Training a Puppy on a Dog Fence

How old should a dog be before you can put them on an electic dog fence system?

Last Saturday morning, I spotted the neighbors puppies in their back yard. Leila (3 months) and Curtis (4 months) are pretty much the cutest things you have seen. Leila is a little younger but by far the more adventurous and bounded up the fence to to play. Our neighbours aren’t morning people and I did not think they would mind, so I reached over and hoicked Leila over the fence. Curtis, timid, but not wanting to be alone bounded over too and pretty soon I hoicked him over too.

Much tumbling madness ensued as the pups climbed all over our ole lab, my wife and I. We had forgotten how much fun puppies are and how tiring! They were curious and soon were wandering around the yard exploring every crevice and I can see why you would want to contain them to keep them safe and out of trouble.  We get lots of people wanting to try do something like putting on the small dog fence collar on the puppy.  But a puppy is not a small dog.  Their puppiness makes an underground dog fence a bad choice until they have grown up a little. 

These two puppies for all their energy and obvious intelligence really could not concentrate. For most dogs, you need to wait till six months for that puppy goofiness to disipate and for them to be ready to focus on the training. All dogs are different, but six months is a good rule of thumb. You will know if you are ready to do it earlier if you can get them to confidently do a sit, stay and heel. But, if they are still having trouble with those kinds of training basics, use some other containment method like a crate or a small puppy pen to keep them contained until six months when you can start them on the dog fence.

After an hour of craziness, I put them back in their own yard worn out and ready to nap. Puppies are fun, other people’s puppies are even more fun.  For more information, see this section on the right age to train a dog on an electric dog fence system.

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