Using a Remote Trainer

Some electric dog fence systems such as the Innotek IUC-5100 come with a remote training function. This is basically a remote control that allows you to deliver corrections to the dog to aid with training. It is often used with hunting dogs that have to be trained to obey commands from a distance, where it would be difficult to manually correct a dog.

For basic training (sit, lay-down, stay) you should avoid using a remote trainer, but stick to traditional methods with your dog on a leash.

Where the remote trainer comes into it’s own is for delivering a correction to a dog that knows what it is supposed to d, but is being willfully disobedient because it knows it can get away with it, being off their leash.  For example, if you have taught your dog the ‘come’ command and they understand it, and will come when you are nearby, but will not come if they have say run across the street to play with a neighbor’s dog, that is a good time to use a remote trainer to deliver a correction.

First firmly give the command to the dog.  (e.g. Come)  If the dog does not obey, firmly say ‘No’ and press the button to give the correction.  Now repeat the command.  (Come).  When the dog obeys, give them praise.

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