Protecting Your Dog from Kitchen Accidents. Learn How the Wireless Dog Fence Can Help You

Curious, stubborn, hungry or playful dogs can get in a lot of trouble when it comes to kitchens. Every year veterinary doctors report thousands of accidents, specifically scalding and burns associated to dogs pulling stuff from stoves or counters or owners accidentally tripping on the dog while carrying hot liquids such as soup, marmalade or oil.

City dwellers, suburban homeowners and those living in the country face the same challenge and ask themselves the same question: How to keep your dog out of the kitchen?

The answer, regardless of your type of home is always training. Barriers are not foolproof, we often forget to set baby gates or close doors. Installing radial wireless dog fence is an ideal way to create a perimeter designed to help your dog understand boundaries. Before we dig deeper on wireless fencing solutions for indoor needs we want to share with you a quick guide to help you deal with dog burns:

What to do when Your Dog Gets a Burn

  1. Assess the severity of the situation. In many cases the best thing to do is to jump in the car and head to the vet.
  2. Clip off the hair over the affected area to conduct a full assessment of tissue damage. The burn may be way bigger and only by clipping will you be able to fully grasp the severity of the burn.
  3. Apply ice cubes and running cold water to manage pain and clean the wound.
  4. Be careful when handling the wound your dog will resent you due to pain and it may bite you.
  5. In the case of contact burns (the dog touched something that was hot) or water soluble liquids falling on the dog water should suffice. When the dog is exposed to oil or fat burns you must use a mild detergent quickly to avoid congealing on the coat and sealing in the heat. Rinse the detergent with cold water.
  6. Anything above a second degree burn or burns that are two inches or bigger require veterinary care.

Now that we have touched on how to deal with this type of emergency let’s look at how a wireless dog fence works:

Wireless Dog Fences create a circular boundary around a central base station using radio waves. This means we can place it in the center of our kitchen or a little corner and create a dog-free perimeter. Our most trusted wireless dog fence is Havart wireless dog fence for indoor use. This is a very adjustable wireless fence that comes with two collars. The reason why we prefer it over all other wireless dog fences is signal stability which is highly useful when training a dog.

By using a wireless collar as a training tool to keep your dog from entering the kitchen you will have additional freedom and improve aesthetics by not having to install baby gates all over your home. In homes with open floor plans where gates are not an option a wireless dog fence is a great solution.


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