PetSafe Elite Little Dog

  • Small, lightweight reflective collar
  • Lower correction levels
  • Indoor pod compatibility
  • Includes Lightning Protector
  • Small, lightweight reflective collar
  • Lower correction levels
  • Indoor pod compatibility
  • Includes Lightning Protector

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Summary: Smallest and Lightest Collar

The Petsafe Little Dog (PIG20-11041) is a system designed specifically for small dogs. Accordingly it has a smaller collar and milder corrections than regular systems.

Tiny Collar

The PetSafe Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence is the smallest and lightest dog fence collar available. The collar weighs just 2 ounces, and has lower correction levels better suited to small dogs. The small size of the collar allows you to use the collar with dogs as small as 5 lbs.

Compatible with Other Collars

The collars on the PetSafe Little Dog, PetSafe Stubborn, PetSafe Deluxe, and PetSafe InGround are all intercompatible. This allows you to use a mix of collars on the same system.

Expensive Disposable Battery

The collars on the PetSafe Little Dog, PetSafe StubbornPetSafe Deluxe, and PetSafe InGround are all intercompatible. This allows you to use a mix of collars on the same system.

Indoor Pod Compatibility

The collars on this system can be used with the ZIRF-100 PetSafe Indoor pods that you can use to block access to certain rooms, or keep the dog off the furniture.

Small and Light Collar

The PetSafe Little Dog (PIG20-11041) sets itself apart because of the small size of it’s collar. In a tiny package, you get a full featured collar. It is however encumbered by an expensive proprietary battery

Weights Only 2 Ounces

The Little Dog weighs only 2 ounces, about half the size of a regular collar. The collar is also about half the size and weight of a regular dog fence collar. Because of the small size and weight the collar can be used with dog as small as 5 pounds.

4 Corrections Levels

The Little Dog has four correction levels. The correction is milder than a regular strength collar to account for the smaller size of dogs these collars are intended for. The correction level is set directly on each collar using a button on the side of the collar allowing you to use a different correction level on each dog.


The Little Dog Collar is fully waterproof and can deal with full immersion in water. This is particularly useful for dogs that swim in the containment area.

Compatible with Indoor Pods

The Little Dog Collar works with the optional PetSafe Indoor Pods (see below) as well as with the basic fence. The lets you use the collar inside the home to block off certain areas or to keep the dog off furniture.

Reflective Cloth Strap

The Collar band fastens with a cloth strap and a quick-snap buckle. The collar band is smaller than the regular collar and can be shortened to fit even the smallest dogs. The cloth band has a reflective strip, to help increase visibility in the dark.    

Disposable PetSafe Battery

The collar uses a PetSafe branded RFA-188 battery cartridge. The battery is small and light, but has a short 1 month life and costs about $10. We find the use of these proprietary batteries appalling. Not only is this battery expensive, it is not widely available, leading to major inconvenience and potentially leading to unsafe situations where the dog is not contained because the collar battery is flat. There are a couple of tricks to get more life out of your battery. First, the collar can be switched off when not in use. Switching the collar off at night will add about 30% to your battery life. Second, you can replace the PetSafe battery with a $4 generic battery by jimmying open the PetSafe battery and replacing the CR1/3N 3 Volt battery inside (available online or at RadioShack / Wal-Mart).

Intercompatible Collar

The PetSafe Little Dog system is compatible with a variety of other PetSafe systems. You can also use the collar on the PetSafe Stubborn, PetSafe Deluxe, and PetSafe InGround with this system. This versatility is useful if you have dogs of very different sizes. For example if you had a 8 lb Chihuahua and a 100 lb German Shepherd, then you could use the lightweight PetSafe Little Dog collar on the later and the larger more powerful PetSafe Stubborn Dog collar on the later.

PetSafe Transmitter

The Little Dog comes bundled with the premium 25 acre transmitter also included with the PetSafe Deluxe. The transmitter is hooked up to the boundary wire and sends a signal through the wire that creates the layout perimeter.

Adjustable Boundary Width

The transmitter has a control dial that can used to adjust the distance the boundary extends from the perimeter wire. You can adjust the boundary from a few inches up to around 10 feet. In a typical installation you will want to set the boundary between 3 and 5 feet.

Boundary Alarm

The transmitter sounds an alarm if you get a break in the boundary wire. When the boundary loop is working properly there is an illuminated green loop light.    

25 Acre Capacity

The transmitter has a 25 acre capacity, allowing you to power up to 5,000 feet of boundary wire. This is one of the higher powered transmitters, although we are surprised to see if bundled with a small dog collar. Most owners containing small dogs are not containing more a couple of acres.

Boundary Wire & Accessories

The basic system includes 500 feet of 20 gauge boundary wire, 50 training flags, 2 wire splices, and a collar tester.

Direct Burial Wire

The standard wire is direct burial rated wire, that is designed for being buried in the ground. The PET coating on the wire holds up better against the elements than standard PVC coating on typical housing wire.

Collar Tester Tool

The tester tool is placed against the prongs on the collar and lights up when the collar is triggered. You use the tester tool when you are testing the system, and when you are marking the boundary location.

Optional Professional Gauge Wire

The standard 20 gauge wire included in the basic system can be upgraded to the stronger 18, 16, and 14 gauge wire. 14 gauge wire has a conductor and protective jacket four times thicker than the standard wire. Using the thicker wire provides protection against wire breaks. There is also a small benefit in superior transmission characteristics.    

Lightning Protection Module

The system will work with the Lightning Protection Module (can add at check out). The module connect to the boundary wire before it goes to the transmitter and stops lightning surges from going back up through the wire and frying the transmitter. The lightning protection module is particularly useful in areas where there are frequent lightning strikes and on large properties.

500 Feet of Wire, 50 Flags

The system also comes bundled with 500 feet of standard 20 gauge perimeter wire. It also includes 50 flags for marking the boundary line when the dog is being trained. The included wire and flags are sufficient for covering one-third of an acre. Additional boundary kits ($30 per 500 feet) can be purchased to boost the capacity up to a maximum of 25 acres (5,000 feet).
Area (acres) Wire Required (feet)
1/3 500
1/2 1,000
1 1,000
2 1,500
3 2,000
4 2,000
5 2,000
10 3,000
15 4,000
20 4,500
25 5,000


PetSafe Indoor Pods (optional)

The PetSafe Little Dog Collars work with the optional PetSafe Indoor Pods (ZIRF-100) to block access to parts of the house. The wireless pods ($50) create a small circular exclusion around them that you can use to stop a dog going into certain rooms, or to keep the dog off particular pieces of furniture. The radius of the exclusion zone is adjustable from 2 to 10 feet.

One Year + Limited Lifetime Warranty

The PetSafe system has a Limited One Year Warranty. What this means is that the system has a limited one year warranty. After the one year warranty expires, PetSafe charges you a fixed price for repairs depending on the part that broke (usually $30 – $50).


The PetSafe Little Dog is the best choice for dogs under 12 lbs. The small collars with their milder correction are better suited to small dogs than the full-sized collars found on other systems. Despite the small size of the collar, the system is full featured. The only drawback on this collar is the use of a non-rechargeable proprietary collar battery that forces you to keep buying PetSafe’s expensive batteries.

PetSafe Little Dog Video Review

PetSafe Little Dog Fence Manual

Download the PetSafe Little Dog Elite Manual (PDF).


Model PetSafe Little Dog Elite (PIG00-10773)
Type In Ground
Collar Battery Disposable (PetSafe RFA-188)
Correction Levels 4 Levels
Beep Only Training Mode Yes
Collar Warning beep Yes
Collar Vibration No
Independent Correction Levels Yes
Collar Dimensions 2.1” (L) x 0.8” (W) x 0.9″ (D)
Collar Weight (with band) 2.0 ounces
Collar Neck Size 6″ – 16″
Collar Water Resistance Waterproof
Collar Fit Test No
Maximum Number of Dogs Unlimited
Minimum Dog Size 5 lbs
Minimum Age 6 months
Maximum Containment Area 25 acres (5,000 feet)
Boundary Width 0-10 feet (adjustable)
Control Box Dimensions 5.5″ (L) x 4.8″ (W) x 2.2″ (D)
Control Box Power Source Wall Outlet (110V)
Control Box Battery Backup No
Indoor Pod Compatibility Yes (ZIRF-100)
Outdoor Pod Compatibility No
Included Boundary Wire 500 feet + 2 wire Splices
Included Boundary Flags 50
Training Materials Manual
Other Lighting Protection, Collar Tester Tool
Package Dimensions 12″ (L) x 6″ (W) x 6″ (D)
Package Weight 6 lbs
Warranty Limited One Year


  1. James

    I currently have 2 large dogs contained to a large area (about 3 acres) using the IUC-4100 system. I now have 2 puppies that are near 6 months old and ready to be trained, however, I want to make them a smaller containment area than what the bigger dogs have. can I set up a separate system using the little dog and have the larger dogs cross the boundary meant for the smaller dogs?

    ADMIN – Hi James,

    Using two regular wired systems such as the PetSafe Little Dog and the Innotek IUC-4100 (now called the PetSafe Ultrasmart) in the same setting will create problems with the two systems interfering with each other.

    You could solve this problem by using a wireless fence which uses a different technology. Or you could use one of the dual frequency systems such as the Perimeter Ultra.

  2. karen danko

    I recently purchased a little dog collar. After only 30 days, the battery went dead. I purchased a new battery from a local feed store and after 3 days the red light started blinking intermittently. Now I am on my third battery and I had the collar only two months. Any advice?

    ADMIN – Hi Karen, Sounds like a defective collar. I would contact the manufacture for a replacement. You should expect about 10 weeks of battery life on the RFA-188 for the Little Dog collar.

  3. Denise

    I hope you can help as I’ve been agonizing over which wired fence to buy for days now. I purchased the PetSafe Yard and Park Trainer (with remote) from Amazon and find that the collar is just too big for my 11.5 lb. mini dachshund (and I can’t be with him outside all the time to correct him anyway). I’m going to return that and buy a wired system for our yard. I am debating between the PetSafe Little Dog system and the PetSafe UltraSmart system. He’s on the bigger side for a mini at 11.5 lbs., is about 1 1/2 years old, has a 10″ neck and LOVES to chase everything (even into the road). He also loves being outside and running after squirrels and can be quite stubborn when he is focused on stalking. Which system would be a better fit? I read that the PetSafe Little Dog system is for dogs under 12 lbs but the battery life makes that system less desirable. Is there a big difference in collar size? Which system would you recommend? Again, I thought that this collar PetSafe Yard and Park Trainer was just too big for JJ. Thanks for your help and I love your site!

    ADMIN – Hi Denise, for a 10.5″ neck the PetSafe Ultrasmart PIG00-13619 will work great. It will have plenty of correction levels and with the collar being slimline make a good fit.

  4. D.A.Greenwood

    Is it easy to move? I’m living with my daughter and family til my home is built and would like to use it here and then move to new home.

    ADMIN – Hi D.A., Yes, the system is easy to move. The wall transmitter is fixed to the wall with just two screws. We would recommend leaving the wire and installing new wire at your new home.

  5. Joyce

    My dog is a chihuahua and dachshund mix and weighing in at 13 pounds, is this product still a good fit for him?

    ADMIN – Hi Joyce, absolutely. This collar will work even on dogs up to 20 lbs. This will fit your dog great.

  6. Sonia

    Can this be used on puppies (12 weeks)?

    Admin- Hi Sonia,

    We recommend waiting until at least 6-months old before training with a dog fence system;however, if your dog can understand basic commands like come,sit,and stay. Than, he should be ready for training.

  7. angel

    How many collars can this dog fence unit handle because I my brother has 7 dogs.

    Admin- Hi Angel,

    The PetSafe Little dog fence can work with as many collar as needed.

  8. Amy

    I have a 10 lb Mini Schnauzer that I had purchased the PetSafe Ultrasmart PIG00-13619 for, but the collar is still too big for his little neck. Am I better off to return it and purchase the Little Dog fence or just get the little dog collar and keep the system? I haven’t installed the Innotek system yet. We have a 75 lb Belgian Malinois but don’t think she would do well with a fence, at all.

    ADMIN – Hi Amy, you will need to return the fence and go with the PetSafe Little Dog. The Little Dog will also allow you to add a Deluxe collar as well for your Belgian Malinois.

  9. Al

    How much of an inconvenience are the battery’s really? No body on the reviews seems to have bad things to say about them. But before I buy, it would be good to know what I am getting into.

    Admin- Hi Al,

    The PetSafe Little Dog collar is a great collar that works really well. The only negative about the collar is the proprietary battery that cost $9.50-$12.50 to replace every 3 to 4 months. However, you can extend the longevity of the battery by switching the collar from on to off when your dog does not have the collar on.

  10. Lisa

    I have a 9 lb mixed breed I am trying to contain. My yard has fencing on 3 sides and I don’t want to add a real fence to the fourth side for esthetic reasons. Is it possible to run the invisible fence only along that forth side or do I need to run it around the whole yard?

    ADMIN – Hi Lisa, you can create a one sided boundary. You would run a long narrow loop along the fourth side and connect this loop to the wall transmitter with twisted wire.

  11. Janet

    I have the wireless Petsafe unit PIF-300 and it works great for our wolfhound. We have adopted a 12-pound poodle and want to purchase an additional collar for her. Is there a collar made specifically for small dogs to go with the wireless unit? I see remote and in-ground, but no wireless. Thank you.

    Admin- Hi Janet,
    Unfortunately not, your current collar is the smallest collar that is available for the wireless units.

  12. Rodrigo

    I have a 9 year old Scottish Terrier. Which dog fence system should I get? Can you send it to Mexico or does the system have to have an American address?

    Admin- Hi Rodrigo,

    1) The PetSafe(00-13619) will be a good choice for a Scottish Terrier. The system offers a small rechargeable less obtrusive collar that will fit comfortably. The PetSafe Little Dog system will also work well, it is small collar but uses an expensive proprietary battery.
    2) We can ship packages to Mexico. To receive a shipping quote, please email (stu@dogfenceDIY) with your mailing address.

  13. justin


    I have a Boston terrier(2yrs old) who is pretty hyper and likes to bark at people and other dogs as they walk by the house. The dog is about 20 lbs, we would only need 500 feet of wire. Can you please advise on what system would be the best for our dog?

    Admin- Hi Justin,
    The PetSafe UltaSmart PIG0013619 will work perfectly for your 20-pound Boston terrier. The collar is a nice slim fit rechargeable and comes with 500 feet of wire.

  14. Amy

    Hi, I’m looking to purchase the PetSafe Little Dog. If I purchase the standard package do I need to buy anything else? Or will that include everything I need to get set-up. Thank you in advance. Amy

    Admin- Hi Amy,
    The slandered system will come with everything you need for a traditional install with one dog. Typically the only extra features added are extra collars, boundary wire, twisted wire. The amount of wire will depend on your property size. The system comes with 500 feet of wire that can contain 1/3 acre.

  15. Ruta

    We have 2 min. dachshunds about 10 pounds. They learned how to get out of our property squeezing themselves between the gate pickets. I am thinking about electrical fence. Questions: this is the only gate that we use. What is going to happen when we want to take our dogs for a walk outside the property? Is it possible to train them so that they would know that it is OK to go the same way with us but it is not OK to do it by themselves? Another question is regarding the age. One of the dogs is 11 years old. Is it safe for her?

    Admin- Hi Ruta,

    1) You will be able to cross through the gate once your dogs are trained. You will want to setup a routine, so they always cross through the gate the same way each time. I prefer to walk them over on a leash or carry them but if they are well trained – there is no reason you couldn’t have your crossing routine to be off leash (you will have to remove the collars first).
    2) We typically do not have any issues training an older dog. Most of the time the older dogs are easier to train than the younger dogs and they learn the boundary really quickly.

  16. Ron

    I like to say thank you for your advice the PetSafe Little Dog system works great I would recommend this system to anyone with little dogs.

  17. Aimee Love

    I have 3 Shih Tzus… all 10-15 lbs. and 1 mutt 45-50 lbs. Should I get the little dog system or the stubborn and buy extra small dog collars?

    Admin- Hi Aimee,

    Either combination will work great and will be just as reliable; however, you could purchase the PetSafe stubborn dog system with the three additional little dog collars to some money.

  18. xei

    We have 3 dogs two chihuahuas 2lbs and 3lbs puppies about 4 mon and one mastiff 160 lbs what system will work for their sizes.

    Admin- Hi Xei,

    Where you have a big range in sizes, the PetSafe systems will be the best option. The collars are interchangeable in the PetSafe containment systems, so you can use the collar that is right-sized for each dog.

    I would install a PetSafe Stubborn system and use the included dog for the Mastiff. For the Chihuahua, use a PetSafe Little Dog collar.This system offers independent correction level so you will be able to set the correction amount for each dog.

  19. Dina

    Would this be safe for my adult Maltese who is under 5 pounds?

    Admin-Hi Dina,
    Absolutely, with a small dog under 10 pounds the PetSafe Little Dog is definitely the only option. The Little Dog system offers the smallest collar available that are designed for small dogs and the correction level are commensurately lower.

  20. Vickie

    I have about 2 acres to fence in. How much wire will I need? I raise Alaskan Klee Kai and will need about 6 collars. Smallest girl is 9lbs and biggest boy is 21 lbs. Please advise which system would be best and which gauge wire as I am in a rural area. I already have an existing fence that encloses the entire backyard but the dogs have been able to get through in places because of the bigger squares and patched areas from previous owners. Want extra protection with these escape artists! Please advise and estimate cost for system! Thanks!

    Admin- Hi Vickie,

    1)The PetSafe Little dog or Deluxe systems will be a good option. The smaller Little dog collar will work great for mellow dogs 20-pounds and under; otherwise, the PetSafe deluxe collar will be best for your 21 pound dog. Both systems will offer you independent correction levels; therefore, you will be able to set the level of correction for each dog on the collar itself. I recommend the PetSafe little dogs.

    2) You can install the boundary wire around the fenced in area. If could attach the boundary wire directly to the fence. We do find this to be very effective.

    3) The key for cross the boundary will be setting up a routine. Take off their correction collar, put on they’re walking collar and fasten the leash, then walk them out through the same location every time. Just stick with this same routine and they will soon learn that there is an exception.

  21. Ron

    I have a 5 year old Toy Poodle 7 pounds and 3 year old mix 18 pounds which system works best.

    ADMIN – Hi Ron,

    With the Toy Poodle, the only collar that is going to work well is a PetSafe Little Dog collar, everything else is going to be too big. With the bigger dog, we have more flexibility and could use a PetSafe Deluxe collar which is a little cheaper, and has better battery life.

    The cheapest way to do it would be to get a PetSafe Little Dog system, and use the included collar with the poodle. Then add a PetSafe Deluxe collar for the larger dog.

  22. Hilary

    Thanks for all the great info. I have a small 14# TERRIER mix with a very small neck size, and I am looking at the small dog wireless havahart. Do you have another suggestions. The review for the new petsafe 100 doesn’t sound great. I would like the option of setting the area. we do have a big space but it does go into the woods where it would not work. Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Hilary,

    With a dog of that size, the wireless systems like the Havhart are all going to be too big and heavy. Your best options are going to be the smaller collared wired systems. The PetSafe Little Dog would be a good choice, as would the Innotek IUC-4100. The PetSafe is about half the size of the Innotek, but uses a proprietary disposable battery. The Innotek is bigger, but is rechargeable.

  23. Tara

    My daughter has a large, 120lb rhodesian (who is also an escape artist). We have a 16-lb Havanese mix who is very prey driven ( elk especially), and a 60-lb lab who also likes to wander in search of water and food handouts… We live on a steep hillside, so traditional fencing doesn’t work well–meaning buried invisible fence is what’s left, right? We trade dog-watching duties and my daughter feels she NEEDS the stubborn dog system for the Rhodesian (I’d agree…). If we install that same system, it’d be okay for 2 of the 3 dogs, but even with a small-dog collar, would the Havanese be lobotomized in about a day, or can the shock level be turned way down for him? We cannot really run two different separate fence systems in each of the two yards… And If we install the same system in the two yards, will all the collars work for both fence systems? What do you suggest?

    ADMIN – Hi Tara,

    You don’t have to tell your daughter, but I think she is right. I would use the Stubborn system, and use stubborn collars for both the Rhodesian Ridgeback and the Labrador (the Lab will most likely use a lower level than the Rhodesian).

    For the Havanese, you will want to use a PetSafe Little Dog collar. The collar will be compatible with the above system, so you will not need a second system, just the collar. The Little Dog Collar has a much smaller collar with much lower correction levels that will be more appropriate for smaller dog. You are right that the PetSafe Stubborn collar would be much too strong and much too heavy for the smaller Havanese.

  24. Miki Miller

    Another question. If my neighbor installs a PetSafe Wireless system for their 60+lb black lab and we install a PetSafe Little Dog wired system for our two small dogs, will there be a problem with interference if the wireless range is extended into our yard?

    ADMIN – Hi Miki,

    The PetSafe wireless system and Little dog wired in-ground system will not interfere with one another. The two systems are completely independent.

  25. Maggie

    I purchased the PetSafe Little dog system for a 8 lb dachshund who runs through it quite often in certain areas of the fence. We have tested the fence and it is working properly. Would the stubborn collar be too strong for her? I feel like the little dog collar is not working well enough for our stubborn little girl. Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Maggie,

    From your description, sounds like you tested the collar and it is triggering everywhere as it should, and that you have used the test tool and verified that the correction is working. So, lets eliminate that as a possibility. That leaves two possibilities, the dog is getting the correction and ignoring it, or the dog is not getting the correction (most likely). To diagnose the problem observe you Dachshund as she goes through the boundary and gauge her reaction.

    If she feels the correction (you would see her visibly react and flinch) and still goes through, then you should turn up the correction level,make the boundary wider, and redo the training starting at what we call Step Two.

    If she doesn’t react, then she is not getting the correction, most likely because the collar is not correctly affixed. The prongs need to maintain contact with her skin, and the collar needs to be tight enough you can only insert one finger between the collar and her neck.

    The PetSafe Little Dog Fence Collar will be strong enough for her (in fact, you should be using the lower levels for a dog of that size and breed). You should not use a stronger collar with a dog that size. Using something like the PetSafe Stubborn on a dog that small would be dangerous.

  26. Rachel

    I have been shopping around for a wired containment system for my 15 lb. Chihuahua/ Pug mix (Chug?) Gus. Short hair, slim neck, so I was leaning toward the Petsafe Little Dog. I see in the photo you have here, the collar is a soft webbing, which is what particularly attracts me to it, looks very comfy. On other sites, the photo shows the same receiver box but with a harder plastic collar for the same Little dog system. Do you know if there is truly two types of collar out there, and can you confirm yours is the soft webbing style? Also, what comes in the box, with the collar, the wire and the flags? Thanks, Rachel

    ADMIN – Hi Rachel,

    The collar on the new PetSafe Little Dog Fence uses a woven nylon webbing. Older versions of the Little Dog collar had a hard plastic style collar. Everything we sell would be the new version with the soft collar.

    The new system includes the base station, collar, wire (500 feet), splices (2), flags (50), instruction manual, tester tool, and the lighting protection module. The previous version of the system had much the same contents, but no lightning protection module.

  27. Sharon

    I need a system for 3 small dogs to keep them out of my living room. Can the Pet Safe Little Dog system be installed under the carpet? The doorway is 16 feet wide and they continue to go into the room to mark on the furniture. Could I place the wire between the carpet and the ceramic tile? I tried using scat mats, they work when they are down, but are such an eyesore. Any suggestions?

    ADMIN – Hi Sharon,

    You can indeed use a dog fence to keep the dogs out of areas of the house, by run the wire under the carpet (or under floorboards if that is a possibility in your home).

    Another option would be to use the wireless indoor pods. You would place the collars on the dogs, and place the pods somewhere near the sides of the doorway. A single pod can only cover 12 feet, so you would probably use two of them to cover the area. The Pods should be cheaper and easier than the wired option.

    The collars on the wireless pods are light enough that you could but them on any dog over 6lbs.

  28. Dee

    We have 3 Yorkies. Two weigh just a little over 5 lbs. One is full grown, the other is 8 months old and very small, we’re guessing she may max out about 6 lbs. The third one is 8 months old and weighs just over 11 pounds. Will the Pet Safe Small Dog system work for the larger one?

    ADMIN – Hi Dee,

    The PetSafe Little Dog will work great with the 11 pounder. It is the smallest one, that is 5lbs, that I am a little concerned about – they are right on the borderline of the collar being too big. You will have to try out the collar on them (put the deactivated collar around their neck for a couple of days) and see if it is okay or if it is causing them discomfort.

  29. Melissa

    Hi. When you say the batteries are a pain on this unit. What exactly do you mean? How do the other collar batteries recharge?

    ADMIN – Hi Melissa,

    The PetSafe Little Dog collar is a great collar for small dogs; however, the batteries are not rechargeable. The pain is caused because you have to replace them every 2-3 months at $10 a piece.

    TIP- You can squeeze more life out of them by switching the collar off when not in use.

  30. Henry

    I have a 10lb yorkie and a 4lb yorkie–both full grown. Do you think the small dog system is feasible given the smaller yorkie is only 4lbs? Thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi Henry,

    At 4lbs, the yorkie is on the borderline of being too small for even the PetSafe Little Dog. Some dogs seemingly won’t notice, others will find it uncomfortable. The only way to know for sure is to put the deactivated collar on the dog and let them run around for a couple of days to see if they are comfortable.

    At 4lbs, I would say you have a slightly below 30% chance of it being a good fit. Note, if it doesn’t work for you, we have a 30 days, no questions asked, returns policy.

  31. Leighann

    I have read most of the above comments, but I still wanted to ask for myself. I have a 6-month-old chihuahua that only weighs about 2.5 lbs. Will the PetSafe Little Dog System be safe enough for her? She is tiny, so I hope that the collar will even fit her small neck. Up until now she has minded pretty well, but just in the last couple of weeks she has started to venture off when I let her outside. Any feedback will be much appreciated. Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Leighann,

    The PetSafe Little Dog collar is not going to fit around her neck very well and is also going to feel big for her. For any dog under 6lbs, even the smallest collars will be bulky and uncomfortable. Unfortunately, there are not good alternatives – PetSafe needs to make a Very Little Dog collar! If there is another way to keep her contained, I would do that.

    If an electric dog fence is the only option, I would start by just putting the collar around her neck and see if she is bothered by it before I went ahead and did the full installation. Some dogs at that size will be fine, some dogs will find it intolerable. But, I think at 2.5 lbs she is just too small, even for the PetSafe Little Dog collar.

  32. Tracy

    We are moving to an unfenced rental property with our two dogs…Simon, a 5 lb Maltese/Yorkie mix and Chloe, a 16 lb Dachshund/Yorkie mix. What would be the best choice for us?

    ADMIN – Hi Tracy,

    With Simon, the 5lb Maltese & Yorkie mix, a PetSafe Little Dog system would be a good choice. For the bigger dog, Chloe, add a PetSafe Deluxe collar. The deluxe collar is a little bigger, but it also has a much better battery life.

  33. John Allen

    I have two terriers circa 20/25lb and was thinking the petsafe little dog would be the best option as the collars are smaller and the correction levels are adjustable and I could add the cat to it later but the battery continual replacement is an issue so now unsure and would welcome your advice. Do they have a low battery warning and does the system have a broken perimeter warning?

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    For two Terriers, the PetSafe Little Dog would be a fine choice, particularly if you intend to add a cat later on (for which you can use the PetSafe Cat Collar). The only downside of the collar is the disposable battery. Also consider the Innotek IUC-4100 which is also a good systems for dogs in the 20 pound range and is rechargeable – although it cannot be used with cats like the PetSafe. Both the Innotek and the PetSafe systems have a broken boundary wire warning and a low collar battery warning.

  34. jay

    i have 3 dogs, 2 of them are yorkies the one is 6lbs, and the other is a puppy approximately 4 lbs. the other is a bulldog so around 40 lbs. would it work if i would get this system for all of them? also i have 7 acres so how much would it cost to fence in all of that? And in some of those other comments it said about training the dog to know were the fence is. would someone do that when it gets installed or would i have to do that? thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi Jay,
    You can purchase the Little Dog fence and bundle in a PetSafe Deluxe collar for your bulldog. Keep in mind that the range will be different for the bulldog. Basically, your Yorkies will be able to walk much closer to the boundary wire than your bulldog. You’ll an additional 2,000 feet of wire to cover up to 7 acres. The fence, plus the additional collars, plus the additional wire will cost $579.65 and is tax free unless you live in TX or CA. We provide our customers with our training and installation guide to assist them in installing and training their dogs properly. We are also available by phone and email to assist answering customers questions, which is also a free service.

  35. Dawn

    I have 2 pugs that are 5 months old. One weighs 6 pounds and one almost 10. I am wondering if they weigh enough to use my electric dog fence?

    ADMIN – Hi Dawn,

    If you have the Little Dog Fence, then yes, they are big enough.

  36. Kristy

    I have a 5 and a half month old min pin. I was told they are great escape artist. I just got her and Im not sure how much she weighs. Not that I am going to start using the system right now. But I have a PETSAFE WIRELESS system that I already used with my 20lb pekingese (passed away) and 14lb scottish deerhound/mix. Could I possibily get the collar that comes with the petsafe small dog?

    ADMIN – Hi Kristy,

    Unfortunately, the PetSafe Wireless collar is the only collar available for that fence. None of the other in-ground wired fence collars will work.

  37. Amy Pink

    Hi, I have (3) dogs. Two Portuguese Water dogs weighting about 45 & 55 lbs. And a Maltese weighting in at about 9 lbs. I will be bringing all three to live for the winter in Costa Rica. I have been reading a lot of the reviews about the collars and the transmitters failing after a week and then the company replaces them etc. My problem is I need very very Dependable system & collars. They will be contained within a 1000′ loop. Is the “PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence system” with two collars and a small collar from the “PetSafe Little Dog Fence System”, my best option? Please be aware returning a malfunctioning system is not an option… no mail service in this part of Costa Rica:-(

    ADMIN – Hi Amy,

    With those three dogs, using a combination of the PetSafe Stubborn and PetSafe Little Dog collars would be your best bet. The PetSafe systems are dependable, the failure after a week is a rare event.

  38. Jim

    Hi I just purchased a Jack Russell named chloe, she is 10 weeks old, would the petsafe small dog be good enough for her, or the innotek4100, not sure how big she will get. I live in Michigan and winter is coming, thanks for your time.

    ADMIN – Hi Jim,

    Jack Russells straddle the border. If you think at full size she is going to be over 12lbs, the Innotek is the better choice. If she is going to be under 12 lbs or you are unsure then the PetSafe Little Dog is the better choice. PS – I would wait until the dog is 25 weeks until you train Chloe, it will make the process much faster and easier than training a younger and less attentive dog.

  39. Leslie

    Hi, I have a Peekapoo who needs an electric fence. Her curiosity is getting the best of her and she is wandering further and further away daily. She is just under 12 pounds so the PetSafe Little Dog sounds perfect. She already has a Petsafe bark collar that she respects. My concern is how well it works in the snow. We have times here in Vermont when the snow can be 3-4 feet deep. Will the collar still read the wires with that much snow over it?

    ADMIN – Hi Leslie,

    When the snow starts to pile up, you turn up the boundary width dial at the base station to compensate. It works well up to 1 foot, then becomes less reliable. At 3-4 feet, I doubt you will still get a signal at the surface and you would need to keep an eye on the dog. While she may stay inside the boundary out of habit, the containment system is not going to be effective.

  40. carla

    I have a 19lb shizpoo(?), a 18 lb smooth hair terrier, a 8 lb chihuahua, and a 2.5 lb chihuahua puppy that will probably be approx 4-5 lbs. Can the small dog system accommodate them all and would other collars better fit the two larger dogs since the terrier definitely adheres to the breeds’ characteristics?

    I had also considered the Wireless PIF-300, however it looked like the Small Dog was more reliable. Which system would you consider a better fit for my “pack”. Thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi Carla,

    The PetSafe Little Dog would be the best choice for those four dogs. If you wanted to save a little on you batteries, you could get a PetSafe Deluxe collar for the two larger dogs, and get the PetSafe Little Dog collar for the two smaller dogs.

    I would definitely get a wired fence over any of the wireless. They are much more reliable, and also the wireless collars will be too big.

  41. Alan

    I have a small 4 lbs yorkie and a 75 lb lab. Will this system work, I see that it says minimum size is 5 lbs, but she always wants to be with the much larger lab.

    ADMIN – Hi Alan,

    At 4lbs the Yorkie would be on the borderline of the collar being too big for the dog. The easiest way to test is to put the collar on the dog without powering it on and see if the dog gets comfortable with it over the next few days. If that doesn’t work you can send it back.

    If that fails, get a dog fence for the Lab and tie the Yorkie to the Lab!

  42. Megan

    Hi there! I have a mutt that is 20 pounds and a Boston Terrier that is 30 pounds. Which fencing system would be the best for them? My husband and I want something that is going to be reliable because we are moving out to the country and the places our boys could wander are endless.

    ADMIN – Hi Megan,

    For dogs 20-30 lbs, the Innotek IUC-4100 would be a good choice ( The collars are still small and and would comfortably fit a 20/30 pound dog. The Innotek also has the advantage of being rechargeable so there is no ongoing battery expense. The PetSafe Little Dog and PetSafe Deluxe are also good for smaller dogs, but both use proprietary batteries.

  43. Sharon Lorentzen

    Hello. I have a very headstrong, absolutely fearless, 6lb. min-pin. I would love for him to be outside with us in the yard. We have about 3500 square foot area. I think from your information, that the PetSafe Little Dog Fence is exactly what we’re looking for.

    But. We have a 1962, 24′ Airstream in that area, that’s part of our ‘park yard’. Will this be an issue?

    Thank you. Sharon

    Admin- Hi Sharon,

    The PetSafe Little Dog fence is going to be your best option for keeping your Min-Pin contained. The 24′ Airstream will not be an issue.

  44. heather


    We have a 10.5 lb. 7 month old Havanese. I am looking at the “little dog pet safe” b/c he shouldn’t get any larger than 12 lbs when fully grown. The big downside was the proprietory battery. How much does it typically cost ,where would I buy it ,and how long will it last before I have to replace it?

    We have a 10.5 lb. 7 month old Havanese. I am looking at the “little dog pet safe” b/c he shouldn’t get any larger than 12 lbs when fully grown. The big downside was the proprietory battery. How much does it typically cost ,where would I buy it ,and how long will it last before I have to replace it?

    Admin-Hi Heather,

    The PetSafe Little Dog batteries will lasts about 3-4 months and costs about $10. You can purchase the batteries through us or the manufacture PetSafe offers a battery mailing list. You pay once a year and PetSafe will mail you the new batteries at the recommended change date.

  45. brandon

    I have a yorkiepoo only 9lbs. But I think she would ignore the warning and keep on going.

    ADMIN – Hi Brandon,

    The PetSafe Little Dog Fence would be a good choice for a Yorkiepoo. With the training, the dog will learn to obey the fence line – while the warning beep doesn’t have much affect on stronger willed dogs, all dogs are highly motivated to avoid the correction. And once dogs make the association between the beep and the correction – then they start respecting the warning beep.

  46. Jeremy

    I have a 10lb Jack Russell, 18 lb Boston Terrier, and 25 lb Chinese Pug. Which in ground system would work best for me? Is the Innotek 4100 too powerful for my Jack? If I need the Pet Safe little dog, can I use the little dog collars for all 3 dogs?

    ADMIN – Hi Jeremy,

    The Innotek collar is probably going to be too big for the Jack Russell. We can adjust down the correction strength with a resistor, but the collar would probably be too big for him to be comfortable.

    I would use a PetSafe Little Dog collar with the Jack Russell. With the other two dogs, you could use the Little Dog collar as well, or a PetSafe Deluxe collar (the advantage of this will be that the batteries will be around half the price)

  47. Kate

    I have two dogs, a min pin (~5lbs) and an Italian Greyhound (~15-18lbs). The min pin should be OK on this system based on what I’ve read here so far and his known temperament. I am more concerned about the Iggy. As with most greyhounds he has a VERY strong chase instinct and ours is particularly high in adrenaline when he gets excited. On the flip side, he is very adverse to pain and becomes very reclusive if he is disciplined strongly. Case in point, he is terrified of stairs because he banged his knees once or twice trying to climb them MONTHS ago. So… I am concerned about training such a dog on a system like this. I need a strong enough fence to keep him contained, but not so strong that he’s scared to even go outside! So if I buy this system to contain he Min Pin, which collar (if any) would I use on the Iggy?

    Also, I just want to be clear because it’s not mentioned in the write-up above on how this fence system works. If a dog “breaks loose” from the boundary through a rush of adrenaline or whatever, does the correction stop and they are free? If so, then I assume they will get zapped trying to come back home too right? I do have a flat yard with relatively few trees,would the wireless system be better? Does that stop correction and allow the dogs to break free too? May thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Kate,

    With a dog that reacts strongly to discipline, we spend longer in the first phase of training where there is only a verbal correction (and no shock from the collar). We are also carefl to use much more positive reinforcement like rewards when the dog obeys. That way when the dog does get the shock correction they know why they go it and how to turn it off. This makes the shock much less stressful, because the dog feels more in control. They know exactly what they need to do to avoid the correction and what to do to stop the correction.

    With the training, you should not have a problem training even a very high prey drive dog. I would however be sure to spend a little extra time in the third phase of training, teaching the dog with some of the triggers that get him in that high adrenaline state.

    Since the bigger dog is a little more sensitive, I would use the PetSafe Little Dog collar with both of the dogs.

    The wireless systems do not stop correcting the dog when they break through (until the system times out). However, the wireless systems are much less accurate, the boudnary line wanders and often the correction comes seconds too late. This make them much harder to train a dog with. The wired systems are by far the more preferable option.

  48. Karen

    I want to install the fence with using the house as part of the containment area. Can I start at a point on the building, install the fence in a semi-circle to touch another part of the building, and then go back along the same path or very close.

    ADMIN – Hi Karen,

    If you are doing a backyard only installation where you only want the fence on three sides (the fourth side being the house), there are a few ways to complete the loop.

    1. Doubling Back – as you mentioned you can double back on yourself, keeping the two wires at least 6 feet apart. (any closer and they start canceling each other out)

    2. Up and Over – run the fourth side of the wire up a downspout and through the gutter so it is effectively going up and over the house. Having the wire so high overhead lets the dog go in and out of the house without getting the correction.

    3. Round the Front – run the fourth side of the wire tight around the front of the house.

    There is a lot more information and some layout diagrams, check out the Installation –> Layouts section of our website.

  49. Inga

    I have Innotek-5100 for my large White Shepherd and it’s work great. I’m planning to get small dog ( Pomeranian) and would like to know can i use one wire for both systems- Innotek and PetSafe Little Dog. Can i add them both side by side on one wire? If not, what can i do?

    Admin- Hi Inga,

    Unfortunately the two systems will not work in your suggested setup. With a little dog you are limited to a PetSafe system. You will be able to use the current wire you already have in the ground. However, you will need to replace the Innotek system with either the PetSafe Little Dog System or PetSafe Stubborn dog system.

  50. Kristi

    Hello, I have a miniature pinscher who is about 16 pounds and a jack russell shorty who is about 14 pounds. I watched your video and you said that the little dog system is for dogs under 12 pounds. Do you think I could still use the system on them even though they’re slightly over 12 pounds? I worry only because their necks are so tiny, especially the mini pin and I don’t want a really chunky receiver on them. But I want to make sure the correction level is strong enough to keep them from chasing squirrels out of our yard! 😉

    Your help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! 🙂

    ADMIN – Hi Kristi,

    Sorry if that was confusing. You can effectively use the PetSafe Little Dog for dogs up to about 30lbs and many people do because of the smaller collar size. The collar has five correction levels and you just need to turn up the collar a little to contain those bigger dogs.

    12lbs is our threshold for where is becomes mandatory. Below 12lbs you should use the PetSafe Little Dog. Above 12lbs you can use the PetSafe Little Dog but other options also become available.

  51. Donald

    I have a 13 pound, 1 year old Cava-Poo. He is more poodle like, tall and skinny with a small neck. Under 12 pounds you recommend the PetSafe Little Dog, and over 12 pounds the Innotek 4100. I am leaning toward the PetSafe Little Dog because of his small neck. Do you agree? Can you provide the dimensions of the collar receiver box for both of these units?

    Also, my next door neighbor recently got a dog; a 20 pound, 2 year old lab-terrier mix. Today we got two quotes from Invisible Fence. My neighbor most likely will go with Invisible Fence for the convenience. I plan to install myself. Our two yards share about a 150 foot border. How far apart will the buried wires of my PetSafe Little Dog system need to be from the Invisible Fence buried wire to make sure they do not interfere with each other? THANKS, Donald in Milwaukee

    ADMIN – Hi Donald,

    You want to keep the wires on the two systems separated by at least 12 feet – otherwise the fence will not work along the common boundary. If that is not possible, an alternative is to get a system like the Perimeter Ultra that lets you switch frequencies so you don’t get signals interference between the systems.

    The Innotek Collar dimensions are 2.5×1.2x.0.7. The PetSafe dimensions are 2.1×0.8×0.9. (LxWxD)

    Go with your instincts, if you think the Innotek it is going to be uncomfortable for your dog, then use the PetSafe.

  52. Jordan

    I have a poodle the age of 5 yrs. His name is Prince, i am guessing he is 6 pounds? He keeps running to these peoples houses a few blocks down when we let him out to pee. ( Plus my little sisters leave the doors open sometimes) we have asked the people to not let him in..but thats no help. We have done everything trying to keep him from running off. This is the last thing i can think of to do.. But i dont know what to get. I just want something where I dont have to dig holes. I just want it to be wirless and not very expensive..$200-&350 is fine i guess… Can someone just help? 🙁

    ADMIN – Hi Jordan,

    The wireless systems are unfortunately too big for a small dog. The collars on those systems don’t make a lot of sense for dogs under 20lbs, if you use them Prince will be dragging them around like a boat anchor … he would be contained but only because he couldn’t get his head up from the ground 🙂

    The only good option for a small dog is the PetSafe Little Dog in-ground system. It has a smaller collar and lower correction levels making it much better suited to dogs under 12lbs than the regular systems.

    If you are running the boundary wire through a lawn, you will have to bury it, otherwise it will get ripped up by the lawnmower. The easiest way to bury the wire is to rent a trencher (with wire laying attachment) from your local tool rental. It will cut a slot in the ground, lay the wire and back fill all in one pass. Another good option is to use a garden edger to cut a slot in the ground, then lay the wire and backfill by hand.

  53. John

    We are in the market for an inground system for our 2 yr old, 17 lb jack russel. neck size is 10′-11”. He is mild mannered and has responded well with a petsafe deluxe remote trainer for little dogs at a setting on 3 out of 10. I was leaning toward the innotec 4100 due to the battery advantage. However, I like the idea of the smaller collar. Would you please make me a recommendation.

    ADMIN – Hi John,

    I would go with the Innotek IUC-4100. With a 17lb Jack Russell, the collar size will be a non-issue and you won’t be stuck with the PetSafe Little Dog batteries. Just keep the collar set to the low correction level.

    (Our rule of thumb is that if you are over 12lbs, go with the Innotek, under 12lbs go with the PetSafe Little Dog)

  54. Lindsey

    We’re moving in a few months to a house with a bit of an oddly shaped yard. We have a 65lb Rottweiler, a 13lb Rat Terrier, and a 20lb English Cocker Spaniel. All 3 dogs respect (physical) fence boundaries and haven’t tried to escape in the past but the new house would look awkward with a fence so we’ve been researching the electric fences. I like that you can get different collars for different sized dogs with the PetSafe systems and that we can use the indoor pod to keep them out of the bedrooms in the house, but I don’t want to keep replacing batteries. My cocker will stay on the property regardless, my rottie, though the biggest, is a baby and will probably head the correction beeps right away, but my rat terrier is, well, a typical terrier. He’s easily distracted, has a high pain tolerance, and LOVES to chase wildlife. Do you think the Innotek 4100 is a good fit for all 3 dogs or will the shock be to strong for the 13lb terrier? Are there any other rechargeable batteries that would fit in the PetSafe collars?

    ADMIN – Hi Lindsey,

    My intuition is that the three dogs are going to require different correction levels. Even with the temperament differences, it is likely the Rottie will need more than the Terrier.

    If you want the rechargeable Innotek IUC-4100, then we have a work-around. You wrap a resistor around the collars where you want to decrease the correction. We are happy to send some resistors out to you – just shoot email us your order confirmation number and we can send them out at no extra charge. More details on the Innotek Resistor Workaround.
    There is no rechargeable battery available for hte PetSafe Little Dog. With the PetSafe Stubborn and SportDog SDF-100 that use a regular 9V battery, you cna make them rechargeable by buying a rechargeable 9V battery.

  55. Robert

    I have been reading so many reviews from so many different people and so many different websites and now I am thoroughly lost, confused and frustrated. We have a Yorkshire Terrier (6 pounds) and a Maltese/Yorkshire mix (9 pounds) that we need to set a fence system up for. We have about ½ acre area where they can run and play. We would like to be able to leave the collars on all the time as they use a dog door to go in and out at will. I am not sure what other information you need, but please I need your assistance. We just want our dogs to be safe and not wander in the road. I can install anything so difficulty is no issue.

    Any guidance will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    ADMIN – Hi Robert,

    With dogs under 12 pounds, the Petsafe Little Dog is definitely the one to get. It is the only system where the collars are small enough for a small dog and where the correction level is commensurately lower.

    Usually customers leave the collar on all day, then take the collar off at night. If you are going to leave the collar on 24 hours a day, then just keep a close eye on the dog’s neck area for the first few days and then weekly. Occasionally, a dog can develop a rash from wearing the collar too much, if that happens you want to catch it early.

  56. Jaime

    I have the wireless system- Used for many years with golden no problems. Several years after purchasing system bought yorkie. I did not train the yorkie to the system because the collar for the wireless system was not recommended for her under 8 pounds. Only put out with golden and supervision- Never left yard. Unfortunately, golden recently passed away. Is there a new collar that can be used to train yorkie into wireless system? She will not reliably stay but will come back when called. Afraid she may now run into street. She was the golden’s shadow. Would the PetSafe little dog collar work? She does not like the leash when at home will sit and not walk. Walks fine on leash at park. Less than .75 acres of land. Also she spends time at parents house when I’m at work. Some prob. Used to take wireless system to there house- Golden was trained to boundaries with wireless at both home. I really don’t want to bury wire at 2 places. Thanks.

    ADMIN – Hi Jaime,

    The collars on all the wireless dog fences are still too big for a small dog. The collar for the PetSafe Little Dog is not compatible with those wireless systems. Unfortunately, the only good option for dogs under 12 lbs is still the PetSafe Little Dog Wired Fence.

  57. Phil

    I would like to find the best dog fence for my dogs. I have three dogs weighing at 8 pounds, 12 pounds and 22 pounds. I am looking at the PetSafe Little Dog PIG00-10773, and buy 2 additional collars. The 22 pound dog is very sensitive but also well behaved. My big problem is my 12 pounder who has a mind of her own and does what she wants.
    Second, what would be the difference between getting 20 gauge wire or 18 gauge wire. My lot size is about 1/3 acre wheeled out it looks like 436 feet of wire will work fine.
    Please let me know so I can make the correct decision for myself as well as for my three dogs.

    Someone also told me the pet safe cat collar works great for the smaller dogs. Have you heard anything and is that compatible with any dog models.

    ADMIN – Hi Phil,

    The PetSafe Little Dog would I think be your best bet with those three dogs. For the bigger dog, you could substitute a PetSafe Deluxe collar which is a little cheaper and uses cheaper longer lasting batteries.

    500 feet should be plenty for 1/3 of an acre. I would get the standard 20 gauge wire. With only 1/3 of an acre you will not see any improvement in transmission. We find that anything likely to break the wire (lawn edgers being the main culprit), will just as easily sever almost any wire irrespective of thickness.

    The PetSafe cat collars do work with the PetSafe dog systems and the system is a little cheaper. But, we find the correction levels too low for most dogs, and the breakaway feature in the Cat Collar leads to lost collars with dogs.

  58. Jennifer

    Someone gave us a Pet Safe Little Dog Deluxe, but it only has the wire and the box. No power adapter and no collars. We have three 60-lb Australian Shepherd mixes who have decided it’s fun to chase deer and are ending up way too far away from home for our comfort. Can we buy collars appropriate for our large dogs, and use them with the box we already have? Are the power cords available for purchase? I understand it’s a bit of a gamble on whether or not the box itself actually works….it could save us about $150 (since the collar is about $100 of the purchase price), or it could end up costing us an extra $100 and lock us in to the Petsafe line.

    If it works, we spend $300 on collars and some on extra wire and a power cord OR we spend $250-300 on a new system and an additional $200-ish on collars. Right?

    ADMIN – Hi Jennifer,

    Cool. You use PetSafe Stubborn (for large dogs) and PetSafe Deluxe (for medium sized dogs) collars with teh PetSafe Little Dog system.

    The boxes tend to be pretty robust. Unless there was something like a lightning strike, it should be fine. And if not, we are happy to take a return on the power cord.

    You can get additional power cords through us. They cost under $30. Let me know if you want an exact quote.

  59. Staci

    Does the petsafe little dog collar have any type of remote that I can use to help bark train my dogs in the house using the same collars? My dogs are fairly well trained as far as boundaries go in the yard already, is this type of system reliable enough to allow dogs outside unsupervised? Thanks, Staci

    ADMIN – Hi Staci,

    The Petsafe little dog fence does not have a remote control that can be used for training.

    For bark, we generally find that a dedicated bark collar works a lot better than a remote trainer, because most of us aren’t consistent enough to have the remote in hand whenever the dog barks. So the dog ends up getting the correction infrequently and only when you are around. This rarely eliminates barking totally, rather it only stops barking when you are around holding the remote. For barking you would be better off with something like the PetSafe Little Dog Bark COllar than the dog fence or a remote trainer.

    In regards to your training question. Once you have done the training and tested compliance (Step Three of our training), you can start leaving the dogs outside unsupervised for increasing periods of time.

  60. david

    Hi, my little man is a havanese, he is 16lbs (not so little for a havanese) and his collar is 12 inches long. The wire will be run in a loop of about 3/4 acre.

    Which system would you recommend?

    I was looking between the innotek 4100 and the petsafe little dog. I have read bad reviews about the innotek collar and that it needs replacing once every 8-15 months, this is about 100 dollars a year, whereas for the petsafe batteries it would be 35 dollars a year. How long do the collars last in your honest opinion?

    ADMIN – Hi David,

    Either system will do the job well. We prefer the Innotek because of the rechargeable battery and the collar fit which is very useful for long hair dogs. We generally find them both to be good reliable systems (and collars)

    I suspect the Innotek 4100/5100 get a lot more bad reviews because they are the most popular system. Our experience is that they do get collar failures, but the rate is low and is similar to the other brands.

    We have been using the 4100 collars since they came out. The collar we put in for customers about six years ago are starting to lose about half their battery life. I would expect you would get at least that amount of time out of them.

    If you want to stick with the PetSafe, take a look at the PetSafe Deluxe. The Deluxe collar is a 50% bigger than the PetSafe little dog collar but fine for a 16lb Havanese, the batteries are cheaper, $4 vs $10 and last about 30% longer. The system is also a little cheaper.

  61. Angelie

    Hi, I have a 12 lb. Shih Tzu, 1 years old that just doesn’t get it. She has almost gotten hit by cars, and she takes off in the woods. We are going to buy an electric fence from you, but we have a little glitch. I have a tar drive way, and I need a way to put it the wire across. I can’t lay it across, because were I live it snows a lot, so that means snow plows. We can’t dig up our drive way – we just re- tarred it. (plus a lot of work) Our yard isn’t perfectly round or square, so we can’t put in an electric box. We definitely need Lilly to be able to go in the drive way! The only thing I can think of would be if we put tar over it?

    ADMIN – Hi Angelie,

    The easiest way to get the wire across the driveway is to cut a shallow slot across it with a circular saw. Lay the wire in the slot, then seal the slot over with a tar repair compound (they are available at Home Depot/Lowe’s).

    You could also tar over the wire, but if you do this you need to protect the wire with some conduit because the hot tar tends to melt the insulation on the wire. Also, this tends to create a little hump in the area.

    You could also tunnel under the driveway, but this is very labor intensive and not fun.

  62. Ryan

    Hello. I have a 23 and 28 pound cocker spaniels. I live 50 – 60 feet away from the highway on about 2 acres. The 23 pound, 7 month old, has been taking off to cross the street. This Is my biggest concern. Is there a fence that blocks one side of my property? What kind of fence would you suggest?

    ADMIN – Hi Ryan,

    The boundary wire always needs to form a loop. This requirement is the same across all fences. If you don’t want to do a loop around the entire property, and just want to do one side of your house, you can run a long thin loop along the highway side. See this diagram for more details.

    For a pair of Cocker Spaniels, the Innotek IUC-4100 would be a good choice. It has a small collar and a rechargeable battery. Plus, the collar lets you know when it is fitted correctly which is very useful on dogs with longer hair like Cocker Spaniels.

  63. Greg

    Does Innotek have a small dog collar that is rechargeable? I have read that the batteries in the PetSafe Little Dog collar? Also why the Stubborn system over the regular PetSafe system

    ADMIN – Hi Greg,

    Unfortunately, the PetSafe Little Dog is the only collar small enough and with a light enough correction for dogs under 12lbs.

    For the labs, you could use a PetSafe Deluxe instead of the PetSafe Stubborn. The Deluxe works well and has a smaller collar, but is uses a proprietary PetSafe battery and is more expensive. The PetSafe Stubborn is cheaper and uses a regular 9V battery, so is for most folks the better choice for a lab.

  64. Greg

    Hi, I have a Yorkie that is a year old and weighs 9 to 10 pounds and I am need of a fence collar for him. I have to labs that use an old innotek smart dog model # 09hf200-1system they are on that I have had for 8 years and it works great! Now that I have the Yorkie also I need a collar for him as he wants to wander around outside. Yes his time outside will not be nearly as long as the labs. Do you know of a collar that is small that will work on my existing system or do I need to get a new system?

    ADMIN – Hi Greg,

    Afraid there are no small collars that would be compatible with an Innotek system. Your best bet would be to switch to a PetSafe system and use two different collar for each of the dogs. The PetSafe Stubborn system with an additional Little Dog Collar would be a good economical choice. (I presume you have under 5 acres, if you have 5-20 acres then do it the other way around and get the PetSafe Little Dog system and add a PetSafe Stubborn collar because you will get additional capacity using the PetSafe Little Dog base station)

  65. Jeff

    Greetings, I have a 16lb pug and a 14lb cat. What is my best option? From what I can tell in your previous posts the PetSafe cat collar would work with the other Petsafe in-ground systems but I am curious to hear your thoughts on whether the LittleDog or a different model makes sense. I was thinking of getting the LittleDog system and then adding the Cat Collar. Thanks in advance, Jeff

    ADMIN – Hi Jeff,

    The PetSafe Little Dog system plus an extra cat collar would work. I would also consider a PetSafe Deluxe Dog Fence system, plus an extra cat collar. The PetSafe Deluxe collar is a little bigger, but will fit fine on a 16lb pug. The advantage of the PetSafe Deluxe is that the battery lasts longer and is cheaper, the system itself is also a little cheaper.

  66. Chris

    Hi! I am considering an electric fence for our two dogs, Mickey and Ginger, 9 and 12 lbs.
    We live in a condo and walk the dogs on leashes but would like them to be able to tinkle at night and in the morning out the small back area. What really attracted me to this system was the indoor monitor.
    Evidently, you can stop them from going to an area. This would be great b/c we could take down the dumb baby gate and let them roam a larger tiled area.
    Question: How does the indoor monitor work? I just want to put a barrier across access to the living room. Do I need a electric wall socket by that opening to the living room? Do I put monitors on either side of that opening to the living room? Trying to picture it to make sure it will fit the bill b/c it would make us and our furry friends happier!

    ADMIN – Hi Chris,

    The indoor pods create a circular barrier around themselves. On the PetSafe pods you can vary the size of the circle, from 2-10 feet in radius. To block a doorway, we usually position the pod, a little to the side of the door inside the room we want to block. We try and hide it under furniture so it is unobtrusive. Then we increase the radius on the pod until it blocks access to the door. The PetSafe pods do need to be plugged in to an electric socket.

  67. Jackie

    We currently have the pet safe little dog collar. One of your previous post stated that you all would be posting how to replace the battery with a cheaper version, did i miss that post?

    ADMIN – Hi Jackie,

    I’m not sure if another customer suggested that they could find a cheaper way, but that option does not exist. The battery is encased in a plastic mold that specifically fits the Little Dog collar. Taking the battery out of this would require you to destroy the mold.

  68. Dave

    I purchased an invisible fence system 7 years ago for a deceased larger dog and now have two small chihuahuas. Is there any way to change out the transmitter for the Petsafe Little dog system and purchase two collars?

    ADMIN – Hi Dave,

    Yes, the wire you have will work great with the PetSafe Little Dog as long as the wire is in take and the insulation is not damaged.

    You can indeed go with the Little Dog Fence and simply add a second collar.

  69. Diane

    I asked earlier and you advised either the iUC-4100 or the Little Dog fence for my 2 schnauzers. At that time I didn’t think to ask but are either of these 2 fences ok to use with a cat? It’s not a big deal to me either way but was just wondering.
    Thanks again! You guys are great with all the advice you give! It’s made this whole process easier for

    Admin- Hi Diane,

    Between the two systems, the PetSafe Little dog is the only system that is compatible with our PetSafe cat collars.

  70. Donna

    We recently met with the ‘Invisible Fence’ company. It seems the notable difference is the gauge in the underground wire. Can we use higher gauge wire with the Petsafe Little Dog system or do you have to use the wire included. I see the comment above in regards to the 20 vs 18/16. I am thinking of the 16 or even 14 gauge. Also, what is the advantage of the ‘Invisible Fence’ vs the Petsafe except for the DIY?

    ADMIN – Hi Donna,

    Yes, you can use as large as 14 gauge on any of the wired systems we sell. The advantage of going with Invisible Fence is that it’s a completely hassle free option. The help you train your dog, but other than that, they take care of everything. When you have an issue, all you do is call them and they’ll come out and take care out it. The flip side is that every call is roughly 100 dollars and you will become perpetually dependent on them forever.

  71. Theron

    I have a 12 pound Alaskan Klee Kai and a 55 pound lab/border collie mix. I plan to enclose about three acres of woodland and meadow. Do you recommend the Stubborn Dog system with the Little Dog collar for the small dog and the Stubborn Dog collar for the larger dog? Do both require the non-rechargeable battery? Or would some other option be preferable? What are the +’s and -‘s for the 20 gauge vs. 18/16 gauge wire? Thank you! Theron

    ADMIN – Hi Theron,

    I agree. I think the best choice with that kind of difference in size would be the PetSafe Stubborn Dog (or the PetSafe Deluxe) system for the larger dog and the PetSafe Little dog for the smaller dog. They both use non-rechargeable batteries, although the Stubborn uses a regular store 9V battery so you can easily purchase a rechargeable 9V battery and effectively make the system rechargeable.

    The 20 gauge wire is cheaper. The thicker 18/16 gauge wire is slightly more resilient (but not significantly). Our experience is that the things that cut the wire (lawnmowers and edgers) will slice through any wire so upgrading the wire is not particularly helpful. Of course the price difference is not huge either, so it is really a toss-up between the thicker and thinner wire.

  72. Diane

    I have 2 miniature schnauzers – 15 lb (10 yrs old) & 23 lb (4 1/2 yrs old). The 15 lb is more stubborn, the 23 lb is more obedient. Which system would you recommend?

    ADMIN – Hi Diane,

    The Innotek IUC-4100 would be a good choice for those two dogs Schnauzers. It has a nice small collar, collar fit sensor which is great for longer hair dogs, and is rechargeable.

    The PetSafe Little Dog would also be a good choice, because of the small collars but it has the significant drawback of having a more expensive disposable battery.

  73. Jayson

    I have two dogs (100lb choc. lab and 8lb yorkie) and also two cats (about 9lbs and 12lbs). Can I install one system for all four pets? If not can I install a dog fence and a cat fence together? What would be the best system or systems? Thanks Jay

    ADMIN – Hi Jay,

    The PetSafe wired systems are good where you have animals of such different sizes. Use the PetSafe Little Dog collar with the Yorkie, the PetSafe Stubborn collar with the Labrador, and the PetSafe Cat collar with the cats. What size is your yard? If it is under 10 acres, the cheapest way to go would be to get the PetSafe Stubborn system and add all the other collars you need separately.

  74. Amelie

    Hi, We have a hand-me down Innotek 5100 system that we installed with wire purchased from your site, and it works great for our two 60-pound dogs. But we recently adopted a Dachsund. We don’t want to put her on the Innotex system because it crosses our driveway and it wouldn’t be safe for her.
    If we purchase the PetSafe small dog system will it be strong enough for a 17-pound dog? Also, will the Innotek collars on our bigger dogs be activated by the PetSafe system? (We want our two bigger dogs to be able to cross over the Small Dog fence boundaries so they have a larger area to run.)
    Is there a chance the two fence systems will cancel each other out? Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Amelie,

    The PetSafe and Innotek systems will interfere. Where the two wires run within 10 feet of each other you will get partial or total cancellation of the boundary. The systems will not trigger each other’s collar.

    If you did want to use a second system, get one with adjustable frequencies so you can avoid interference issues. Your best bet with a small dog would be the Perimeter Ultra.

  75. jd

    Hi, We got this collar from your review and like it. Just as you said the replacement battery is a bummer. Is there a way you can just upgrade the collar to one of the chargeable ones? Will it be compatible? Thanks.

    Admin-Hi JD,

    Unfortunately, PetSafe does not offer a compatible rechargeable collar. However, if your dog is over 20-pounds you can upgrade to the Stubborn Dog collar. The collar operates on a regular 9-volt battery; you can make the collar rechargeable by getting a 9-volt rechargeable battery and charger.

  76. michael oxley

    Howdy have a Havense 10lb. which is better the petsmart small dog wired fence or the petsmart wireless fence. Don’t like the idea of buying batteries for the wired fence. The yard is level with no trees. Thanks Michael

    Admin- Hi Micheal,

    For your Havense we recommend the PetSafe Little dog. The PetSafe Little dog is a more superior fence than any wireless fence that is available. The collars on either system will require disposable batteries;therefore, the PetSafe little dog without a doubt is your best option.

  77. Robert

    Hi – I have two mini Dach’s – Zoe is 9# and timid – Chopper is 18# and stubborn. I’d really like to go the IUC-4100 route but amo worried about the shock levels for our smaller dog – Will the IUC allow safe stimulation levels without hurting Zoe while still containing Chopper? I understand that there may be some sizing issues from a collar perspective, but that’s the least of my worries in this decision. If you feel that the IUC would be “safe” from a stimulation level standpoint for our smaller dog, I’ll buy the IUC to test collar size. if it works, great, if not, I’ll swap it out for the petsafe little dog. Please let me know. Thanks!

    Admin- Hi Robert,

    The Innotek IUC-4100 is a great system. As long as Zoes neck size is 8 inches around than the 4100 collar will work.

    The high correction level on the 4100 might be too strong for Zoe;although, you can decrease the correction level up to 50% for an individual collar using the resister hack method. Please view our instructional video on the resister hack.

  78. Romona

    We have 4 Little dogs from 3# – 12#, chihuahuas and a weiner dog. How much is it for extra collars?

    Admin- Hi Romona,

    An extra Little Dog Collar cost $99.95.

  79. Kim


    I am ordering the subborn dog fence for my 100 lb german shepherd but I also have a 6 pound papillon. I am trying to decide between the deluxe little dog collar or the cat collar. I hear they are basically the same receiver with different collars. Concern being that the little dog collar is rubbery and heard it doesnt form well to such little necks. Cat collar was suggested but I saw on some of the other posts that the cat system may not be strong enough?? Are you referring to the receiver on the collar or the actual system itself. Would appreciate your advice. Thanks, Kim.

    Admin- Hi Kim,

    I would recommend the PetSafe Little Dog collar, it will be the only thing small enough for a Papillion and will be compatible with your existing PetSafe Stubborn system. The new PetSafe Little Dog receivers come with a cloth bands which is an improvement on the old rubber collars which had trouble conforming to smaller necks.

  80. KAtherine

    HI, I am having some trouble finding a good invisible fence. I have 2 dogs one is a corgi, ratterrier mix, and the other one is a chihuahua, dachshund, corgi mix. The corgi rat terrier is about 18 to 20lbs and the otherone is about 13 to 15.

    The corgi rat terrier one is very headstrong and when she wants to chase birds or cats she will not think twice. The other one sure is not shy,but will chase things with his sister. He is not nearly as headstrong but can be sneeky.

    I want to get a fence that will be good for both of them and has different levels of shock and will give them plenty of room to run around because they love to chase each other.
    I look foward to hearing your feed back. Thanks

    Admin-Hi Katherine,

    I would recommend PetSafe Little Dog Fence. The PetSafe little dog will give you the capability to adjust the correction level for each individual dog. The system can contain areas up to 25 acres; therefore the two of them will have plenty of room to run.

  81. Marty Smth

    Hello –

    I have two dogs on the Sd2100 system and now have an 8 lb Terrier to contain. I just bought the PIG00-10778 collar for the Terrier. I also have one UltrSmart collar for one of the larger dogs. The question: Do I have to completely switch to all PetSafe products (to support the Little Dog collar) or will the IUC 4100 (Ultra Smart) work with the PIG00-10778?

    As an option, I thought about daisy-chaining the SD-2100 and the PetSafe transmitter such that the two transmitters are in series. Since the frequencies are not a multiple of one another, one wire should carry bothe signals. Do you agree? THis would save us the cost of two
    more Pet-Safe collars for the larger dogs.

    Admin Hi Marty,

    Sadly, Innotek and PetSafe system are not compatible.

  82. Ryan Wixom

    I have 2 little dogs. 10 lbs and 12 lbs. Whats the best system to get with the rechargeable collars. Thanks so much, Ryan.

    Hi Ryan,

    The smallest rechargeable collars are on the Innotek IUC-4100. Our experience has been that this works with dogs over 12lbs and is to big for dogs under 12lbs. You are close to the border with the 10lb dog, so you can give it a try – my guess is that it will be too big and the PetSafe Little Dog will be the better choice here.

    To try out a collar, you place the collar around the dog’s neck (with the system off) and let them run around for a day and see if they are comfortable. My guess is that it is going to be too big and the dog will be uncomfortable. If the 4100 turns out to be too big, we are happy to give you a refund or exchange it for the PetSafe Little Dog.

  83. dave


    i have a Pomeranian/pekingese at 11 lbs and a American Eskimo mini at 20 lbs. i am looking for the best system for both of them and am torn between the innotec 4100 and petsafe small dog.
    also can you use single copper #12 or #14 wire for your containment boundry, something that would be used in commercial wiring ie:{thhn}. and what is the function of the twisted wire in the system? thanks for your time

    ADMIN – Hi Dave,

    I’d recommend the Innotek a try. For the first couple of days, you can put the Innotek collar on your Pomeranian/pekingese and American Eskimo mini (without switching the collar on) and see if they are a comfortable fit. Both should be fine, but if not we can swap out the 4100 for the PetSafe Little dog. Note that if you need to trim the collar strap in order to gauge the collar on the dog, feel free to do so.

    THHN is close to the direct burial wire we sell. Ours is a 20 gauge solid copper wire insulated. The jacket is made of a high density polyethylene so it holds up well in the ground. The wire is also rated 600v. We recommend matching the gauge of wire you choose. These fences can handle wire up to 14 gauge. Twisted wire is simply two equal lengths of boundary wire twisted together. Twisted wire can only be used to connect the boundary loop to the transmitter or connect one boundary loop to a second boundary loop. I’d recommend checking out our twisted wire page:

  84. Trish

    Can this be used for a 13 lb cat?

    ADMIN – Hi Trish,

    For cats, you would be better off with a specialized cat fence system. The correction levels on dog fence systems are too high for most cats.

  85. Alan

    I have an old Innotek HF-201 pet containment system for my three large dogs. I have recently added a small dog, about 10 pounds. Do you happen to have a collar that would work with that system but for a much smaller dog?

    ADMIN – Hi Alan,

    The Innotek HF-201 is an old discontinued Innotek model and unfortunately there are no small collar that would work with your existing transmitter box. The only decent collar we have seen that is appropriately sized for dogs under 12lbs is the PetSafe Little Dog, which requires one of the PetSafe transmitters.

  86. Rhi

    Hi, I have a Havanese who is currently only 5 and half months old and weighs about 7 lbs now. We have an iron perimeter fence but she squeezes through the poles to get out onto the road and through a small gap where the electric gates meet the rest of the fence. Not really understanding how to install this or how it works but can I run the PetSafe Little Dog Fence across the area which has the electronic gate on the driveway? How would I do that? The gate obviously needs to move across the driveway. Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi RHi,

    For most of the perimeter you would just run the PetSafe Little Dog Fence wire along the existing iron fence boundary line. When you get to the electric gate, you will need to run the wire along the ground. If you are lucky, there is already an expansion joint or crack in the driveway that you can run the wire through. If not, you will need to use a circular saw to cut a shallow slot in the driveway to get the wire across.

  87. Loren

    Hi, I have two toy poms. Male-4lbs and female-2lbs. They are fully housebroken. All I do is let them outside and they go. However, the male will often run to my neighbors yard and the female will follow and they won’t return right away. I will be calling them for at least 4minutes. What system would be best for them? Especially since they already know what their yard is and the fact that they do it to be disobedient. He will look at me call him and take off as if he wants to be chased and I don’t have time for that! Also if they run out the electric fence, won’t it shock them when they try to return causing them to not want to come back in my yard? I would like the fence to have a good battery, perhaps a rechargeable one and I want the shock and or noise factor. And I have one last question, Is there anything I can do to stop my neighbors dog from coming in my yard? I know their dog won’t be effected by my fence but I was thinking about putting something around the outside of my fence. Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Loren,

    With two dogs that small, you definitely want to use the PetSafe Little Dog system. Everything else is going to have a collar that is too big. It is not rechargeable, but I am afraid the rechargeable systems like the Innotek IUC-4100 only make sense once a dog is over 12lbs. So either you put them on the Sumo diet, or it is the PetSafe Little Dog system! The PetSafe has a disposable proprietary PetSafe battery that costs around $10 and lasts about 2 months (3 months if you turn if off every night).

    The dog fence will as you say shock them both when they leave and when they re-enter. That is what makes training a vital part of any installation. With the proper training, the dog does not realize they can run through the fence. They assume the only way to avoid the correction is to turn and retreat back into your yard.

  88. Mada

    Hello, I have a 3.5 lb toy chihuahua and a chi/min-pin mix who is about 9 lbs. Should I go with this little dog version or should I go with PetSafe’s Cat fence?

    ADMIN – Hi Mada,

    I would go with the PetSafe Little Dog fence. I find the PetSafe cat fence underpowered for even the smallest dogs.

  89. Joe Baddick

    I just purchased the PIG00-10773 “Little Dog” inground fence. I installed it about 2 mos. ago and so far it is working like a charm. I like the fact that you can set the correction levels. We just rescued a Yorkie Silky Terrier, 2 yrs. old, weighing in at 12 lbs. This is the ideal system for a small dog. We turn the collar off when he comes inside to save battery life. My only complaint is the boundary flags included in the kit. They are plastic and my ground in hard, making it tough to get them in. Luckily I had old ones from the fence I had previously. They need to make them out of hard wire. Other than that, I would recommend buying this system for small dogs. Happy New Year.

    ADMIN – Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the feedback. I completely agree that all the included flags (across most dog fence systems) are terrible. They use a flexible PVC “flag pole” which does not penetrate hard ground very well. The better flags that most professionals use have a metal pole and go into the ground much easier. You can get wire flags in most hardware stores – they are in the garden section and used to mark pesticide application on lawns, or in the plumbing section and used to mark utilities.

  90. bill

    This sounds like a great system for our two Yorkies, 5# and 12 #. One question: We have a concrete driveway . How is the wire installed when encountering a driveway like this? Thanks, Bill

    ADMIN – Hi Bill,

    To get across a concrete driveway, find a conveniently located expansion joint. Clean out the expansion joint. Then run the dog fence wire through the joint and caulk over it to seal it in place.

    If you don’t have a good expansion joint you can use, then cut a shallow slot across the driveway using a circular saw. There is a lot more information on this topic in driveway section of our dog fence installation guide.

  91. Karen

    Our Yorkie is 10 lbs. I’ve read about the small dog collar that has the battery issue. Don’t want to spend $10 a month on a new battery. What is the next best option. I would like something that has variable correction levels.

    ADMIN – Hi Karen,

    Feel your pain on the battery pricing. They cost around $10 and will last about 2 months, 3 months if you switch off the collar when it is not in use.

    Your next best bet after the PetSafe Little Dog would be an Innotek IUC-4100 collar, but I fear even that is going to be too big on a 10lb Yorkie. Under 12lbs, I would strongly suggest the PetSafe Little Dog.

  92. Brian

    I have a Cavapoo (Cavalier King Charles/Poodle Cross Breed) named Andy. He’s a total social butterfly, so probably wouldn’t leave him alone in the yard w/out a fence. However, they supposedly train on the fences very easily. He’s 15 lbs right now at 6 months…supposed to get to about 18. Is this small breed system good enough for him? It looks like I could also add a collar for my sister’s 100 lb chocolate lab? And I guess if the small collar isn’t enough correction for Andy, I could by a larger collar. Is that true? Would you recommend this small dog system?

    Also, on the batteries, you say proprietary…..can you buy them anywhere or are they hard to find? How long do they last? Thanks, Brian

    ADMIN – Hi Brian,

    The PetSafe Little Dog would work fine on a Cavapoo. The medium correction levels should be sufficient. You may also consider getting a PetSafe Deluxe for the Cav. The Deluxe is a bit cheaper, and although it also uses a proprietary PetSafe battery it is a lot cheaper ($4 vs. $10) and lasts longer (3 months vs. 2 months)

    A PetSafe Stubborn collar or the PetSafe Deluxe collar would both work fine for a 100lb lab. All three of PetSafe dog fence collars I mentioned are compatible with one-another.

    The battery is PetSafe branded battery. You can only get them at specialty pet stores – think Petsmart; or the Pet Section at larger variety stores like Wal-Mart. You can’t get them at a regular supermarket or pharmacy.

  93. Beth

    Hi, I own an older system from 21st century pets, and the system was never installed. We now have the need to install, but we now have 2 dogs. There is only one collar with the system, and I cannot find “21st century pets” anywhere ( I am assuming that they have gone out of business, or changed the name). Will collars from one system work with another? In other words, could I buy, say, a “Petsafe” collar to use with my “21st century pets” system?

    ADMIN – Hi Beth,

    Afraid none of us know anything about 21st Century Pets. I presume they went out of business. It would be unlikely that any of the modern collars are compatible with the older system. If you have some pictures, that may help us figure out who the manufacturer was and help track down the collars.

  94. Missy

    Will this system’s collar work on a stubborn terrier that is under 5 pounds? Will the beeping sound be enough to deter her from running after kids on bikes or will she need a small shock to stop her? If this isn’t a good system for her, could you please recommend one that is? Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Missy,

    With the training, we find that virtually every dog is contained. The training seems to be just as important, if not more important than the size of the correction. If there is a particularly issue you are worried about like kids on bikes, we would just add that to the training to make sure there is complete containment.

    The beeping along is sometimes enough, but we think that it is important that the dog gets the correction at least once so they know that there is a serious consequence for breaking the rules, and so they learn that the way to escape the correction is to retreat.

  95. scott

    I have a 10# Havanese with a tiny neck. I’d like to get a lightweight fabric collar with rechargable batteries, or at least non-proprietary batteries that I can buy from different vendors. And I want to make sure the correction settings are appropriate for the little guy. I know you recommend PetSafe for the small collars, but I saw something on Innotek about having engineered a small collar. So, what do you recommend? (Can I get an Innotek collar that works with PetSafe system?) Thanks for your help – your prices look good so I’ll buy here.

    ADMIN – Hi Scott,

    Afraid the only good choice for a dog that size really is the PetSafe Little Dog. We haven’t seen anything else that is small, and that has the lower correction levels. We too would prefer that it did not have a proprietary battery. We feel you pain! (One trick to squeeze all the life you can out of the battery is to turn the collar off when it is not in use.)

    Innotek does have some small collars, but these are only for bark collars and remote trainers – they don’t have anything good for a dog under 12 pounds in their dog fence collars. The Innotek collars do not work with the PetSafe systems and vice versa.

  96. Ruthanne Schulte

    Hi, I have one small, short hair terrier that weighs 12.5 pounds. I purchased a manual shock collar that works on the lowest setting. Now she has started to dig under the fence. It seems this is the best solution. Let me know if you think I need the bigger system. Thanks, Ruthanne

    ADMIN – Hi Ruthanne,

    For a 12/13 lb terrier, you are right on the border between the PetSafe Little Dog and the Innotek IUC-4100. You could also consider the Innotek IUC-4100. The collar is bigger, which is not as comfortable – but it is rechargeable, so you would not have to deal with the PetSafe proprietary batteries. Both will work fine, but if the batteries are a concern, try the Innotek first. Put the collar on the dog without switching anything on and leave it on him for a few days to see if he is comfortable. If he is uncomfortable – we can switch it out for a PetSafe Little Dog.

  97. Britny


    I have a maltese that is 4 lbs right now. The vet thinks she will be about 6 lbs. Will the Pet Safe Small Dog system be safe enough to use for her right now?

    ADMIN – Hey Britny,

    I worry more about the dog’s cognitive development that the weight. Is she still a pup? I like to wait until the dog is 6 months, because then they are easy to train. A young pup is just too googly eyed to train easily. There are exceptions, (a dog that can do a sit, stay, and come confidently is ready) but i would wait until she is six months old. And of course with a 4-6 lb dog, you want to keep the collar on low.

  98. Jessica

    I too have 2 dogs, 1 is a chihuahua mix, only 6 lbs, and a golden retriever, 100 lbs. If I get the Pet Safe Samll Dog system is it strong enough to hold back my larger dog if I use the larger collar?

    ADMIN – Hi Jessica,

    The small dog is not strong enough for the Golden. But, the collars from all the petsafe systems can be used interchangably. So if you get the small dog system, you can get an extra “Petsafe deluxe” collar for the Golden.

  99. Nick

    Oh, I almost forgot, our dogs are rather small (terrier/shitzu [sp?] mixes, 15lbs), but are right on the maximum line for getting the small dog system (i think). Do you suggest the petsafe small dog or ultrasmart system?

    ADMIN – Hi Nick,

    I would lean toward the PetSafe Ultrasmart, and if it turns out to be too big just exchange it. The batteries on the small dog are a pain and to be avoided.

  100. LARRY




    ADMIN – Hi Larry,

    For different sized dogs, I would recommend either the PetSafe systems (where you can mix and match the collar between systems). So I would get the PetSafe Small Dog and then a collar from any of the regular PetSafe models. (or vice versa – but I think this way is cheaper)

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