Reader Question: Creek

… how do I give our dogs access to a creek behind our cabin?

The electric dog fence boundary wire can be run through a shallow pool of water and still be effective.  Since the wire is insulated, you simply run the boundary wire through the waterway.  To secure the fence to the stream bed, place it under some rocks on the steam bed floor.  Of course this wire will be more susceptible to breaking and shifting, so should be checked after each heavy rainfall.  And wire should never be spliced near the waterway.

You will want to use a system that has water resistant collars, since the dogs will presumably be swimming with their collars on.  The Sportdog SDF-100 is particularly good in this regard.

Of course whether you want to give your dog acess to a creek or stream is another matter!

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  1. Stan Shane says:

    I would take a good look at the Perimeter Ultra Comfort Contact system. The battery compartment is a screw cover design with an o-ring gasket.

    This design is very waterproof. I have seen to many of the PetSafe Sport Dog receivers leak.

    Stan Shane is the owner of Pet Containment Systems of NY, which offers pet fence and dog fence solutions for homeowners.

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