Layout for an Elevated/Raised House

A customer ask what kind of dog fence layout works for a house that is raised off the ground. The dogs are to be contained in the back-yard, but cannot go under the house.

Hi Wes,

We have three kids:

  • An 80lb Labrador who is older and simply doesn’t care, ie: she has seen it all;
  • A 55lb 9 month old pitbull who thinks shes a linebacker and is smart but it takes a while for it to sink into her head; and
  • A 14lb (deer) chihuahua capable of cleanly clearing a six foot fence without a running start who is also smart, thick headed, thinks he is the mayor, and also happens to be the alpha dog.

We decided to go with the innotek icu 4100, I think. (she hasn’t really decided for me yet).

The situation … the kids are ONLY allowed in the back yard when outside. The front yard is to close to a 70mph rural road and they tend to chase things and will not tolerate other animals on “their” property, therefore we give them no access to it unless were going to the vet, or petsmart. (the latter of which i should probably take out stock in.)

The problem … our house is lifted/built off the ground which is common in this area. they are not allowed in this unenclosed open area under the house. They can only gain access to the back yard thru the back door.
we are subject to heavy rains during the winter months, and frequently have a river run diagonally thru our property.

The idea … put transmitter in the laundry room, (which happens to be where the back door is).
run wire thru buried pvc pipe along house to prevent them from going under house, (we had a rattlesnake under there once before), and thru the rough square that encompasses their area. We allow them about 3/4 of an acre to play/do their business, i would prefer to only wire the back yard.

The solution … (im open for ideas.)

Hi Michael,

How high is the house above the ground? If the house is more than 3-4 feet above the ground, we could just do a simple loop of the backyard, passing under the house. We would connect the loop to the transmitter with the twisted wire. The height of the hose above the ground level wire passing under the house would stop the dogs getting the correction when in the house.

If the house is not high enough, run a complete loop around the backyard passing in front of the back-side of the house, but when you get near the back door run the wire up and over the back door you want the dogs to be able to use.

FYI – I would not use the Innotek for those three dogs. The correction level on the Innotek collars cannot be set separately, so all the collars on the system have the same correction level. The Correction level will need to be set differently for the Pitbull and the Chihuahua. Also the Innotek collar is too big for the Chihuahua. Instead, a PetSafe Stubborn system would work well. Add a second Stubborn collar (for the Pitbull and Lab – keep it on low for the Lab). Then add a PetSafe Little Dog Collar for the Chihuahua.

Best Regards,

Wes Riojas
General Manager
Dog Fence DIY .com

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