Reader Question: Creating a Safe Gate

… How do I create an invisible gate? …

Some installers talk about creating an “invisible gate” (or “safe gate”) so the dog can exit the property safely when you want to take it on walks.  There is really no such thing as an “invisible gate.”  What they mean is that they will train your dog so that when you want to take it on a walk and remove the training collar, it will not resist crossing the dog fence boundary.  There is nothing special about the installation, just an extra bit of training.

Essentially you will train the dog to exit from the same place every time and using the same routine.  That exit spot will be called the “safe gate.”  The dog will learn

It is best to begin “safe gate” training a few months after you finish training your dog how to use their fence so that the dog does not get confused during the initial training period.  We have a detailed explanation of how you create a “safe gate” here.

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