Installing a Dog Fence in a Rental Property

When you are doing a temporary installation of the dog containment system in a back yard, then it often makes sense to try and avoid buying the wire or cutting the driveway to avoid upsetting the landlord. But how do you do such an installation, how do you move the system, and should you leave behind the old wire or try and salvage it.

My small Rottweiler/ mix, about 50 pounds easily jumps my 6 foot fence defiantly right in front of me.. I am currently in a rental house in a nice suburban setting. with a small yard. An option is to bury the cable under the ground to cut off the narrow side yards that lead to the front fences, where he jumps.
I will zip tie the wire to the fence for most of the yard, but how about a gate with a slab under the path?
Is it financially reasonable to leave the cable (150 feet) behind when I move?

Hi Craig,
With gates, I usually run the wire under the gate. If it is concrete slab, usually you would cut a slot along the concrete with a circular saw or concrete saw, then insert the wire in the slot and caulk over with a concrete sealer. But, with a rental property, you may just want to lay the wire along the ground securing it on either side of the slab. Since this is just a temporary installation, even if the wire wears from traffic over the path, you can replace that small section easily enough.

Most people leave the wire in the ground when they move. The dog fence wire is pretty cheap (a 500 foot length costs about $20). It is not worth the effort to dig the wire up and try to reuse it. The one exception is if the wire is not buried, it easy enough to retrieve the wire and the landlord will probably be glad that you did not leave it lying on the surface of the ground.
The base station and the collars are really the valuable parts of the installation, and when you move you are going to want to take these with you.

Hope that is helpful

Stewart Aldous
(678) 389 6661

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