  34. Susan says:

    We have an existing fenced area in the backyard which our Shepherd mix accesses from a dog door. Since she will dig/chew her way out in a thunderstorm if we are not home, we are thinking about adding an electric fence to keep her back from the existing one.

    In reading comments, it looks like we can run the electric fence on the wooden one. Is this correct?

    But we would also need to block the signal right at her door into the house. Is there a way to do that?

    Admin- Hi Susan,

    Certainly, you can attach the dog fence to the wooden fence.

    Yes you can block the signal at the door so the dog can pass freely. To do so you can run the wire along the gutter or trim of the house; therefore, the dog will be able to cross underneath the wire and not receive a warning. Please see our layout page for a visual on the set-up of a backyard dog fence layout.

  35. Ruth says:

    I have3 cockers, but my 2 cockers boys love to run off to play in the creek. We have 7 acres to cover to go look for them, since they turn their deaf ear to us when they take off running. What system would you suggest to use with them? Also, if you install it with it starting coming out of the garage how would you make it one large area instead of two? I’m assuming that you come back to the starting point when running the wire. Would this not cause them a shock if they try to cross it to come back in?

    Admin – Hi Ruth,

    I would recommend the Innotek IUC-4100 for cocker spaniels, the collars are small and the collar-fit-checker will help you get the collars fitted through their coats. You will install twisted wire (this cancels out the signal) from the transmitter box to the outside perimeter so that the cockers can cross freely. Please see our planning’s page for more help about the layout. Check out this link for diagrams of the dog fence perimeter layout.

  36. Howard says:

    I have an invisible fence and I am tired of having to call for service even though it is not frequent. I currently have a fault and they want over $200 for repairs. Can I switch to a diy system and use the same wire that is already installed and find the fault myself. Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Howard,

    You can use the wire that is currently in the ground and switch out the base stations and the collar to a DIY system. Alternatively, if you like your current system and only want the ability to hunt down the wire breaks yourself, consider getting the PetSafe Wire Break Locator, and our Dog Fence Wire Break Repair Kit. That will be a lot cheaper and easier than replacing the whole system.

  37. Al says:

    Hi, I have an older (12yrs+) Innotek SD-2100 system I installed with 3 acres of wire ran and the collars are not holding a charge anymore. I have 2 mixed lab/Shepard rescue dogs and the Shepard mix is a little strong willed and would bolt through the line sometimes. Instead of just replacing the collars I was thinking of upgrading to the IUC-4100. My questions are:
    (1) Would the upgrade be worth doing?
    (2) Would the fence wire I already have run work with the IUC-4100?

    ADMIN – Hi Al,

    (1) The base station on the SD-2100 units is virtually identical to the IUC-4100 bases station. So you could effectively upgrade to the IUC-4100 by just getting IUC-4100 collars and a collar charger. This is a worthwhile upgrade, the IUC-4100 collars are much better and they are a similar price to the SD-2100 collars. I would not bother replacing your base station with an IUC-4100 base station, you won’t see any difference in performance.
    (2) You can use the existing fence wire with nearly any dog fence system on the market. Nearly all of them will work with the standard wire you have.

    When you get the new collars, I would make the boundaries a little wider, and do a week of retraining on the stronger willed dog to get her back in the habit of respecting the boundary line.

  38. Sarah says:

    I just ordered the innotek 4100. I’m fairly certain I’m going to want to expand at a later date. Will I need to retrain for the new boundaries or will the beeping be enough? Thank you.

    Admin – Hi Sarah,

    There should be little training to do when you move the boundary wire. Set the boundary flags along side the new boundary. Work with the dog until they get acclimated with the new boundary.

  39. janelle says:

    we have a great preniese and 2 labs that like to run off and chase wildlife and have 2 acres and tired of getting fines and keeping the dogs locked up which system do you recamend for us thank you for your help

    Admin-Hi Janelle,
    I would recommend the Innotek (IUC-4100). Your Great Preniese and two Labs would work wonderfully with the Innotek 4100 system that is very dependable and durable.

  40. Neil says:

    I have a small dog (full grown about 15lbs) and are tryiing to decide about putting in a fence. I have about 1/2 acre to fence with houses close on either side (a driveway and about 15 ft of grass) One house is installing Innotek 4100 and the other has an older fence around their yard. Can I also install the 4100? What do you think of wireless on this size lot?

    Admin-Hi Neil

    Unfortunately, if your dog’s fence is going to be within 15 feet of your neighbor’s fence you will not be able to use the Innotek 4100. The wires would interfere with each other and cause dead spots in the boundary loop along the shared areas.

    We rarely recommend the wireless fence because it has a fluctuating boundary and slow collar response time. If you did want to purchase a wireless fence I would recommend the Havahart Wireless. The Havahart can cover a stable 2.5 acres and is a simple set-up.

    For a wired fence I would recommend the Perimeter Technologies because the system can change frequencies to avoid interference from your neighbor’s fences.

  41. Kayla says:

    We have 4 English Bulldogs. 2 listen pretty well, but the other 2 tend to run out of our yard, especially when they see other people or dogs. We are looking for a system so we can let them out and run in the yard this summer without worrying so much about them getting into the neighbors yard or chasing after others. Thanks

    Admin- Hi Kayla,

    The best system we recommend for your 4 English Bulldogs would be the Innotek 4100. This is our most popular and reliable system. The system offers a long-lasting rechargeable collar and can contain areas up to 25 acres.

  42. Joe Luongo says:

    Hi, There are lots of negative reviews on Amazon about the reliability of the Innotek collars, they say they fail a lot and are cheaply made. Any comments on this…I am leaning towards that system. Thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi Joe,

    I am not sure which Innotek collars you are referring to. We generally find the Innotek IUC-4100 and IUC-5100 collars to be very good in terms of longevity and performance. The Innotek SD-2100 are pretty average, the older battery is more prone to failure after a couple of years. IUC-4100 Systems we installed when they came out, still work well more than seven years later although the batteries are nearing the end of their life and will need replacing soon.

    There was a bad batch of 4100/5100 collars made in mid to late in 2010 that understandably led to a lot of bad reviews. (I am proud to note that our customers were largely insulated from the problem, because we figured out what was going on very early and started testing collars before shipping them to weed out the bad apples)

  43. Adam says:

    We have a border collie/terrier mix (40 lbs.) and a st. bernard/americ.bulldog mix (80 lbs.) that we’d like to put on the same system. What is the best DIY system to allow them to run over ~ 4 acres, high water-table, sloped terrain? Preferrably rechargable batteries.

    Admin- Hi Adam,

    The premium fence that we offer is the Innoteck 4100. The system is very durable and can contain areas up to 25 acres. You should not have any trouble installing this system on your property. The system will work great for your Collie/Terrie and Bernard/Bulldog. The system offers the our best rechargeable collar with a built in Lithium battery. The battery take about two hours to charge and can last up to a month.

  44. Sarah says:

    Thanks so much for this fantastic site!

    My husband and I are moving to a home with a yard (finally!!) – and I’m trying to figure out how to best contain my two stubborn dogs. I have a pit/lab mix (50 lbs), and a Doberman/Jack Russell mix (55 lbs). The lot is a standard 1/4 acre.
    What system would you recommend?
    Thanks again!!! -Sarah

    Admin-Hi Sarah,
    I would recommend the Innotek IUC-4100. The Innotek 4100 dog fence system has proven to be extremely reliable and durable. The 4100 will fit your dogs perfectly. It has a slim, low profile collar that is rechargeable.

    The Innotek 4100 system comes with 500 feet of wire and you will need to bundle in an extra 500 feet of wire to complete you property.

  45. Linda says:

    Hi, we have two German Shepherd Dogs both about 100 – 108 pounds. They are 2 and 3 years old. They are good about staying in the yard for the most part, but I worry that if they get distracted by a person, deer or squirrel they will take off. I would love to let them out to play without being with them every second. We were thinking about the PedSafe Stubborn as this seems to be the collar you are recommeding for GSD’s. (I had heard that many electric containment fences do not work for GSD’s – not sure why). They are quick learners and generally obedient. What are your thoughts? We have about 5 acres to enclose.

    Thank you

    Admin-Hi Linda,

    Typically for dogs over a hundred pounds we recommend the Stubborn dog. I would suggest the Stubborn dog for your German Shepherds. German Shepherds are smart dogs and very obedient. Frequently if the dog fence is not working the problem either lies in the training or the collar is not making proper contact with the dog’s neck.

  46. Nick says:

    I have a saint benard (9 month 100lb) puppy named Hyde and have concerns with the inground fence working effectively for her. I am looking at the sport dog system would you recommend this one?

    Admin-Hi Nick,

    Hyde sounds like she is going to be more than a big dog. If the amount of land you wish for Hyde to roam is 10 acres or less I would recommend the PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence (PIG00-10777). If you need to cover more than 10 acres the SportDog system(SDF-100A) would be your best bet because it can cover up to 100 acres. The Stubborn collar and the Sportdog collar both are equipped with a regular 9V battery; you can make it rechargeable by getting a 9V rechargeable battery and charger. (Around $20 at Radio Shack)

  47. Lisa says:

    Hi, we have a 10 y.o. rat terrier and a 5 month old smooth collie. We live on a very busy main street. What system would you suggest? Thanks in advance.

    Admin-Hi Lisa,

    The best system would be the PetSafe Little Dog PIG00-10773. You will use the included collar for the Rat Terrier and bundle in a PetSafe Deluxe collar for your Smooth Collie. The PetSafe Little Dog has Independent Correction Levels; therefore, you will able to adjust the correction levels for each dog. The PetSafe system can cover up to 25 acres.

  48. Brian says:


    We have a 7 month black lab roughly 60lbs. She has lots of energy, stength, excitement and natural puppy instincts….. We live on 5 acres of property and thinking of zoning off 3 acres for her to run the property. Looking at the PetSafe stubborn, but would appreciate hearing a good recommendation.

    Thank you…. Great website!

    Admin-Hi Brian,

    The PetSafe Stubborn Dog is a great system. But for you, I recommend the Innotek IUC-4100. It is a good mix of value and features. We use the IUC-4100 most of our installation customers and it is by far the most popular system in our online store. The IUC-4100 dog fence system has proven to be extremely reliable and durable. The system has three levels of correction which are progressive, increasing as the dog stays in the correction zone. We particularly like the long-lasting rechargeable collar battery, slimline collar, collar-fit test, and indoor/outdoor zone compatibility. It can cover areas up to 25 acres.

    This will be a good fit for your Black Lab. Also note that when you order with us, you’ll receive free UPS Ground shipping, our Experts guide to installation and training, and our Wire Break Kit. Also, you qualify for free customer support, so you can call us anytime when you have questions. When you’re ready to order, feel free to place your order online or simply give us a call. We are always happy to talk with our customers. If for any reason you are not 100% happy with the system you order, we would happily give you refund within the first 30 days of you receiving the product.

  49. Dennis says:


    I have a Puggle that is between 35-40 lbs. and a Shihtzu that is about 12 lbs.. What system would work best considering that I would install on about an acre and would want rechargeable batteries and would need to be able to correct for the 2 dogs?

    Thank You

    Admin- Hi Dennis,

    I do have two recommendations that I think will work perfectly depending on what is more important to you.

    The first is the Innotek 4100. The system is our number one and best selling system. The system has a rechargeable collar that needs charging for about an hours once a month. Note that the collar will not last a full month when you are training. The collars will be used a lot more in this period of time. The weakness of the 4100 is that it does not easily allow you to set different correction levels on each collar. So your 12-pound Shih Tzu is going to receive the same amount of correction sensation as your 40-pound Puggle.

    There is a workaround for this though; it involves running a resistor across the probes of the collar to reduce the correction level on a collar. If you decided to use the workaround method please see our instructional video at:

    Secondly, if you want to set separate correction levels for each dog, then you’ll need to go with a PetSafe system. You could get a Petsafe deluxe system and use the included collar for the Puggle. With the Shih-Thu, you have two options, you can either go with the deluxe collar or you can get the PetSafe Little Dog collar. Note that the Little Dog collar requires a $10 PetSafe battery. With the PetSafe Deluxe collar you are unfortunately stuck with a proprietary battery, although that one is moderately priced ($4 every 2-3 months).

  50. Martin says:

    I have an australian shepherd, 7mo old and looking to cover ~ 1.5 acres.
    What would be your recommendation? I’d like to go w/ the battery backup option.

    Thank you!

I have an australian shepherd, 7mo old and looking to cover ~ 1.5 acres.
What would be your recommendation? I’d like to go w/ the battery backup option.
    Thank you!

    Admin- Hi Martin,

    I would strongly recommend the Innotek 4100. The 4100 has a battery backup option and is our top selling most reliable system. The system comes with 500 feet of wire so if you are going to be covering 1.5 acres you will need to order an additional 500 feet of wire.

  51. suzanne says:

    I have a mini aussie who is super active and LOVES to chase squirrels and deer. we are wanting to get an in-ground fence – he is about 25 pounds – we want something really reliable and I’ve read some reviews for innotek that say that dogs just run right through them. what’s the best option? we will likely be electric fencing at least an acre of land and want to know that he’s safe when he’s out there!

    Admin- Hi, Suzanne

    I would strongly recommend the Innotek 4100. The 4100 is our most reliable and top selling system. With your super active mini aussie this system would be ideal.

    Unfortunately many people who rush to leave a bad product review on a dog fence either do not have a proper fitted collars or correction levels for their dogs. Most Importantly their dogs may not have been properly trained.

    Also note that when you order with us, you’ll receive free UPS Ground shipping, our Experts guide to installation and training (very helpful), and our Wire Break Kit. Also, you qualify for free customer support, so you can call us anytime when you have questions. We are always happy to talk with our customers. If for any reason you are not 100% happy with the system you order, we would happily give you refund within the first 30 days of you receiving the product.

  52. Randy Willis says:

    I have a pit bull (90lbs) and two schnauzers (20lb) with a half acre back yard. All three are very hyper active. What system would best suit my needs?

    ADMIN- Hi Randy,

    The big determent in your case is the difference in size between the Pit Bull and two Schnauzers. Our number one and best selling system, the Innotek 4100 is not going to be a good fit because the system does not have independent correction; therefore, your two 20-pound Schnauzers would receive the same amplified sensation as your 90-pound Pit bull.

    In terms of running the system for a back yard take a look at the different diagrams that would accurately work for your property (
    Also with your land being half an acre you would need to add an additional 500 feet of wire to complete your system.

    In your circumstances I would recommend you to get a Petsafe stubborn system and use the included collar for the Pit Bull. I would add two PetSafe Deluxe collars (which are much smaller) for the two Schnauzers. The stubborn collar that would be fitted on your Pit Bull is equipped with a regular 9V battery; you could make it rechargeable by getting a 9V rechargeable battery and charger. (around $20 at Radio Shack) With the PetSafe Deluxe collars you are unfortunately stuck with a proprietary battery, although that one is moderately priced ($4 every 2-3 months).

  53. Charlie says:

    We have a Humane Contain 8000, and it is out of control. Suddenly it is setting off the collars everywhere. In the house etc. Traumatized dogs is the result. Have adjusted the settings on the consul to no effect. Suggestions?

    ADMIN – Hi Charlie,

    We hear lots of bad reports on the Humane Contain systems. We would avoid using the system.

  54. Diane says:

    I live on an inland lake with about 100′ frontage and have a golden (65 lbs) and a beagle mix (about 25 lbs). Based on other postings, sounds like the Petsafe system might be a good choice. Do you agree and how do I handle the boundaries to the lake? Ideally, it would be nice to allow them access to the lake to swim, yet I don’t want them to use the water to “break” out of the boundary and wander into my neighbor’s lawn.

    Any advice would be appreciated.

    ADMIN- Hi

    Yes, PetSafe makes a very good system. In your case there are two determining factors that will lead you to the perfect petSafe system for you needs. The first is the difference is size of Golden and the Beagle. I would recommend a Petsafe Deluxe PRF-304W. This system has independent correction levels; therefore, your 25-pound Beagle would not receive the same corrective sensation as your 65-pound Golden.

    The second is how deep is the lakes draw coming off the shoreline? Do you want your dog to just be able to walk into the lake a few feet to get a drink or lay down in the water? Or do you want to sink the wire over 10 feet so that she can go for a deeper for a swim. You can refer to our lake front installations page for an installation based on how you want you dogs to roam (
    In terms of installation, I would recommend for the wire that will be anchored on the lakes floor to be ran through an old water hose or Pvc pipe. I would hate to have to send you more wire because nemo thought your dog’s fence was lunch.

  55. Jeff Timmons says:

    We have 2 dogs we would like to contain in our backyard, one dog is a 15lb shitzu the other is a 100 pound lab. I really like the rechargeable feature. what system would you suggest.

    ADMIN – With that much difference in size, the rechargeable systems like the Innotek 4100are not going to be a good fit because they do not have independent correction. The other rechargeable collar, the Dogtra EF-3000 has a collar that is too big for the Shitzu.

    I would get a Petsafe stubborn system and use the included collar for the lab (keep it on the lower settings). I would add an extra PetSafe Deluxe collar and use that for the Shitzu
    (it is a mcuh smaller colalr).

    The stubborn uses a regular 9V battery, you could make it rechargeable by getting a 9V rechargeable battery and charger. (around $20 at Radio Shack) With the PetSafe Deluxe collar you are unfortunately stuck with a proprietary battery, although that one is moderately priced ($4 every 2-3 months).

  56. Ed says:

    Hi we have a 100lb 2yr, great Pyrenees who likes to bolt out of the yard either chasing small game or just to run. we also have a 100lb 4yr Bernese mountain dog who will leave the yard but doesn’t really bolt out. and a 3 month old Australian / Newfoundland puppy who will also be 80/100lb we have an acre of land we would like to fence off what do you recommend?

    ADMIN – Hi Ed,

    With those very different breeds, a system that can give you independent correction will be useful. Guardian breeds like the Pyrenees and Bernese tend to require a stronger correction than Aussies or Newfies. Either the PetSafe Stubborn or the SportDog SDF-100A would be good choices. They are similar systems, I would opt for the SportDog, it has a better base station and with your requiring 1,000 feet of wire (to cover an acre) it will be a little cheaper.

  57. eric says:

    Hello– we have a yr old Yorkie and will be getting a Yellow lab next month. We have about a 1/2 acre and are looking at our options. Given the difference in size what fence would you recommend for us?

    ADMIN – Hi Eric,

    The PetSafe systems are a good choice for dogs of different size since you can individually adjust the correction level on each collar and you can mix and match collars on the same base station.

    For the Yorkie, a PetSafe Deluxe Collar (if he is over 12lbs) or a PetSafe Little Dog Collar (if he is under 12lbs) would be a good choice. The Lab can use either a PetSafe Deluxe Collar or a PetSafe Stubborn Collar. My recommendation would be the PetSafe Little Dog Collar and a PetSafe Stubborn System. The Stubborn is the most economical system, and adding a PetSafe Little Dog collar will give you a nice small collar for the Yorkie.

  58. jim says:

    i have two german shepard puppies, how old do they need to be before you can train them.

    ADMIN – Hi Jim,

    I would like to see you wait till the pups are six months old. Most younger dogs don’t have the cognitive development to be trained effectively before then. With most dogs training is a lot easier after six months. The exception to our six month rule is if a dog can confidently do a sit, stay, and a come.

  59. Steve says:

    Didn’t see this question on the website:
    On in-ground systems, what happens if the dog does run through the boundary and needs to get back in? Will the fence act the same in the reverse direction and shock the dog if it tries to get back into the yard?
    Thanks for the informative site. Steve

    ADMIN – Hi Steve,

    If the dogs runs thought the boundary, they cannot get back without getting the correction a second time. The reason we stress training so much is to avoid that situation. A properly trained dog will not realize that running through the fence is an option and will think the only way to escape correction is to turn and retreat back toward the house. When people don’t train their dog before letting them lose, the most common reason that the system fails is the example you give. (i.e. the untrained dog learns the way to stop the correction is to run through and not come back)

  60. Kenneth says:

    Hey, I have a German Shepard and a Lab. Both are very stubborn and like to dig under the fence in the back yard to get out. I want to install an underground fence but I want to be sure that the collar is strong enough to get their attention. I was looking at the IUC-5100 and buying an extra collar. Any suggestions on what would be most affective???????

    ADMIN – Hi Kenneth,

    The strongest correction collar is the PetSafe Stubborn and it is a good choice for dogs that are less pain sensitive like some German Shepherds. My guess is that the Lab will have a higher sensitivity to the correction and will require a lower correction than the GSD.

    The 5100 is a good choice, but you are given the difference between the two dogs I would prefer to see you with the PetSafe Stubborn. The Innotek IUC-5100 does not allow independent correction levels to be set for each dog, so both dogs would need to have their collars set to the highest setting.

  61. Denise says:

    Hi, I have a Saint Bernard not fully grown yet about 80 lbs and a terrier about 15 lbs. When they are out together they go to far from the house. I need a diy fence that will work for a large dog (thick coat) and a small dog (thin coat). I would like to fence between 1 and 2 acres. What fence would you recommend?

    ADMIN – Hi Denise,

    I would get a PetSafe Stubborn system and use the PetSafe Stubborn collar with the St Bernard. (I presume he is over 6 months – they are hard to train if they are too young) Then get an extra PetSafe Deluxe collar for the terrier. Using those two different collar will work better given that your dogs are so different in size.

  62. Sinda says:

    Hi, We have a Golden/Chow mix approx 60 lbs and a ShihTzu approx 15 lbs. The
    Golden is well behaved and doesn’t need much correction, the ShihTzu is stubborn and likes to leave our property. We have 3 sides of our yard fenced but wanted to install in invisible fence for the area from the metal fence to the sides of the house to keep them in the back yard. Do I need to purchase 2 separate systems for each side of the house or will one unit work for an area that is interrupted by our home? Which system and collars do we need to fit all these needs? Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Sinda,

    How large is the area you need to block on either side of the house? If it is only a small area, we could consider a couple of the outdoor pods instead of a full system.

    If the area is larger, we would use a single system. We would create two loops (on on either side of the house) and link them together with the non-correction twisted wire. A good solution for two dogs with that much size difference would be to get a PetSafe Deluxe that would let you set the correction level for each of those dogs separately.

  63. Laura says:

    Hi, We have a Great Pyrenees that continues to leave our fenced (electric/barbed wire) 18 acre property. We’re looking for a perimeter guard with prongs large enough to penetrate his heavy coat. Is there an option of not having to bury the wire around the entire property, as we have some areas of cross fencing that have a considerable amount of overgrowth? We also have a chihuahua and border collie. They stray occasionally. Thanks for your website. It is very helpful!

    ADMIN – Hi Laura,

    You lay the wire above ground wire you cannot bury it. You’ll need to keep a 6 foot distance from the electric wire fence to avoid interference. For the fence itself, I’d recommend the PetSafe Deluxe system. It has a total capacity of 25 acres. It comes with 500 feet of wire and you’ll need an additional 4,000 feet of wire to cover 18 acres. You can use the Deluxe collar on the border collie, the Stubborn collar on the Great Pyrenees, and if the chihuahua is under 12 lbs, I’d recommend the Little Dog collar.

  64. Doug says:

    Hey there,

    We do rescue work, the farm is enclosed with 5 ft horse fence, with mesh, to keep coyote’s, possom, and other critters out.
    I’m only worried about a 100 ft. section of the dog area running parallel to the road with a gate accessing the road. Every so often a dog likes charging the gate when it opens, or decides to scare the &#*# out of someone walking by. In addition, some non-animal people have thrown poisoned meat onto other ranchers property in the area resulting in fatalities. I need an electric or simular type fence to run parallel with the street fence but further away from the road than someone can throw a steak. Prefer underground with solar panel handling K9 from 5 to 100 lbs. Minuimum of 4 collars preferred.

    ADMIN – Hi Doug,

    The best option for you is to install a one-sided boundary loop. Basically, you create a skinny loop along the boundary line you want to keep your dogs from. Make sure you keep the parallel wires a minimum of 6 feet separated. We have this option illustrated on our planning page. You’ll need to scroll down to locate it:

    As for the fences, you’ll need to purchase one of the PetSafe systems and add additional collars appropriate to the different dogs. Large breed or dogs with a high tolerance for pain will need the PetSafe Stubborn collar, dogs over 12 lbs that have an average temperament can use the PetSafe Deluxe collar, and all dogs under 12 lbs will need the PetSafe Little Dog collar.

  65. jennifer says:

    I have 2 dogs a 90lb shep mix and a 12 week old shephard. I just got a quote from invisible fence. I was a little shocked. I have 1 acre to cover. are the diy brands as good?

    Admin – Hi Jennifer

    Our systems are very good. If you are willing to put out the small effort to install the system yourself, the overall cost is a fraction of a company that sells an installed system. It sounds like I would recommend the Innotek IUC 4000 for you. Your 12 week old Shepard may need to wait a while to be introduced to the fence.
    I hope I have been of some help to you.

  66. Jessica Perez says:

    I have 2 dogs, one is a small shit-zu mix about 10 lbs. The other is 55 lb. English setter mix. Could one system work for the two of them? We have a small yard and the back half is fenced and the front is not.

    ADMIN – Hi Jessica,

    The PetSafe systems are a good choice for two dogs of very different sizes since you can mix-and-match collars. I would use a PetSafe Stubborn System for the English Setter (keep the correction turned down on medium or low) and add an extra PetSafe Little Dog collar for the shih-tzu.

  67. Mari says:

    We live on 3 acres with a 48 lb. standard poodle and a 70 lb. standard poodle/PWD mix. We have a fenced area next to the house where they can be unattended, but we would like to let them burn off some energy by running on the rest of the property (excluding the waste-water lagoon). The mix is a car chaser and the poodle is a squirrel/rabbit/whatever moves chaser. A friend in the sprinkler business will install for free (repayment for use of our barn). What do you recommend? Note: we may someday add a smaller dog to the family.

    ADMIN – Hi Mari,

    If you think you are going to have smaller dogs in the future, the PetSafe or SportDog systems are a good choice because you can mix and match collars between systems and you have the ability to set each dog’s correction level independently. For a 3 acres lot, I would recommend the SportDog SDF-100A. Training poodles should be easy, just keep in mind that you need the collar probes to actually touch the dog’s skin for the collar to work. So you may need to thin out the fur a little on the underside of the neck.

  68. Bronwyn says:

    I have a 7 month old Pug. We live on 10 acres and I have caught him by the road a few times. Currently I am having to keep him on a leash to go out. He hates it! He doesn’t need the whole 10 acres to run, but I’d like him to have at least 3/4 acre around our house for him to run and play. He is a small Pug about 10 lbs. I’m looking for a reliable underground or wireless fence option. What would you suggest? Thank you for your time!

    ADMIN – Browyn,

    The best fence for your Pug is the PetSafe Little Dog fence. It is designed with a correction level appropriate for little dogs and the collar is small and lightweight. The fence comes with enough wire to cover up to 1/3 an acre, so you’ll need to add 1 additional 500 foot roll of wire to cover up to 1 acre.

  69. Nelson Kass says:

    I have a nine month old Catahoola, very feisty. He is already over 100 lbs That is in addition to our 5 year old Lab. I want to have a garden this summer. It is about 50 feet square, What system would you recommend? I have been looking at the PetSafe pic-300. Or am I better off with a wired system? Thanks

    Admin – Hi Nelson

    We rarely recommend a wireless system over a wired especially for dogs of the size and breed of yours. Wired systems are more consistent and reliable.
    With your Catahoola and Lab, I would recommend the PetSafe Stubborn Dog and an extra collar. Take a look at this system…
    I hope this helps you.

  70. Debbie says:

    I have 3 dogs (60lb, 18lb, & 9lb). I have the Innotek SD-2000. All the dogs did great on training and stayed in the bounderies. My 9lb maltese/yorkie mix is now a year old and runs right through the boundery. I have checked collars and transfered collars thinking hers was not working and she still runs right through it. I have even trimmed the hair under her neck thinking it was too long and blocking transmission. No help. What should I do or do I need to switch to a different system?

    Admin – Hi Debbie

    My first thought is to go back to the training with your Maltese/Yorkie. Verify that the dog is in fact getting the signals, first the warning and then the correction and go back through the training process step by step.
    That being said, the SD-2000 has one correction level. You may want to consider upgrading to a system with multiple levels. The Innotek 4100 and 5100 both have 3 correction levels.
    I hope this is of some help to you.

  71. Jim says:

    I am moving into a new house. The house sits on .4 acres in a subdivision. I have a maltese 8lbs, and a bichon 14lbs. I am planning on having a doggie door in the back so they can go outside when I am at work. I was thinking of just fencing off the back portion. When it rains I have noticed that the ground is very wet, will this be a problem? Will the innotek for $120 work, and why is the rating only 2 paws? I would get the innotek for 280 if I can understand why I need it. What system do you recomend and why?

    Admin – Hi Jim

    The problem with the Innotek SD-2000 is that it would not be a fit for your 8lb Maltese. The best system to cover both the Maltese and the Bichon would be the PetSafe Little Dog with a size range of 5lbs to 50lbs. Then you would simply need to bundle in an extra collar and possibly a boundary kit with extra wire to cover your .4 acres.
    No, the rain is not an issue. The wire is direct burial, resistant to the elements.
    I hope this helps you.

  72. marianne says:

    Hi, we are now actually thinking of fencing of the whole approx 25 acres,so which system would you recommend for that size area and the different size dogs,the mastiff and the beagle?

    Admin – Hi Marianne

    I would recommend the PetSafe Deluxe which has a capacity of up to your 25 acres and will accommodate both your Mastiff and Beagle. You would just simply need to bundle in the additional 4500 ft of wire to cover the area along with an extra collar, the PetSafe Stubborn for your Mastiff.

  73. marianne klok says:

    I have two dogs,an english mastiff and a beagle.The problem is they are running down the driveway onto the road.That is the only place where they can get out,so I was wondering if you have to have a circuit with all systems because we can not go around the yard.
    Any ideas? The driveway is about 30 feet wide.

    Admin – Hi Marianne

    To block off a small passage, you can have just a small narrow loop that crosses the driveway, then doubles back on itself, six-feet apart. This is much like the Single-sided Boundary Layout on the Dog Fence Planning page.

    As far as a fence, for your Mastiff, I would recommend the PetSafe Deluxe for the beagle and add in the PetSafe Stubrron collar, for the Mastiff.

  74. Henry says:

    I have a male Jack Russel mixed with some other small breed dog. Had him about 1 and half years, he’s app. 2 years old. He is filled with energy and loves to run and play. I let him loose as often as possible. He is beginning to run off seeing the neighbors pets outside. Living close to the road, were worried about him getting struck by a car. We have 1.3 acres and only 1 dog. What do you recommend for a buried wire fence system! Would like the option of increasing the protected area later. Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Henry,

    Jack Russells are on the borderline. If they are 12lbs or greater, get the rechargeable Innotek IUC-4100. If they are under 12 lbs we recommend the PetSafe Little Dog Fence. The PetSafe uses a proprietary battery, so we prefer the Innotek, but it is also the smallest collar so makes the most sense for dogs under 12 lbs. (Both systems can handle up to 25 acres)

  75. Drew says:

    I have a female weimeraner that is 7 years old and one of the family. She has traditionally been only in yards that have wooden privacy fences. She can get a little antsy and LOVES to dart off after squirles and cats. We recently moved to a home on a golf course and cannot install a traditional above ground wood fence only a wrought iron which is going to be awefully expensive. My concerns are twofold. 1.)Trainability: The fact that she 7 (still acts like a puppy) and loves to chase after other animals and 2.) The type of system. Should I start off with an adjustable system and work down from high to low? and which systems work best with Weims? Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Drew,

    I’m not concerned with your weimeraner’s age as much as her temperament. They powerful dogs with a strong drive to hunt as you mentioned. However, they’re very intelligent and very loyal. I’d recommend the PetSafe Stubborn Dog as it offers the highest corrections of any fence on the market. However, you’d begin training from the lowest level then adjust it up if necessary. The key is truly in the training. The toughest habit to break is the chase, but with persistent training as outlined in our experts guide, you should position yourself for the best chance of success.

  76. Bill says:

    I have install a PetSmart system that is functioning, but the correction zone is only~ 2 ft wide as measured by the test light that came with the system. My lot is 10 acres, but am using only about half of the acreage. I feel that activation zone is too narrow to provide a correction signal to my dog…30 lb hound. What suggestions do you have for increasing the width of the activation zone?

    ADMIN – Hi Bill,

    You definitely want the boundary zone to be at least three feet on either side of the boundary wire (a total of six feet, preferably ten). I presume you have the system with the boundary width dial turned up to full power and any installation size switch turned up to “large”.

    If you still only get a 2 feet boundary zone, you want to switch to a system that is more powerful. I’m not sure what kind of system you have, but you want to get a system that is preferably rated to do an area 1.5 times greater than the area you are actually covering. If you are enclosing 5 acres, something like the Innotek 4100 that is rated to 25 acres or the SportDog SDF-100A that is rated to 100 acres would be a good choice.

    There is also a small improvement if you use thicker wire, but I presume you don’t want to replace all your wire.

  77. Rick says:

    We have a Pyrenees Lab mix and an average size back yard. She likes to dig and run in a planter around the yard’s edge and we’d like to keep her out and on the grass or other safe areas. We could attach the wire to the fence which would give us about a 2-3 foot buffer to the grass. Is there a system that would work for that kind of set-up?

    ADMIN – Hi Rick,

    All the wired fences will work well with the wire attached to the fence. If possible place the wire a few inches above the ground level to avoid being hit by a weedeater. A good choice for a Pyrenees-Lab mix would be the Innotek IUC-4100 if you wanted something rechargeable and smaller. The PetSafe Stubborn would also be a good choice and is a little cheaper, although the collar is a larger and it uses a disposable battery.

  78. Maggie says:

    We have three dogs- a Jack Russel Terrier (18 lb), German Shorthaired Pointer (50 lb), and Corgi mix (30 lb). We would love to have a DIY dog fence – we probably need one with adjustable levels as there are size and temperament differences between the dogs. Our backyard is probably 1 acre. Which system would you recommend for us? Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Maggie,

    With that much range in size, we would definitely want something with independent correction levels. If you wanted something rechargeable, the Dogtra EF-3000 would be a good choice. If you don’t mind something with a proprietary battery the PetSafe Deluxe or the Perimeter Technologies Ultra are both good choices.

  79. Scott K says:

    I have the PetSafe Stubborn dog for my Dobie and the Dogtra 1900NCP remote field trainer. I normally just use the Dogtra and correct as needed but also would like to have the comfort of set boundary’s for her that correct if she gets to far away, hence the electronic fence. I would like to just have one device for both functions but don’t seem to see anything that offers remote training and serve as an electronic fence device/set-up. Just wanted to know if there were any products like that available or any solutions you may have.

    ADMIn – Hi Scott,

    The Innotek IUC-5100 combines a fence and a remote trainer. One thing to note, the remote trainer is not “always on.” You have to manually switch on the remote training function – leaving it on reduces the time between recharges from one month to about three days, so most people will switch it on, only when it is in use. The fence function is always on.

  80. Rich says:

    We will be getting a lab in the next few months and are interested in a DIY underground fence. The property on the side of our house extends approximately 6-7 feet from the edge of our house on both sides. Is this enough room for any/all units to allow safe passage of the dog in that area assuming the wire is placed on the edge of our property? Thanks for your time!

    ADMIN – Hi Rich,

    Assuming you put the wire right at the boundary and have the fence width set to about 3 feet (the minimum effective distance for training a lab), that will leave only about 3-4 feet for the dog to pass through. Generally dogs, don’t want to get within about 3 feet of the boundary line to give themselves a bit of a safety buffer. You are right around that distance so it could go either way. Certainly with training you could teach them to use the side passages, but on their own I think they would probably stay away and would definitely only use it to transit from front to back (they would not hang-out on the sides)

  81. Lynn says:

    We have 2 Labs that live on 3.8 acres. The last acre slops down into a slightly wooded area. No really big trees. There is a small creek at the bottom where they love to play. We’re trying to find the best system to fit us. Of course the wire system seems to be the best – but was concerned about just laying the wire on top of the ground in the woods (thinking of other animals) and also what to do about the creek. Look forward to your response. Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Lynn,

    The wired systems do work better. In wooded areas, we just lay the wire on the ground, stapled it down in a few spots to keep it from moving, and let it bury itself over time. If you are having issues with critters chewing on the wire, you can place the wire inside some conduit to provide protection. The flexible tubing that is used for underground sprinkler systems is cheap and works well.

  82. Chris says:

    We have 2 adult male labs (5 years old each) and a CKC spaniel and moving into a new home in a few weeks with a very small yard (25’x45′ or so). The 2 labs love to dig out and also tear through wood fence slats on their way out and so we need to keep them safe while also maximizing our yard space. I am looking at getting the Dogtek because of the dual adjustable boudaries so I can get as close to the fence as possible by correcting them if they get right up on the fence and a very small warning zone so they aren’t constantly walking around in fear of getting corrected. Is this the best choice, or can I get a system with intercompatability (like a PetSafe Stubborn Dog with little dog collar for the CKC) and minimize the boundary width to a desirable level and achieve the same effect? The CKC is also almost completely deaf, so she really needs vibrations for warnings, sound warnings probably won’t work very well. Lastly, they are fond of the couch while we’re away, and so I would like to add on an indoor boundary. Thoughts? Thanks for any help.

    ADMIN – Hi Chris,

    With a deaf dog, I think you would be better off with the PetSafe Stubborn which also has a vibrate mode. (The SportDog SDF-100A would also be a good choice, but does not work with the indoor pods). For most of the systems, the warning distance is 10-20% of the correction distance, so the warning zone is going to be very small and I would not worry about trying to reduce it.

  83. Steve says:

    I own two young Boxers (a 70 lb. male & 50 lb. female). When supervised closely, each will typically remain within the boundaries of my 1 acre lot. Unfortunately, they do like to take off occasionally if left alone. They are both very active and strong, so I think a stronger correction collar would be necessary. Please recommend a reliable system that would fit my needs Thanks, Steve

    ADMIN – Hi Steve,

    With a pair of strong willed boxers on 1 acre, the PetSafe Stubborn would be a good choice. It can do up to 10 acres, and has the strongest correction level of all the systems. Naturally, you would start on the lower correction levels (i.e. level 2 or 3 for a Boxer) and work your way up if needed. Often even very strong willed dogs don’t need much of a correction to get their attention.

  84. Becky Castellano says:

    I currently have the PetSafe Stubborn dog system. I got a Shitzu/Rat Terrier puppy for Christmas. Is there a collar for small breeds that is compatible with my system?

    ADMIN – Hi Becky,

    The PetSafe Deluxe, Little Dog and Stubborn systems have collars that are intercompatible. So you can use a PetSafe Little Dog collar with the PetSafe Stubborn system if you need a collar that is much smaller.

  85. Jason says:

    Have you gotten a chance to review the Havahart Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence? Looks pricey, but says you can define the boundary instead of the radial type.

    ADMIN – Hi Jason,

    We haven’t had the chance to look at the Havahart Custom Dog Fence. The system is tentatively scheduled for release in the next few weeks, and we should have a review shortly before or after the launch. My understanding is that it will use four different base stations to get a better reading on the position of the dog and will be programable to allow a custom shape. We haven’t got our hads on a demo unit yet but are looking forward to checking it out. A custom shaped wireless system would be awesome (and should be if customers are asked to pay $800!).

  86. Amber says:

    I have 2 dogs only one of which is getting out. She is a pit bull mix and is jumping our 4ft chain link fence. Which of your products might you recommend? We have about a 2/3 acre property. Thanks!!

    ADMIN – Hi Amber,

    For a Pit Bull mix, the PetSafe Stubborn would be a good choice. It has a stronger correction, which is sometimes needed to capture the attention of a Pit Bull. Of course during the training, you will start on the lower correction levels and only work your way up if you need to. If you need another collar later on for the second dog, you can use any of the PetSafe inground collars.

  87. Nick Ragland says:

    I have a Yellow Lab that weighs 89 LBS and is very hard headed he likes to to what ever he wants when he wants to do it .I got him when he was one year old and the people did not play with him like they should.He is a very good dog with a lot of energy and is three years old now.I used to let him loose and he would stay around the house but has started to run off and stay gone for sometimes over one hour.I will call for him but he does not come back until he gets ready.I am afraid he will get ran over or someone will pick him up because of his beauty.We live on a hill and have around 5 acres.I also have a golden retriever he weighs 50 lbs he runs off as well.

    ADMIN – Hi Nick,

    Hi Nick,

    Glad to hear you gave him a new home. With a lab and a golden with that much difference in weight, the new SportDog SDF-100A would be a great choice. It is a great reliable system that lets you select the correction level for each dog separately so you would probably dial in a little more for the lab than you would with the Golden. Those two breeds are usually very easy to train, the only thing I would watch out for is to make sure you get a good collar fit with the Golden – it is important that the prongs actually touch the skin and don’t get blocked by their coat.

  88. Karrisa says:

    I have an extremely active 9 month old Goldendoodle and a cat. I would like a rechargeable unit that I could use on both but would settle for just the dog. Something that we don’t have to bury would be great because my mother could borrow it when she doggy sits. What do you recommend?

    ADMIN – Hi Karrisa,

    A wireless system, like the Havahart Radial would work well for the Golden Doodle, but the collar is much too big for a cat. It is wireless so mom could borrow the unit when she doggy sits. Of course, the dog would need to be trained in both locations – we would get him fully trained in one spot, then introduce him to the second location. The second training should be much faster.

    The other option would be to have a wired system with wire laid out at both properties and you could just share the base station. That would let you contain both cat and dog. A good choice would be to get a PetSafe Deluxe System for the Golden Doodle, and an extra PetSafe Cat Fence collar for the cat.

  89. Rachel says:

    I have 2 dalmatians that are 2 years old. They have always ran away when let out together but never when let out seperate. Now they stay around for a few minutes and then run away. What is the best fence to use for about a 3 acre area?

    ADMIN – Hi Rachel,

    I guess they are a bad influence on each other! For two dalmatian on three acres, an Innotek IUC-4100 would be a good pick, it is rechargeable system with nice small collars. The SportDog SDF-100A is also good, it is a little cheaper, the trade off being bigger collars and the use of a disposable 9V battery in the collars. Both are nice reliable systems and can handle that area comfortably.

  90. Matt says:

    We have 2 cats and a large chocolate lab, we would like to be able to allow all of them out at once. Is there a system that we can use on all three with optional lightning protection, free long term customer service, and rechargeable or traditional batteries. From what I can tell each system has one of the features we are looking for. Thanks for any advice you can offer.

    ADMIN – Hi Matt,

    The best choice for a lab and 2 cats would be to combine some of the PetSafe systems. I would use a PetSafe stubborn system and use the included collar with the lab (turned down low). The PetSafe Stubborn collar uses a traditional 9V battery.

    For the two cats, PetSafe makes a cat fence collar that is compatible with the Petsafe Stubborn dog system. It uses a proprietary battery – but, regrettably there is nothing else on the market that is a great choice for cats that uses a regular battery.

    The PetSafe products have a limited lifetime warranty (read a 1 year warranty, then fixed price repairs from around $30-$50 depending on what broke).

  91. Mark says:

    Will an Innotek IUC-4100 receiver collar work on other Innotek systems and vice-versa?

    ADMIN – Hi Mark,

    The 4100 collar receiver (IUC-4225) works with the Innotek IUC-5100 transmitter, the Innotek SD-2100 transmitter, the Innotek Indoor Pods and the Pawz Away outdoor pods. It will not work

  92. Brenda Williams says:

    Our property have many levels so we are thinking about using in-ground fence. In the area where we want to contain the dogs has them home electrical cables running under ground will this interfere or hurt the dog wearing the reciever collar. Brenda

    ADMIN – Where possible you want to avoid long runs where the dog fence wire is near and parallel to other utilities like electrical wires or metal pipes. The wires don’t interfere with the dog fence, but sometimes the dog fence signals can get induced in those other nearby parallel wires and they will act like they are part of the dog fence boundary. So where possible stay six feet away, and when you need to cross these obstacles do so at as close to right angles as you can.

    If you can’t avoid being close and parallel you just need to check to make sure that you aren’t getting any of these errant transmissions. Lay out the dog fence wire along your proposed layout, then connect it to your transmitter and power on the system. Then take the dog collar and see if it is triggering in any unusual places. Check the path of the utilities into your home and check inside the house (e.g. near power outlets). It is not a common problem, but if it happens you want to know and you can fix it by moving the boundary wire further away from the utilities or by making the boundary wire less parallel to the utilities.

  93. Monte Loving says:

    Can you install the wire through a driveway culvert (corrugated metal pipe) and still get a signal?
    Also, with the Innotek 4100 collar, can you place the device on a different collar or modify the collar with a snap type close?

    ADMIN – Hi Monte,

    The wire can be boundary run can be run under the driveway through and existing colvert (metal or PVC). But, the culvert should not be more than one-foot below the surface of the driveway or the signal will have trouble getting through the ground to the surface.

    Since mid-2010 Innotek IUC-4100 has a snap-type collar buckle included standard. It is a new hybird collar that has a belt that you use to fix the length of the collar the first time, and a snap-type buckle for everyday fastening and removal of the collar. Folks with the old belt style collar can get the new collar through Innotek, it costs around $10.

  94. Cliff Daugherth says:

    We have 3 small Pocket Beagles at 5 months old. They weight 3.75 lbs, 4 lbs and 6.5 lbs.
    They are not likely to grow to more than 9 lbs. Likely 7 to 9 lbs.

    I would like to have an electic door to keep out Racoons and an electric indoor and outdoor fence system. Any advice? Thank you, Cliff

    ADMIN – Hi Cliff,

    With pocket beagles, you want to use the PetSafe Little Dog system with it’s smaller collars and lowered correction levels. That system works with the PetSafe Indoor Zone pods.

    PetSafe also makes an electric dog door that has a small token that you attach to the dog’s collar to get the door to open when the dog comes near.

  95. mark henney says:

    my property has a high water table where at times i have standing water…any issues that i should be aware of before purchasing?

    ADMIN – Hi Mark,

    The system works fine even if the wire is in standing water. If possible, try and keep all the splice points in places above the water table where you are not going to get standing water. The splices are waterproof, but it is better if you can keep them dry.

  96. Daria Brandt says:

    Do you need to bury the wire or can the wire be above ground attached to fence posts or trees?

    ADMIN – Hi Daria,

    You can run it above ground and the system will work fine. However, running above ground makes the wire more susceptible to rodents finding and chewing on the wire insulation. If you plan to run above ground, I’d recommend installing off the ground on a fence.

  97. Chris says:

    I’m weighing options and considering one of the systems that do not require an under ground wire. My home is ranch with a walkout basement to the back yard (where I hope the dogs primarily stay and are used to relieving themselves) and a front yard level with the main floor of my ranch home.

    If I had one of these systems in the basement, would the range stall reach the elevation of the front yard where? What would you recommend? TY- Chris

    ADMIN – Hi Chris

    With the wireless dog fences, a good rule of thumb is that if you could establish a line of site between where the transmitter is placed and the boundary (imagining the walls were all glass), then you would get a decent signal. If the basement is for example sunk below ground, you usually don’t get very good reception. From what you described, it sounds like you would get a good signal in the lower backyard, but the signal would be blocked from getting to the higher elevation front yard. I would opt for a wired system.

  98. hans jacob sørensen says:

    Are you selling to Europe and Denmark?

    ADMIN – Hi Hans Jacob,

    The only model we sell for the European market is the Dogtra EF-3000 (EU Edition). It is the same Dogtra EF-3000 model that you see in our store, but works with 220V. Shipping is around $100 USD.

  99. Joanne Hayden says:

    I have a 4 month old Goldendoodle. Could I use the Petsafe Stubborn Dog on the low settings? Also hoping to install before the snow falls rather than waiting until spring. If I install now can I train in winter when she reaches 6 months?

    ADMIN – Hi Joanne,

    You can use a PetSafe Stubborn with a golden doodle. As you say, you want to keep the correction set to low, or medium low.

    You can install now and then wait till the dog turns six months to start training. You could even start with the first stage of the training now if you wanted.

  100. Paul says:

    Have you reviewed the Invisible Fence, DogWatch Hidden Fence systems? A comparison to the DIY system like Innotek and PetSafe would be very helpful.

    ADMIN – Hi Paul,

    I have heard good stuff about the Invisible Fence and DogWatch systems. Like the other professionally installed, full-service brand like Invisible Fence, PetStop, and Dog Watch – the systems tend to be excellent in terms of quality and features. The only real downside is cost. When trying to pick between them, I would have the trainer come out and talk to them – then choose the one that you think would have the best relationship with you and your dog. Where prices are similar, I tend to favor Invisible Fence. Invisible Fence been around the longest and service standards are generally high, while some of the smaller brands have local franchisees that appear and disappear every few years.

    The big difference between the full service companies and the better DIY systems are:

    1. Full Service – with the DIY systems you have to do it yourself, which is going to take a full day for an average lot. Most professional systems also come with 2 training sessions, it is helpful to have one of their folks come out and show you how it is done. We try and get as close as we can, with the website, book, and videos – but in person is still better.
    2. Cost – DIY brands are much cheaper – the top systems are around $300. The professionally installed brands are around $1,500 on an average lot. It varies a lot by geography, so ask for a quote.
    3. Quality — for the top tier DIY systems build quality tends to be similar – lots of the full service companies have affiliated DIY brands. You will often notice a lot of share components between the systems.
    4. Batteries – most of the professional systems use proprietary battery that you need to keep buying from them – usually through a subscription plan. The DIY systems are a mix. Some like the Innotek IUC-4100/5100 are rechargeable, some like the SportDog SDF-100 are regular batteries, and some like the PetSafe Deluxe are proprietary batteries. We strongly prefer rechargeable, disposable batteries get to be expensive and inconvenient – leading to situations where the dog is not protected.
    5. Warranty – the professionally installed systems tend to have a full lifetime warranty, which is much better than the DIY systems. These have a one year warranty, then a “limited lifetime” warranty which, in non-sneaky talk means that you pay about $30-$50 for repairs.
    6. Controls – the DIY systems are fully controllable by the owner. Most of the full service systems can only be adjusted by a service technician, which means a service call. This tends not to be a big deal, because they will set it up for you the first time – and then you will tend to keep the same settings for life.

    There is a lot of sales talk about AM vs. FM, wire gauge, reaction times, adaptive correction, etc. I have never found any of those things to make a difference.

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