Reader Question: small dogs

… what should I buy for a Westie? …

There is special dog fence systems for small dogs, the Petsafe Little Dog Fence (PIG00-10773) (see our review here).  The collar is about half the size of a regular collar and they have a lower correction level.  But, you can use most systems with a small dog.  The adjustable collars you find with most sets will fit small dogs.  For example, the Innotek SD-4100 (review here) has a minimum circumference of 10 inches and has a low correction setting that will work just fine on a small dog. 

That said the Petsafe Little Dog Fence (PIG00-10773) is probably going to be marginally more comfortable for a small dog because the box that hangs off it is about half the size.  If you can live with the lack of rechargable battery, we would buy with the Petsafe.  Otherwise go with our favorite the Innotek SD-4100.

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  1. Brandon says:

    Hi, I have a 6.5 lb Yorkie with a small neck. I see that Petsafe offers the small dog model, but it constantly gets horrible reviews regarding its expensive batteries and short battery life. How long would you say these batteries will last? You also mention that you can use most systems with a small dog, well this is a really small dog, does this still apply? Would you consider the Cat version for a small dog? Is it even smaller?



    ADMIN – Hi Brandon

    Under 10lbs, I would go for the Petsafe little dog model. That is starting to get under the 10 inch minimum for the Petsafe Ultrasmart fence. Over 10lbs then go for the Petsafe Ultrasmart.

    The battery really is poor. Our clients tell us they get about 2 months out of each one and they cost about $10/each. You can about 50% more life (3 months) if you take the battery out every night.

    There is a hack you can use to replace it with a cheaper $3 battery that we will post soon.

    Clever idea to use the Petsafe Cat Model (PIG00-1107). We don’t do cat installations so have never used this product. Like you say it is smaller (and about $50 cheaper). My only concern would be that the correction levels are too low, I state without knowing that cats are more sensitive than dogs and so the system would have very low correction settings. Anyone tried this?

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