PetSafe YardMax

  • Small, lightweight reflective collar
  • Lower correction levels
  • Indoor pod compatibility
  • Includes Lightning Protector
  • 10 acre capacity
  • Does not allow for some configurations while in YardMax mode
  • Only works with the YardMax collar

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Summary: Best Overall Dog Fence

The PetSafe YardMax PIG00-11115 is our new top choice in-ground dog fencing. Launched in September 2013, this is the first fence to earn our 5-star rating. It does all the fundamentals well, and adds a few unique features such as run-through prevention and YardMax.

Excellent Fundamentals

The YardMax is the first fence that has all the essential features we like to see. The fence has a small rechargeable collar, collar fit testing, progressive correction, independent correction, lightning protection, and is compatible with indoor and outdoor zones.

Small Rechargeable Collar

The YardMax has one of the smallest and lightest collars on the market. Despite the small size it is rechargeable and also has one of the highest maximum correction levels.

Run-Through Prevention

The YardMax is the first DIY inground fence that has run-through prevention. The dog cannot run through the fence no matter how far they go.

Maximizes Yard Space

The YardMax is the only system that allows you to get full use of your yard. Most systems project a boundary on both sides of the wire, using up yard space. The YardMax allows you to have a boundary that only starts on the outside of the wire, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice yard space.

10 Acre Capacity

The YardMax can only handle a 10 acre yard. Larger areas will need to use a higher capacity system.

Small Rechargeable Collar

The PetSafe YardMax brings an improved collar design. It is one of the smaller, sleeker collar designs.

Sleek and Lightweight Collar

The YardMax has one of the smallest collars we have seen. The collar base weighs a dainty 1 ⅝ ounces. With the collar strap, the whole collar only weighs 2.8 ounces. That’s is about as light as they come making it nearly as small as even the dedicated little dog systems. We would be comfortable using this system on dogs as small as 8 lbs, though PetSafe lists the smallest weight as 5 lbs. Under 8 lbs, we feel the PetSafe Little Dog is more appropriate, not so much because the collar is smaller, but because it allows for lower correction levels more appropriate for smaller dogs.

Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery

The YardMax collar is rechargeable. The collar recharges with a recharging cord which is included. You charge the collar by plugging in the charger to the charging port on the collar. A rubberized cover protects the charging port on the collar. The collar uses the newer lithium ion batteries. A battery charge lasts around a month under typical conditions, and recharging the battery takes around 2 hours. While the recharging cord on this system works well, we do prefer the docking station used on past PetSafe systems. The cord is a little messier to store than the docking station which can just be left plugged into a convenient outlet.

Long and Short Contact Points

The YardMax includes both short and long contact points. These are switched out using the contact point tool which is included. The long contact points are designed for dogs with thick or long fur.    

Five Progressive Correction Levels

The correction levels are set on the collar. The collar has a tone only mode and 5 correction levels which you can cycle through. You set the correction level using the on/off button located between the contact points. The correction levels range from medium to strong. In fact, the YardMax correction strength falls just below the PetSafe Stubborn fence.

Independent Correction

PetSafe has come to the rescue. The YardMax fence offers independent correction levels for each collar. In other words, you can set the correction levels separately for each collar to customize the experience for each of your dogs. This also means that folks will no longer have to mix and match collars across a variety of fences. Amen!

Collar Fit Test

The PetSafe YardMax collar helps you get the collar fitted properly. Improperly fitted collars are the second most common reason (after lack of training) an in-ground dog fence doesn’t get 100% containment. Improperly fitted means the probes do not make contact with the dog’s skin. When this happens the dog does not consistently get the correction and learns that the boundaries can be ignored. This issue is particularly relevant to long-hair dogs where fitting the collar can be tricky. The YardMax has a ReadyTest mode where the collar makes a clicking sound when it is properly fitted. This eliminates guessing and lets you get a perfectly fitted collar every time.

Collar Fit and Ready Test

The YardMax collars have the collar fit test. This is a good test for the novice dog fence owner to help them confirm that they are properly fitting the collar on their dog. It confirms that the collar contact points are making good connection with the dog’s skin, which is a must for proper operation. Without a proper fit, your dog will not receive a correction. The collar also has the ReadyTest feature. The ReadyTest feature is a series of beeps that the collar will perform when first removed from the charger to confirm it is ready for operation.

Nylon Collar Straps

The collar comes with the versatile and reliable nylon cloth collar strap with quick release buckle. We prefer the cloth strap to the plastic or rubber collar straps on other systems because they grip better, are less likely to come undone, and are more comfortable on the dog. The YardMax collar strap is weaved around the outside of the collar and fits neck sizes 6” to 28” inches.


The PetSafe YardMax wall transmitter makes two major advances. It is the first DIY dog fence with YardMax mode and run-thorugh prevention, both features that were previously only available on the $2,000+ Invisible Fence systems.

Run Through Protection

A weakness of wired dog fences is that the dog can run through the boundary and stops getting the correction if they go far enough past the wire. On the YardMax, the dog cannot run through the boundary. In YardMax mode, the correction starts when the dog goes past the boundary wire, then continues indefinitely. This makes it much more difficult for the dog to run through the fence. The only limit on the correction is the safety timeout that kicks in after 15 seconds of continuous correction. This improvement is going to make training much easier because running through is no longer an issue that we need to protect against.

Includes Lighting Protection Module

The YardMax includes a lightning surge protector. This handheld device is simply a fuse-based electrical surge interrupter. A dog fence is vulnerable to two sources of electrical surges: 1) through the power outlet and 2) through lightning striking in proximity to the boundary wire. The lightning protector covers both and is a valuable addition in areas that have a lot of lightning activity.

10 Acre Capacity

The transmitter can only operate over 10 acres, a relatively small capacity for a dog fence. For larger yards, teh SportDog SDF-100A which has a 100 acre capacity is a better choice.    

YardMax Mode

The transmitter can start the boundary at the boundary wire which means the collar begins to give the audible warning tone only after the collar has crossed the wire. This allows you to have more of your yard accessible than a standard dog fence. The fence can also be operated in a traditional where it acts just like a regular dog fence. The collar activates at an adjustable distance away from the wire. The traditional mode is preferable for single sided layouts, using the double loop, and with yards with physical fencing. In traditional mode the maximum radius is 8-10 feet from the wire.

More Fussy Wiring

The YardMax has slightly more fussy wiring than standard wired systems. The left and right wire in most systems can be used interchangeably, but in the YardMax, because it has a one-way boundary you need to have the correct wire plugged into each terminal hole. If you get this wrong, the system doesn’t work properly and makes the interior of the yard the correction zone, and you need to switch the wires back to make it work correctly.

Boundary Wire

20 Gauge Direct Burial Wire

Like all of PetSafe’s fences, the standard 500 feet of 20 gauge wire is included with your fence. It also includes 50 boundary flags to mark you boundary. This covers around 1/3rd of an acre. Additional boundary wire is available to cover up to 10 acres. While the included 20 gauge wire works and is the most economical option, it is relatively weak. Where budget permits, we recommend upgrading the wire to 16 gauge to completely prevent wire breaks. Finding wire breaks is not fun!

Professional Gauge Wire Available

Roots, ice, and everyday wear can cause wire breaks. Wire breaks will shut your system down and create lots of work for you. We recommend upgrading wire to at least 16 gauge wire. The professional grade wire 16 gauge, and 14 gauge is built to withstand these break risks. For small installations, using the thicker wire is a no-brainer. For a small cost, you massively reduce the chance of a wire break. For very large installations, the thicker wire is still useful, but the extra cost becomes significant.

Contact Point Wrench

The contact point wrench is a handy tool included that makes swapping out the short and long contact points simple.    

Standard 500 Feet of 20 Gauge Wire

The YardMax basic kit includes 500 feet of standard 20 gauge wire, 2 wire splices, and 50 marking flags. This is sufficient to cover 1/3 of an acre. Extra wire, wire splices, and marking flags can be purchased in our store. The 20 gauge wire kits cost $30 and include an extra 500 feet of wire, 2 splices, and 50 marking flags.
Area (acres) Wire Required (feet)
1/3 500
1/2 1,000
1 1,000
2 1,500
3 2,000
4 2,000
5 2,000
10 3,000

Tester Tool

The system includes a test light tool. This handy tool is used when setting up and testing the boundary signal of your fence. When the test light is properly positioned over the contact points and the collar enters the boundary zone, the activating collar will cause the tiny bulb to flash.

Indoor / Outdoor Zones

The PetSafe YardMax is the first collar compatible with 3 different types of zones. These battery powered zones are designed to exclude your dog from specified locations inside and outside of your home. Being that they are small and inconspicuous, you can set them under a couch, at the base of the stairs or behind the trash can. The YardMax is the only collar compatible with the new Pawz Away Mini Pet Barrier PWF00-14040. This new zone smaller than the ZND-1000 zone and therefore can be placed in smaller places. The mini pet barrier is also waterproof so it can also be utilized outdoors too.


The fence is covered under PetSafe’s One Year Non-Transferrable Limited Warranty. During the first year, all equipment is covered 100%. After the first year, equipment can be replaced at a steep discount. We also provide a 30 day return policy on all our systems. You can return the system for any reason, for a full refund.


The PetSafe YardMax is the new leader on the block. There are three great innovations this fence has that really sets it apart from the competition. First, the new YardMax mode is does not devour any yard space and creates an infinite boundary zone beyond the wire, so there are no more run through risks. Second, the system does not all the dog to run through the boundary line – continuing to correct the dog no matter how far they go. And third, PetSafe finally gives us smaller rechargeable collars that allow for separate correction levels per collar. This feature allows all dog owners with dogs 10 lbs and up with a mix of sizes and temperaments to match the YardMax to their group of dogs. The PetSafe YardMax is the dog fence system of choice.

PetSafe YardMax Video Review

PetSafe YardMax Manual

Download the PetSafe YardMax PIG00-11115 Manual (PDF).


Model Petsafe YardMax PIG00-13619
Type In Ground
Collar Battery Rechargeable – Lithium Ion
Correction Levels 5 Levels + Progressive Correction
Beep Only Training Mode Yes
Collar Warning beep Yes
Collar Vibration No
Independent Correction Levels Yes
Collar Dimensions 3” (L) x 1.2” (W) x 1.2″ (D)
Collar Weight (with band) 3 ounces
Collar Weight (without band) 1.5 ounces
Collar Neck Size 6″ – 28″
Collar Water Resistance Waterproof
Collar Fit Test Yes
Maximum Number of Dogs Unlimited
Minimum Dog Size 10 lbs
Minimum Age 6 months
Maximum Containment Area 10 acres (3,000 feet)
Boundary Width 0-12 feet (adjustable)
Control Box Dimensions 4.75” (L) x 4.75” (W) x 5.75“ (D)
Control Box Power Source Wall Outlet (110V)
Indoor Pod Compatibility Yes – ZND-1000, PWF00-14040
Outdoor Pod Compatibility Yes RFA378 Rock
Included Boundary Wire 500 feet + 2 wire Splices
Included Boundary Flags 50
Training Materials Manual
Other Collar Charger, Collar Point Wrench
Package Dimensions 12” (L) x 8” (W) x 6″ (D)
Package Weight 7 lbs
Warranty Limited One Year


  1. Greg Hauser

    I need a thousand feet of wire for a one acre lot. Is there much difference between 16 & 14 gauge wire ? If I upgrade to 16 or 14 gauge does it come as a continuous 1000 ft roll or two 500 ft rolls?

    ADMIN – Hi Greg, both 16 and 14 gauge wire are break proof. My personal preference is always run 14 gauge. Our rolls come in 1,000 foot spools.

  2. michelle davies

    We currently have the invisible fence brand dog fence which works well with our dogs. However, the interior shields are constantly failing. Three out of the five do not work. One of which I take responsibility for as the battery died and my dog took notice as well as revenge by peeing on it. For 190.00 a pop it was a hard lesson. I originally paid $250 for the first three. Every time a dog needs an adjustment to his collar I’m charged $125 for a service call. I’m OVER it. My question is…since the yard is already been played with the wire could we disconnect the invisible fence and replace it with yours and replace the dog collars with your receivers? We have a 60lb lab/hound mix, 40lb king Charles/Welsh spaniel mix and a 15lb mini pin. Do all your indoor shields require batteries or are there any rechargeable? Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle, I agree. That is way too expensive for a dog fence and barriers. You can connect the PetSafe Yard Max to your existing dog fence wire layout for sure. The zones we sell are battery powered. The new mini pet barrier is waterproof so that may be an option for the pee avenger. 🙂

  3. Faye Borcherding

    I have two 100 pound + Bouviers and they are runners. Their prey instinct is very high and will chase squirrel, cats, and deer. They need more yard space then traditional fencing. They are a thinking breed and I am concerned if one breaks through both will be gone. Will your fence keep them from running through? Thank you, Faye

    ADMIN – Hi Faye, the PetSafe Yard Max is the best dog fence for preventing run through issues. The collar is set to a timed 15 seconds versus a zone of signal. So, the collar will continue to correct even if they venture far beyond the wire.

  4. Jenise

    Can the wire be put under a gravel area, or area with rock bedding (rocks about 2″ each)? The side of our yard is graveled with these bedding rocks.

    ADMIN – Hi Jenise, yes you can bury the wire below gravel and it will still work. We recommend running the dog fence wire through a pvc pipe or garden hose though to prevent the wire from receiving damage from the gravel.

  5. Mary Wilhelm

    Is the collar waterproof vs water resistant?

    ADMIN – Hi Mary, the collar is fully waterproof.

  6. Mike

    Hello, We are purchasing a home that has chain link fence on three side and a creek as the remaining boundary. We would obviously like to protect against the dogs getting into the creek. Can we use electric fence in just one straight line? I’m not aware how this works. Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Mike, unfortunately you will not be able to create a straight line. Our work around is creating a long narrow loop along the opening that is connected to the wall transmitter with twisted wire.

  7. Brian

    We are moving to a new property that is too large to build a traditional fence, which is what our dogs are used to. We have over 2 acres, but will likely only run the wire around the backyard. We have a 60lb Pit Bull Shepherd mix and a 15lb Min Pin Chihuahua mix, so they obviously require much different correction levels. Both are pretty stubborn, but will definitely roam the neighborhood if not contained. I have read the specs and the reviews and believe the Yard Max is the right product, but am also considering the Stubborn Dog system and adding a small dog collar. We would like the ability to add the indoor barriers to keep them from going upstairs as well. Am I on the right track with the Yard Max or should I stick with the older system?

    ADMIN – Hi Brian, the Yard Max is the better option. The collar will fit both your Pit bull mix and your Min Pin mix. You can set each collar correction level separately which will prevent over-correcting one of the dogs. The Yard Max is also the only fence with the indoor zone options and the Yard Max mode offers a superior run through prevention compared to the PetSafe Stubborn.

  8. Julie

    Why does the dog need to be 6 months old.

    ADMIN – Hi Julie, we wait until dogs are 6 months old because few dogs are mature enough to understand training under that age. Once they have learned how to sit, stay, and come, they are old enough for dog fence training.

  9. Jim

    I am looking at the yardmax for a four year old beagle that is an escape artist. He digs under our wire fence. Is this the best system for her? We live in upstate NY. What compensations do we need to make for snow and below zero temperatures?

    ADMIN – Hi Jim, the Yard Max would be an excellent fit for a Beagle. Combined with your physical fence, the Yard Max should create a impenetrable buffer that will immediately prevent your Beagle from being able to dig under your fence. When it snows, you can simply increase the signal radius to compensate and as long as you install the wall transmitter somewhere that is protected from wind and will stay dry, your fence will run great for many years. You do not need to install your transmitter in a temperature controlled room.

  10. Lena

    We have a year old border collie, does it work on hilly properties? Are the collars waterproof our property has a creek she enjoys? We live in Michigan and wonder how does the unit fare in winter under lots of snow? Lastly some customers don’t bury the line, can it be ran along fence lines and buried in other areas? Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Lena, the YardMax does struggle on very steep hills around a grade of 35 degrees and greater. The collar is waterproof which allow your Collie to continue to enjoy the creek. In the event of heavy snow, you can turn up the boundary radius signal to compensate. You can run it along a fence line and bury in other areas. I recommend upgrading to at least 16 gauge to hold up against roots and adverse weather through the seasons.

  11. Bob

    My electric and telephone wires run underground. Will this interfere with using the YardMax? Also, I live in New England where we have long, cold winters. Should we take special precautions to protect our wires from the snow, cold, frost heaves, etc? Thank you! Bob

    ADMIN – Hi Bob, as long as you cross the dog fence wire in a perpendicular angle that will prevent any interference. If you’re running parallel, make sure to keep a distance of at least 8 feet, maybe more to avoid issues. If you install 14 gauge wire, it will hold up to the New England winter. However, if you like, you can additionally run the wire through plastic conduit for protection.

  12. Artie

    We have a 60lb pitbull mix who manages to dig under our 6 ft vinyl fence. I would like to try to install this system to maximize our yard size and only prevent her from digging out (crossing the fence line) but I want her to be able to play fetch etc and return toys even if those items have rolled up against the inside of the fence. Will this work for us?

    ADMIN – Hi Artie, Unfortunately, you will not be able to accomplish all those things. It is not recommended to use the YardMax fence in YardMax mode with a fenced yard. The problem is that in order to prevent your Pitbull from digging out, you will need to use a traditional dog fence mode where the fence creates an adjustable signal that keeps the collar back from the wire. If you use the YardMax mode and the collar can reach the fence, then the collar will not activate until the dogs digs out. If that happens, you’re dog will receive 15 seconds of correction and will not be able to return into the yard.

  13. Mike

    We have an Australian shepherd puppy. Will your system be good for this breed? I have heard many different opinions on them not staying in a hidden fence system. Some say they are to smart and figure it out and only hurts for a few seconds and some say they will stay in because they are smart enough to stay in their yard even without a fence. Would you recommend this for us?

    ADMIN – Hi Mike, I am not sure if you will be able to train your dog to be self contained without a dog fence. It is possible. It is true that some dogs are persistent in trying to run through the traditional dog fences. However, a dog will not be able to run through the PetSafe YardMax because the static correction is not based on a “ring” of signal but instead is based on a 15 second timed correction. Basically, if the collar leaves the boundary, the collar will deliver a static correction for up to 15 seconds unless your dog returns into the yard. An Australian Shepherd can be 100% contained on the YardMax.

  14. Christi

    Hi, I have an almost 200 lb mastiff who likes to run the fence and scare neighbors, so I’m trying to find a way to keep him a few feet away from the fence. Do you think this collar be strong enough for him?? Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Christi, the Yard Max is a good fence that may work, but I would recommend the PetSafe Stubborn fence for your application. The Stubborn dog fence is cheaper, but it has the collar correction strength you need to keep your large Mastiff a few feet off the fence.

  15. Robert

    We are looking to purchase a Rottweiler pup which will eventually grow up to be a pretty good size dog. Which fence would you suggest and at what size would you suggest training him?

    ADMIN – Hi Robert, for any dog over 10 lbs that you plan to contain with a perimeter loop, I would recommend the PetSafe Yard Max. The boundary is not easy for dogs to figure out because the correction is a timed event instead of based on the radius of signal around the wire. We recommend training dogs on a dog fence starting at 6 months old.

  16. Sal LaCause

    I have a 9 month old Great Dane. I am looking for an invisible fence that will stop him. He currently weighs 110lbs and we expect him to get up to at least 150lbs. What do you recommend?

    ADMIN – Hi Sal, as long as the collar remains no higher than 4 feet maximum, the PetSafe YardMax is the fence you want to contain your Great Dane with. The sustained correction of YardMax mode is superior to the boundary zone style fences such as the PetSafe Stubborn and SportDog SDF100A.

  17. Daniela

    Hi There, I have a 9 month old female Akita, who loves chasing squirrels and cats. Will this fence be able to keep her with her boundaries even when she is chasing after a squirrel?

    ADMIN – Hi Daniela, yes the PetSafe YardMax has a true run through prevention. The signal no longer simply a boundary zone, instead the collar will first sound a 3 second warning beep followed by 15 seconds of static correction if your dog exits the boundary loop. No matter how fast or far they try to run, your dog will be corrected to retreat and return inside the boundary loop.

  18. chris

    Are there any systems on the market that have at least a two+ ft beeping/warning zone? No one addresses the issue of where to place the flags. Are they placed in the spot when you first hear the warning beep or at the shock zone? We are having a difficult time hearing the beep and I would think you would want to make sure that the dog enters the warning/beeping zone before pulling them back, which is difficult to figure out when it bounces around so much.

    ADMIN – Hi Chris, hearing the beep during the initial training step is not very important. The beep is purposely designed faint because loud beeping can really frighten dogs. In step one, the key is to introduce the dog to the flags. The flags are set at the point the collar will begin. However, in order to make training consistent for you and your dog, we recommend to train your dogs to the flags, NOT the warning beep. Assertively pull your dog back and give the verbal command each time your dog crosses the flags. Step one should only last a day or two. Your dog will learn that they are not to cross the flags. At at point, your dog is ready for the correction to be turned on. It is in step 2 and 3 that your dog will recognize that the beep is a warning before the static correction.

  19. Dave

    I’ve been looking into getting a DIY fence for my backyard. I have an 85 pound pitbull. Have you experienced good results with larger breeds on your system? Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Dave, absolutely yes. We have been recommending the PetSafe YardMax for larger breeds and stubborn breeds because its sustained static correction is a better solution for containment then simply a strong correction collar.

  20. Federico

    my petsafe ultrasmart got damaged by a surge due to a lightning. I would like to switch to a yardmax transmitter. Will I be able to use the ultrasmart collars on the new system or are they not compatible?

    ADMIN – Hi Federico, no, the YardMax transmitter will not work on the Ultrasmart collars. You can get a 30% discount through PetSafe to switch from the Ultrasmart over to the YardMax.

  21. Shannon

    Hi, I just had Invisible Fence company over for an estimate to install the YardMax. They were very insistent that the YardMax would not contain my Bloodhound/Shepard Mix dog in our less than one acre yard with 14 gauge wire. They assured me it would fail and that if they installed it they would require we sign a release of responsibility for failure and/or injury if she should break through ( our dog barks but even when she has approached strangers, she usually just sniffs and occasionally a low growl. NEVER a bite! I know, never say never….) and they want no part of their signage placed (which I don’t want either!) I really believe they were trying to just force us to buy their product. Every review I have read about Yardmax has been pretty positive. Your thoughts? Also, they said we could not run it along the house because it would bring the signal inside… YardMax mode it wouldn’t go inside, correct? Or is it a problem interacting with inside wires? Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Shannon, bloodhound’s are very stubborn but it’s possible to contain them. We recently put a bloodhound on the YardMax with good success. We also have a 30 day no hassle return policy. If you’re not happy we’ll provide you a 100% refund. If there is any fence that can contain a bloodhound, it is the YardMax with it’s true run through prevention. Yes, you CAN run the wire along the home and it will not broadcast into your home.

  22. Brad

    Hello we have a 1 year old Samoyed that is 50 lbs. Based on your replies this collar will work on all dogs even with a coat of fur as thick as a Samoyed. Here is my question. We are on a corner lot roughly 1/3 of an acre and really don’t have a back yard so this seems like a good solution to maximize our lot. We do however like to take Jaxson for frequent walks so what do recommend we do to cross the barrier without getting in the car? Also I take Jaxson everyday to my Golf Course where he scares the geese for us. I was wondering if you have remote option compatible with the collar? as I am concerned about him diving to deep into wooded areas with Coyotes and need to give him a reminder to return. Thanks in advance for developing a great system. Brad

    ADMIN – Hi Brad, we use a special training 6 weeks after the initial dog fence training for exiting and re-entering the dog fence. We call it Safe Gate training and it basically encompasses removing the collar and walking your dog over the boundary on leash. PetSafe discontinued the 5100 fence, the only fence with a remote training combo. Truth is that the remote trainer one the Innotek 5100 was very lacking as an add on feature. I would recommend budgeting for a separate remote trainer. You will get a much better experience and product that way. The Dogtra IQ Plus is a 1/4 mile range remote trainer that would be a great choice.

  23. Ezio

    I have two dogs one over 10 pounds and other +/- 8 pounds, would be save to use YardMax for both of them? If not, could I have a YardMax system and only a extra Comfort-Fit Deluxe Little Dog collar? Thanks in advance for the advice!

    ADMIN – Hi Ezio, the Little Dog collar is not compatible with YardMax. You can attach a resister to the collar to reduce the correction strength to prevent over-correcting the little guy.

  24. Robby

    I just bought the PetSafe Yard Max PIG00-11115. If I am going to attach part of the wire to our existing wood fence, should I still put training flags at the fence and train him that that part of the yard is a NO NO even though he would not be able to cross the boundary? Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Robby, I recommend using the traditional mode when attaching the wire to a physical fence. I would set the boundary signal to around 3 feet from the fence then set flags at the point where the collar begins to beep, which should be about 3 feet from the fence.

  25. mac

    We are moving into town and need your system but will it allow me to take the dog outside the fence for a walk in the woods on a leash?

    ADMIN – Hi Mac, we train dogs to a specific routine in order to go outside of the dog fence on leash. During training, we recommend removing the collar and driving them over so they are not cognizant of leaving. After training, we introduce the leash routine we call “safe gate.”

  26. Lacy

    Hi, I can’t seem to find anyone who can tell me about the energy/power requirements of the Petsafe Yardmax transmitter. I am aware that the transmitter requires 120V for the AC adapter, but, I can not find any one with information pertaining to the watts and or amps the transmitter needs. Can you provide me with any information. Thank you in advance.

    ADMIN – Hi Lacy, here is what is printed on the power cord transformer. “PRI: 120V ~ 60Hz 0.15A.” And, “SEC: 24V ~ 400mA.” Hope this is helpful.

  27. Dea

    I have 2 dogs that love to swim? Are the collars water proof?

    ADMIN – Hi Dea, yes the YardMax collars are fully waterproof and can be submerged.

  28. Steve

    20 gauge or stronger wire – In one place (on the main page), you strongly recommend going with stronger, preferably 16-gauge wire; in another place (on the drop-down or pop-up for “Explain Extras”) you say that heavier-gauge wire doesn’t give much added benefit and is unnecessary. Which is it? Is your 18-gauge and 16-gauge wire stranded or solid core? I understand solid core is preferable because it corrodes far less readily. How weather-sensitive is the transmitter? I would like to mount it on the wall of my carport – the carport is open on the sides, but the transmitter would be under a roof and about 10 feet from each of the open sides. So it wouldn’t get rain or other precipitation, though of course it would be in unconditioned space so would get hot in the summer, cold in the winter, humidity etc.

    ADMIN – Hi Steve, thank you for the letting us know. That is old info we are updating. Long ago, we only carried 20 and 18 gauge wire. There is not much different between those gauges. Now that we have professional grade wire, we highly recommend upgrading to at least 16 gauge for a break proof dog fence wire.

  29. Michael

    I am looking at using a single loop for my smaller backyard, but the only configuration that seems to work with my house and layout would have me doubling back a second time or twisting three single loop wires together to make an exclusion area for the perimeter of the back of my home and patio. Have you heard of anyone doing this and does this make sense?

    ADMIN – Hi Michael, twisting three single dog fence wires together will not work. What happens is that when all are spliced together to the boundary wire, the three wires act as one wire and will transmit the signal. The double back layout is the only way to cancel the radio signal along the boundary.

  30. Leslye

    Are there any line of sight issues with the transmitter not transmitting to the collar? And can I thread the collar contact on a collar with a metal buckle? One of my dogs likes to eat the plastic clips on the collar of the other dog. Also, does the wire need to be in a complete loop or can it stop when it meets the house?

    ADMIN – Hi Leslye, the underground dog fence, PetSafe YardMax, does not need line of sight with the collar. The collar responds to the signal broadcasting from the wire. The collar has no contact with the wall transmitter. Due to how the collar is built, you will not be able to install the collar base to a metal collar. To prevent chewing, we recommend spraying Sour Apple spray on the collars. The wire does need a complete loop to function properly.

  31. Shirley Kuhn

    Is there a way to get the wire underneath a concrete driveway? Will it work under there? Our Boston Terrier likes to run to the road so we to have the wire across the driveway too.

    ADMIN – Hi Shirley, most of the time customers are locating a pre-paved groove in the concrete and laying the dog fence wire into the groove and caulking over it. There is a way to tunnel underneath but it is difficult to do.

  32. Delos

    Can you please tell me the difference between the Pawz Away Mini Pet Barrier PWF00-14040 and the ZND-1000 zone. Or if not to much trouble, what is the difference between all 3 pods? Thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi Delos, the ZND-1000 is a battery powered zone that creates an adjustable radius of 2 to 6 feet around itself and is the size of a smoke detector. The mini pet barrier is a battery powered zone that creates an adjustable radius of 1 to 4 feet around itself and is the size of a hockey puck. Also, the mini barrier is waterproof and programmable; meaning that you can program it to which collars you want it to activate. You would use this feature if wanting to keep dogs from eating out of each others food bowls. The Outdoor Rock is a waterproof, battery powered unit that creates an adjustable zone around itself of 2 to 6 feet in radius. Also, you can plug in a loop of wire into the Outdoor Rock for creating a boundary around irregular shaped objects or landscaping. The YardMax collar is the only underground dog fence collar that is compatible.

  33. Colleen

    Hello, I have two cats (11 lbs) and just got a shepherd/husky cross puppy. Will your system work to contain all of my pets, do you have cat collars? Thanks, Colleen

    ADMIN – Hi Colleen, there is only one type of collar for the YardMax underground dog fence. It will work on dogs 10 lbs and up. I would be confident in giving it a try on your cats since they are within the size range. You can set different correction levels for each dog fence collar on the YardMax to fit the correction needs for each pet.

  34. Rosemary

    Does the boundary wire have to be buried.

    ADMIN – Hi Rosemary, the boundary wire does not have to be buried. You can also run it above ground. We recommend pinning it down with lawn staples.

  35. Jody Wise

    I have 2 small dogs around 5 lbs. Are they to small for this system? Also, would I have to purchase an additional collar. If so, what is the cost?

    ADMIN – Hi Jody, the PetSafe Little Dog is the best fence for dogs that small. Each system comes with one collar, so you will need to add in a second collar. They cost $99.95.

  36. Kristine

    While the YardMax collar is compatible Pawz Away Mini Pet Barrier, can the Pawz Away collar be used with YardMax?

    ADMIN – Hi Kristine, unfortunately no. The Pawz Away collar is only set to pick up the pet barrier.

  37. Renee

    We have two boxer puppies and are looking at fencing around 4 acres of land. Gravel road/driveway on the front of the house with partial fencing on one side and back and a hay field on the other side. We have already purchased the Yard Max but are unsure on which mode is best. We would like them to hear the correction and if they do not retreat they would receive a correction until they retreat to the pet area. Which mode should we use? Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Renee, the collar operates the same in both modes, the difference is how you install the wire. The ideal mode is YardMax mode. When using YardMax mode you the collar begins to beep when the collar crosses the wire, so you want to take consideration where you install the wire. Essentially, install the wire at the point you want the dogs to receive the warning beep. In traditional mode, the collar begins to beep before your dogs reach the wire, so you want to install the wire at the edge of the property line and adjust the signal distance on the transmitter. We recommend a setting the distance no smaller 3 feet from the wire. But you can adjust as much as 9 feet from the wire.

  38. Stephanie

    We have a 60lb 2 year old Vizsla that we got last August. We live on roughly an acre of land and we are looking for a good invisible fence for him. It seems the YardMax would be a good fit. It looks like we will need extra wire as well. What you would recommend?

    ADMIN – Hi Stephanie, with any underground dog fence you will want a strong boundary wire that can hold up against roots and weather. We therefore highly recommend installing 16 gauge wire. 14 gauge is stronger and adds greater protection.

  39. Linda Troutman

    Hello, I have a fence with a gate that my dog damaged in order to get out. The poles that secure the gate have been dislodged from the concrete that held them in. There is a path from my back door to the alley where we dump the garbage through this lose gate. How can I secure the wire in the gate area so that we don’t trip over the wire dumping the garbage or exiting to the alley and so the dog cannot slip through the lose part between the gate and the fence? Also, is any part of this system water proof?

    ADMIN – Hi Linda, I would recommend running the wire on the ground and use lawn staples to prevent the wire from becoming a trip hazard. The PetSafe YardMax collar is fully waterproof, however, the wall transmitter is not. The Transmitter will need to be installed either in a garage, shed, or basement to protect it from the weather. It does not require a temperature controlled location.

  40. Jeff

    In the ‘Add Extras’ section, there is a drop down for ‘Twisted Wire’. Can you explain that option and what it consists of? Thanks. – Jeff

    ADMIN – Hi Jeff, twisted wire is the braided boundary wire that connects the wall transmitter to the boundary loop wire located on your property line. It is needed when the wall transmitter is located 15 feet or more from the property line. Please check out our Twisted Wire page located under the Installation tab on the menu bar.

  41. Alex

    Hi! I’m planning on buying the Yardmax system for my dog and I have two questions. 1) Is there something on the transmitter that let you know if there’s a break in the loop? 2) I will run the wire right against the front of my house to isolate the backyard only (and will make sure to remove her collar every time we go out the front door!). Is there any chance that if she’s in the house with the collar, it will correct her? Is there a distance that i need to keep? Thank you very much

    ADMIN – Hi Alex, 1) Yes, with all underground dog fences including the YardMax and audible alarm will sound if the loop is broken. 2) If you make sure to use the fence in YardMax mode, your dog will not receive a correction inside the home.

  42. hannah

    Does the “tone” happen before the “correction”? OR is the “tone” a separate setting? I was hoping that my dog would hear a tone before the boundary, knowing that if he continues, he will then be corrected…is that how it works?

    ADMIN – Hi Hannah, with all underground dog fences the warning tone happens first and 3 seconds later the correction will begin. With traditional fences, the collar will begin to give the audible tone as they approach the wire. If they do not retreat, the collar will begin to correct even if they do not advance. With the PetSafe YardMax, the same thing happens as with traditional underground dog fences but the difference is that it does not begin until the collar crosses the wire. Therefore, if you plan to use the YardMax mode, you may want to offset the wire. We usually offset the wire along a street for example.

  43. Kathleen

    I bought the yardmax rechargeable fence for my boxer. My husband was on his ride-on mower when he crossed the fence line. Immediately, our dog reacted with yelps even though he was inside the safe zone. I ran over and removed the collar, at which time I felt the strong shock myself. Any idea why this may have happened and what we might do to prevent it from happening again?

    ADMIN – Hi Kathleen, we’ll need more information to understand what may have happened. How far away was your dog standing from the boundary wire? What is the setting set to on the wall transmitter dial?

  44. Jason

    My 5 acre property is already surrounded with an electric fence for my horses. I would like to install the PetSafe Yard Max. Will the dog boundary wire be affected if I hang it lower on the existing electric fence. Also, do you recommend a heavier gauge wire or is the 20 or 18 gauge sufficient for 5 acres? Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Jason, I would recommend keeping a distance of 4 foot minimum from the horse fence. If 90% of the underground dog fence wire is going to be installed off the ground, 18 gauge is perfect. However, if you end up running on or under the ground, I highly recommend upgrading to at least 16 gauge for a break proof wire.

  45. Marc

    I have flower beds around three sides of my backyard. How would that work to keep our dog out of the beds?

    ADMIN – Hi Marc, if the flower beds are along the property line then you can run the wire in front of the beds to exclude them from the dog’s safe area of the property.

  46. Danny Green

    Can the wire be attached to an existing fence above ground?

    ADMIN – Hi Danny, Yes, that is a great way to install an underground dog fence wire. We like to secure it to fences using zip ties.

  47. sean smothers

    we are getting a wolf husky mix. will the pig00-11115 be a good option for us?

    ADMIN – Hi Sean, as long as you thin the fur with scissors and use the long contact points, the PetSafe YardMax will be a great fit. The issue with Wolf Husky’s that the thick undercoat can block the fur and prevent the collar from delivering the correction.

  48. steve durawa

    hi. On the petsafe yardmax, how does the boundary wire know which way is the outside to maximize yard space. steve

    ADMIN – Hi Steve, actually it’s a bit different than we first thought. The collar is the brains. It switches from no correction to correction when it passes completely through the correction zone. It requires crossing back through the zone the second time before the collar stops correcting.

  49. Sarah

    We have a beagle (she is small around 15 pounds). Everyone has told us an invisible or underground fence does not work with them. Do you agree? Or do you have any satisfied beagle owner customers?

    ADMIN – Hi Sarah, we do not agree with that statement. The YardMax is a great fit because of the YardMax mode that prevents run throughs from occurring. However, this technology is still second to thorough training. So, for us the equation is Great Training + Great fence = 100% containment.

  50. Tiffany

    We are currently renting our home and have a 1 year old lab puppy that has started being an escape artist. I don’t really want to dig up our yard, due to it being a rental, what are my options? Thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi Tiffany, you can lay the wire on the top of the ground and/or attach it to a physical fence with zip ties. This makes it easy to remove when you leave.

  51. Peter

    Hi there is this collar water proof and dust proof

  52. John

    I have a Petsafe Deluxe system installed from my previous miniature schnauzer. The collar clasp broke and I need a new collar for our new mini schnauzer (17 lbs). Can I use the Yardmax collar? I like the size and rechargability.

  53. David Huunter

    we have 2 brittneys 9 month old , looking at fencing in 4 acres. we live on a farm so we do have outbuildings and rolling ground so we ruled out wireless systems, I,am looking at the pet safe yard max ,around the house ( approx. 1 acre ) I plan on burying the wire , the other 3 acres is a fenced in pasture that has wood posts , my question is can I attach the wire on the wood posts above ground on the 3 acres , there are also some metal posts , if we can run wire above ground should we use insulators on the metal and wood posts ? thx Dave

  54. Nate

    I am considering buying an invisible fencing unit but I’m undecided on which product would best suit my needs. I have two dogs one is a 9lb. Yorkie and the other is a 15lb Shitzu Bichon. I live on a city lot which I share because I own have on a twin home. How much cable would I also need? Thank you for your time

  55. Nancy

    We have a 65-lb basset hound and a 5-lb Yorkie, and a small 1/3 acre lot. Which system would you recommend ? How much would it cost for the extra collar for one of the dogs? Thanks!

  56. Issa

    I understand the correction starts outside the fence, where does the warning alarm starts at? My Siberian Husky breaks the wooden fence I have. I plan to bury PetSafe Yard Max cable right by the wooden fence (on the inside), will the warning alarm sound as he approaches the fence from the inside?

  57. Kim

    Can you tell me more about how to use a resistor to reduce the strength of the correction level? Is this information found in the instructions? Can I get the resistor anywhere, or do I have to buy something special from PetSafe?

    I have a 4.5 lb Yorkie, so I want to make sure this won’t be too harsh for him. Thanks!

  58. Marty

    I am planning to purchase a Cane Corso Italian Mastiff which will likely grow to 110 lbs. These are large intelligent dogs. Will this contain them? I do have an older petsafe deluxe unit that works great with my pug. If the Yard Max will work with the Cane Corso am I able to use the existing in ground wire and just update the base station and collars? Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Marty, if you already have the Deluxe, I would recommend buying the PetSafe Stubborn collar for the Mastiff.

  59. April M

    We currently have a 4′ metal fence that our 7 month old female husky has learned to climb. Fortunately for us, she never goes more than 1 house down in the neighborhood. Would this fence system work well for her as she has much longer and thicker hair than many huskies do. I read on one of your reviews that you recommended something for dogs with longer fur? Also, does the wire have to be buried or could we attach it to our existing metal fence, either along the bottom or along the top?

    ADMIN – Hi April, you will want to shave the fur around the collar and used the long contact points that are included with the fence. Also, you can attach the wire to either the top or bottom of the fence.

  60. Amanda Fondren

    I have used the pet smart wireless system with our two 4 lb yorkies, as they are roamers and think they are big dogs. I am wanting to install an underground fence, as we now live on 53 acres and have a great pyranees mix and a golden retriever. Which system would be the best for about 10 acres? Will the Yard max be enough control for the golden retriever?

    ADMIN – Hi Amanda, for 10 acres, I would recommend going with SportDog SDF100A for that size of property with larger dogs.

  61. Tom Wilson

    I have a small 5lb. Dog that is very stubborn and just takes off. I like the run through protection. However, I am concerned about collar. Will your small collar be all right? I don’t think your stubborn fence is what I need. Please help me. Tom Wilson

    ADMIN – Hi Tom, the YardMax is for dogs 10 lbs and up. The PetSafe Little Dog is the only collar that is an appropriate size to fit a 5 lb dog. It should have plenty of correction to contain your little dog.

  62. Steve

    I currently have an Invisible Fence Brand system with a 4yr. Golden Retriever and a 2 yr. German Shepherd. The system has worked fine until a couple months ago when a herd of deer moved into the neighborhood. Now I can’t keep the Shepherd home; he runs through the wire to chase the deer. The system is working perfectly, however when he returns he walks right back through the wire as if it has no effect. Will the Yardmax keep our Max (the shepherd’s name) in the yard? If so, can I convert the IF underground wiring to work with the Yardmax? I and Max thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Steve, the problem sounds like a collar fit issue. If your dogs were receiving the correction properly, they would react physically. A) Readjust the collar to make a snug fit and maybe trim the fur with scissors and B) You may want to contact your IF installer to check what level of correction the collars are set on and how wide the boundary zone is. One or both may need adjustment. To answer the last question, yes, you can use any brand fence with your installed wire.

  63. Patrick

    Hello, Can you change the battery in the collar? Even though it’s rechargeable, these batteries eventually fail over time and require replacing. Can this be done or do I have to purchase another collar? Thank you for any info.

    ADMIN – Hi Patrick, the batteries cannot be removed. You can have the collar replaced with the PetSafe warranty. The collar usually last around 5 years.

  64. Michelle

    Is the wire for the Petsafe Yardmax just regular electrical wire (and I understand the different guqges) or is it a special wire specific to this product?

    ADMIN – Hi Michelle, it is wire manufactured to be placed in the ground directly. We recommend the higher gauges with thick insulation for durable installations.

  65. terry

    I have a 110 pound German Shepherd with an 1/2 acre would the pig00-11115 work efficiently?

    ADMIN – Hi Terry,

    Yes, the YardMax correction range is medium to medium strong. It should have plenty of strength for containing your Shepherd.

  66. Bruce

    Thinking about purchasing the pet safe yard max. I have an existing fence but my dog is digging under and escaping.
    The design I would like to use is to follow the fence and then circle back and follow it back. I do understand this design requires I keep the wire 6 feet upon the return from the first laid wire path. My question – can the pet safe yard max model be used with this wire layout ? Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Bruce, you can use this layout on the YardMax, but you will have to switch it to traditional mode to run it. YardMax mode operates only with a perimeter loop layout.

  67. tracy

    Two questions: 1-I have a 90 lb bloodhound. Will the collar work on her loose skin? 2-Can the wire be run over underground electricity?

    ADMIN – Hi Tracy, No, you will need the SportDog fence for a bloodhound. You will want to keep a distance of 6 to 10 feet away from underground electricity.

  68. Brian

    Hi, would this system work with any of the electronic doggy doors? I want to buy this system, but my wife is insistent on that feature. Thanks!

  69. David W

    Please advise. In reference to the Max Yard Mode. Where the signal projects from the outer half of the wire. How does the signal know which side of the wire is the outer half. Its the same wire that in one mode has a radius type transmission and the B mode is from the outer half or as you stated a Vertical transmission and a outward transmission? Please explain how does the signal distingish what is up, down, inside or outside.

  70. Michelle

    I would like to use the YardMax mode for a new house, but keep my dogs contained to the backyard or the front yard. The side yard is pretty small so I was thinking I could do the entire perimeter (as required) but use the outdoor zone to cut access to the side yard. How far do the outdoor zones reach and do they interfere with wired fence?

  71. kate bussell

    Hi! I have a 100 lb bulldog and a 55 lb Weimereiner mix. Will the collar work for the size of my dogs? Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Kate, yes the correction range on the YardMax is medium to medium strong. It should have plenty of correction to contain both your bulldog and Weimereiner.

  72. Angela Camacho

    I have a blue healer that’s about 55 lbs and a dachshund that’s 8 lbs will the petsafe little dog collar still work with this system? And if so what is the cost for that collar?

    ADMIN – Hi Angela, unfortunately the Little Dog collar is not compatible with the YardMax. With your mix, I would recommend the Stubborn fence with the Little Dog collar.

  73. Don Keister

    I received the Yardmax from on Friday 11/15 and installed it with 1000′ of wire on Saturday 11/16. Today is 11/24 and our 60# 10 month old boxer has not left the yard yet. I wish I had ordered this sooner. Thanks Stu for a great website.

  74. Bob Purcell

    I have to install part of the boundary line into the lake bed in the rear of our property. Can I use 4″ metal garden staples to hold the line in place or will it cause interference in the system?

  75. Bob Purcell

    I’ve noticed in examples of wiring the zones for dog fences that you can run a wire up and over an entrance that you want to not shock a dog in a single wire system, such as entering a back door with a back yard system only.
    Does this wiring technique apply also to the Yardmax system?

  76. Dave

    I have a two acre area and the front third is fenced with and has an electric gate to allow access to the property. The roadway through the gate is asphalt paved and I don’t want to damage the paving. The total two acres is rectangle in shape. How would I fence this? I want it to end at both ends of the existing fence?

  77. Cindy L.

    Good afternoon…I have 4 dogs, of which one is a 9 month old lab-pit mix. I have 1.4 acres with a wood fence surrounding the property. The previous owner had horses and made the wood fence electrified to keep them in. The puppy loves to get in the pool. Are the collars water proof? If not, do you have an alternative? I have a screened in lanai that has a doggy door that leads to a small fenced in area. The puppy has chewed a through the screen on the other side of the lanai and jumps out so he can roam free. Can this system be set up to have 3 separate areas keep him away from the lanai screen, but still be able to go out the doggy door. 2. can it be wired so he won’t dig around the dog run, as well as, 3. fence the entire 1.4 acres for all the dogs to run free.

  78. Steve

    Hello, I have a pond that runs accross my yard. I would like for my dog to still be able to access the pond. 1. Can I run the wire through the pond without interrupting the signal for the remainder of the yard? 2. Will the collar still work if layed at the bottom of the pond. 3. Any installation recommendations?


  79. Steve Carroll

    I have decided to purchase the PIG00-11115. I would however like an explanation of depth to bury wire and how deep is too deep? Most of my area is wooded with 4 or 5″ mulch and decayed leaves. I need to place the wire below the mulch and in the ground to keep deer and other animals from breaking it. I also have a paved drive with conduit and electric supply currently crossing under the drive at about 12″ deep. Will the current depth of the conduit and already having a 110 service in it work if I run 14 ga. dog fence wire there as well or will I have to cut a groove in the drive and install the new wire at say 4″deep?
    Thank You

  80. Lydia

    Hello, I was wondering if someone could use this fence would work to contain a dog and a cat at the same time? I saw there was a petsafe collar for cats but I wasn’t sure if this wire/transmitter would work on for both. Thanks! -Lydia

    ADMIN – Hi Lydia, this fence is not designed to fit cats. The PetSafe Cat Containment fence is what we would recommend. That particular fence is located under our PetSafe fences on our store. You can bundle in an additional dog fence collar for your dog as well.

  81. Cindy

    Is there a remote trainer available that works with this system?

    ADMIN – Hi Cindy, no there is not. The 5100 is your best option for a dog fence/remote trainer combo.

  82. Skip G

    How does the YardMax work with a couple feet of snow on top? And with below 0 temps? (Montana)

    ADMIN – Hi Skip, should hold up nicely. We recommend switching to the traditional mode during mounting snow. This allows you to turn up the signal to compensate for the snow. When it melts you can turn it back to YardMax mode.

  83. silvia

    I have 12 acres, but not necessary for my four dogs to need to go to the fence line of the acreage. 10 acres is plenty of room. I got horse hot wire on the sides and working so far. My big problem is when the gate opens for cars, they speed out. I want to put this system there until they learn to stop runnnig out the gate when UPS truck comes in. Then, take advantage of the 10 acre containment ability of the PetSafe Yard Max PIG00-11115. Can I do that with this system first? Just loop it near the front gate to prevent the dogs from running out?

  84. Fábio

    We have 2 dogs (rottweiler) still puppies. Our doubt is, as they joke between themselves, if the receiver could be bitten or destroyed. I wonder to know if you can suggest something. Also, I wonder to know if you ship in Brazil.

  85. Brittany Loeser

    Hi, do you work will any installers near zip code 78233?

  86. Tony Amoroso


    I was considering the PIG00-11115 and wanted to know if you could tell me what exactly I would need and how much exactly it would cost? I have a 55 lb. lab mix and a 10 lb. havanese and 2.75 acres that I would want to fence in. I understand I would need extra wire to encompass such a large area, and I would like to upgrade it to the extra gauge as well.

    Thank you for any information.


  87. Brad

    Hi, I have a question. We were doing really well with training. Today, our lab crossed the line, started to get statically corrected and then as she crossed back over to our yard, she continued to get statically corrected like she was still outside the boundary. I had to rip the collar off her to keep her from continually getting corrected. We have the signal dial number at 5, since her head is about 3 feet off the ground give or take depending on what position she is in. The wires are put in correctly and we’ve tested all sections of the fence to make sure the correction zone is outside the yard. How come our dog was continually corrected when she came back into the yard? The fence is in Yard Max mode (Setting A).

    ADMIN – Hi Brad, during training, did you happen to make any adjustments, even minor to the settings? Any changes like switching between Mode A and B can sometimes create an issue to solve. Walk the collar around in hand outside and in your home. Check to see if you are receiving any other random activations. Try walking and recreating the issue. See if it happens on other areas of the boundary.

  88. Micah

    Do you know if this system is compatible with the petsafe stubborn dog collar? If not, do you think the run-through protection compensates for the weaker correction levels of the collar?

    ADMIN – Hi Micah, no, this fence is not compatible with the Stubborn collar. However, the collar for the YardMax is medium to medium strong. It be able to handle most large breed dogs. And yes, I do believe the true run through prevention of this fence balances out the need for a stubborn collar.

  89. Cindy

    Hi, I live in Canada, do you ship free to Canada and are import charges included in the total price. What shipping options do you use to ship to Canada. Also is the 16 gauge wire solid core. Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Cindy, we do not ship to Canada. Our 16 gauge wire is solid core.

  90. l

    Hi, If there is no backup battery, how do you know when the battery is getting low do you recharge it? If the battery dies while the dog is outside, I am guessing the fence will not be functioning at that time? Until it is recharged? Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Lauren, the backup battery is a function of the wall transmitter not the collar. The wall transmitter is powered with a power cord plugged into a wall outlet. If your house power goes out, then the fence power goes out. On the rechargeable collar, there is a battery indicator light which blinks red when it is time to charge the collar.

  91. Daryl

    OK, we have 3 dogs that would need to be contained in this boundary. What are the cost of the extra collars? The dogs are a beagle pup +4 mos., mature beagle +9 years, and a Chocolate Lab +2 yrs. I know… diversity…but will this fence system work well given this scenario?

    ADMIN – Hi Daryl, extra collars are $119.95 (Oct. 2013). A charger is included with the purchase of an extra collar. With your mix, the YardMax will work well. It has a true run through prevention system. The collar has a medium to medium strong correction strength and you can separately adjust the correction strength on each collar.

  92. Shannon

    Hi there! We are just beginning our research on these fences and wondered if snow depth affects the fences performance? We get up to 4 feet of snow. Thank you in advance!

    ADMIN – Hi Shannon, yes snow can affect dog fences, but we simply increase the signal distance to accommodate the snow. In the spring you can decrease the signal when the snow melts.

  93. Stan

    Your video review stated in Yardmax mode that it produced RF signals vertically, and not a radius. I have an installation question regarding the wooden fence on one side of my backyard, as I am not worried about digging under the fence and would like them to access the fence line.
    Would I install the wire near the top of the wooden fence (8 Ft) as I originally planned or bury the wire at the base of the fence?

    ADMIN – Hi Stan, you can do either really cause the signal is broadcasting vertically downward as well.

  94. Kathleen

    Hello. Do you work with any local installers in the 02332 area code?

    ADMIN – Hi Kathleen, unfortunately we do not.

  95. Nathan Frisby

    At what depth do you have to bury the wire? We have a blacktop drive way and I assume that I would need to somehow get the wire under it?
    I have the need of a fence that I could once again have a dog but I can’t afford to put chain link all the way around my 2 acre and with the amount of deer, coons and such that comes into our yard, well you get the idea.

  96. Telesha Hochstetler

    We are trying to decide between this fence or a Havahart Radial Wireless. This fence seems much more consistent. It does seem daunting to try and put the wire in ground where we want to go. It would be through the barnyard under the roads, etc. Can we put this above ground along the fence line, then dropping it underground to go under the roads and under pasture gates? Our concern with the Havahart Radial is the shop, which is between the house and the barn, has a metal roof. It says, as long as you have – a line of site (except normal walls). We have a daylight basement so there is a drop in the ground. If we mount the unit high does the line of sight angle downward from that point to the perimeter? Thank you for your suggestions.

    ADMIN – Hi Telesha, Yes it is definitely more reliable and consistent. Yes, you can run it along the fence line above ground and drop it underground at the roads and gates. The barn will be problem for the Havahart for sure and raising the Havahart transmitter actually will diminish the signal further.

  97. Walt Lafontaine

    Hello, If I ordered the Yard Max PIG00 11115 but wanted to upgrade to #16 wire, do you just sub the wire and re price, or does the kit come with the #20 and you buy the #16 on the side…seems like a waste. Anyway I would want the #16 wire so what would be the cost for 500ft? I assume and splices are still included. Thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Walt, we actually sub the wire and discount the cost. This can be accomplished from the product page. The upgrade cost to the 16 gauge is $60. Yes, the wire splices and flags are included.

  98. John

    Is the wire you sell solid core or stranded? Also, which type do you recommend?

    ADMIN – Hi John, we sell solid core copper insulated wire. We recommend upgrading to 14 gauge to avoid wire breaks.

  99. David

    Hello. Do you ship to Canada? We live in Ottawa Ontario. Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi David, we do not ship the YardMax to Canada.

  100. Beckey

    I am looking at installing the Yardmax system for our lab mix dog, but our neighbor uses the Petsafe inground fencing system for her dogs. My question is how far away from her buried wire does our wire need to be with this system to avoid interference? Thanks for the advice – very nice to have someone to turn to with questions!

    ADMIN – HI Beckey,

    The distance you need to be from your neighbor’s fence depends on how wide you set up your boundaries. ON a typical installation you need to be around 12 feet away. If that is not possible, use one of the dual frequency Perimeter Ultra systems that can change frequencies to avoid interference and does not need to be separated from the neighbor’s fence.

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