Perimeter Technologies Deluxe Ultra PTPCC-200D

  • Independent Correction Levels
  • Soft Collar Contacts
  • Compact Design
  • Not Rechargeable
  • Proprietary battery

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Summary: Dual Frequency for Neighboring Fences

The Perimeter Technologies Ultra Fence has multiple operating frequencies. This lets you use a dog fence system even when you neighbors have a system. If you neighbors have an electronic dog fence, this is the system to get.

Multiple Frequencies

The Perimeter Ultra lets you change the frequency on the transmitter and collar, so that you can operate your system without getting interference from neighboring systems.

Small Collars

The Perimeter Technologies collars are among the smallest and lightest dog fence collars. This lets you use the collar with dogs as small as 12 lbs.

Perimeter Battery

The system collars use a special Perimeter brand battery. While it lasts around four months, at $10 it is not cheap.

Soft Contacts

Perimeter has a unique soft contact on it’s collar prongs. These rubberized prongs are more comfortable on the dog’s skin.

Lightweight Collar

The Perimeter Technologies Ultra (PCC-200) has a small lightweight collar with more comfortable rubberized contacts. It is hobbled by having few correction levels and an expensive proprietary battery.

Rubber contacts

The collar prongs have rubberized comfort contact tips to make them more comfortable than the standard solid metal tips found on most fences. The contacts make the collar more comfortable and less likely to cause a rash on the dog’s neck.

4 Corrections Levels

The collar has four correction levels, plus a progressive correction level where the correction level starts low and increases the nearer the dog gets to the boundary line. The correction level for each collar is set separately, by programming the individual collar using the transmitter.

Lightweight Size

The Perimeter Ultra collar is one of the lightest full sized collars, although the casing for the collar is bigger than other collars of this weight. The collar can be used with dogs as small as 12 pounds. For dogs under 12 pounds, you will want to use the even smaller and lighter PetSafe Little Dog Collar.

Proprietary Battery

The weakspot in the Perimeter Ultra is it’s reliance on a proprietary battery. The collar requires you to keep purchasing a special Perimeter branded battery that costs around $10 and lasts around 4 months. We strongly prefer rechargeable systems that do not impose this ongoing expense and inconvenience.

Cloth Collar Strap

The collar fastens with a black nylon cloth strap and a quick-snap buckle. This is our preferred collar combination because it provides a better fit and is easier to use.


The Perimeter collars are fully waterproof and can tolerate complete immersion in water.

No Buttons

The collars have no external buttons, with all functions controlled at the base station. Eliminating this weakpoint leads to more durable collars.

Dual Frequency Transmitter

The killer feature on the Perimeter Ultra is that the transmitter and collar operate on multiple frequencies to avoid interference with neighboring systems.

Multiple Frequencies

The Perimeter system can shift frequencies to avoid interference with nearby dog fence systems. The frequency is set on the transmitter, which also programs the collar. Typically, if your neighbors have a dog fence you need to space your fence between 6-12 feet away from the neighbor’s system otherwise the two systems will interfere and the common boundary will not work. The Perimeter allows you to place your fence boundary wire alongside a neighbor’s boundary without causing this interference.

Tempcheck / Wirecheck

The transmitter has some sort of fancy electronics that compensates for changes in the wire temperature (Tempcheck) and for changes in the condition of the wire (wirecheck). From our testing these don’t seem to do a whole lot, but we will take their word for it that they make some improvement in the consistency of the boundary line.

Adjustable Boundary Width

The width of the boundary can be set at the transmitter anywhere from a few inches to 10+ feet wide. The boundary width controls are digital which lets you more precisely select a level, make adjustments, or return to an old setting.

25 Acre Capacity

The Perimeter Technologies transmitter has a range of 5 acres (2,000 linear feet). This is one of the weaker transmitters, but is still sufficient for most yards.

Boundary Wire & Accessories

The Basic Perimeter Ultra system includes 500 feet of boundary wire (20 gauge), 50 training flags, 2 wire splices, and 2 sets of training caps.

Direct Burial Wire

The included wire is 20 gauge direct burial wire. Direct burial wire (PET) is more durable in the soil than regular wire (PVC).

Training Caps

The system includes training caps that are placed on top of the training collar prongs to stop the correction. These caps are used in the early stages of training the dog on the system when you want to teach the dog without the correction.

Optional Professional Gauge Wire

The included 20 gauge wire can be upgraded to the thicker and stronger 18, 16, and 14 gauge wire. Thicker wire, such as 14 gauge, has both a thicker conductor (the copper core) as well as a thicker insulating jacket and is up to four times thicker and stronger than the standard wire.
Using the thicker wire reduces the chances of getting a wire break in the system, and slightly increases the system range. The tradeoff is higher cost and increased stiffness which makes it harder to install.

500 Feet of Wire, 50 Flags

The system includes 500 feet of standard perimeter wire (20 gauge). The system also includes 50 boundary marking flags (for use during the training phase). The included wire and flags are sufficient for a 1/3 acre containment area. Additional boundary kits (20 gauge, $30 per 500 feet) can be purchased to boost the capacity up to a maximum of 5 acres (2,000 feet).
Area (acres) Wire Required (feet)
1/3 500
1/2 1,000
1 1,000
2 1,500
3 2,000
4 2,000
5 2,000


One Year Warranty

The Perimeter systems are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. This is marketing speak for a one year comprehensive warranty. After the one year, you get fixed price reparis depending on the defective component. Shipping is not included in the warranty.


The Perimeter Ultra is the best system to get if you have a neighbor with a wired dog fence that runs near the path of your dog fence. It’s unique dual frequency system allows you to avoid interference with your neighbor’s system. The Perimeter is a well made system, and the lightweight collar is particularly commendable. It’s weakness is the manufacture’s insistence on using an expensive disposable battery instead of a rechargeable battery.

Perimeter Ultra Video Review

Perimeter Ultra Dog Fence Manual

Download the Perimeter Ultra Dog Manual (PDF).


Model Perimeter Technologies Ultra (PCC-200)
Type In Ground
Collar Battery Disposable (proprietary)
Correction Levels 4 Levels
Beep Only Training Mode Yes
Collar Warning beep Yes
Collar Vibration No
Independent Correction Levels Yes
Collar Dimensions ??” (L) x ??” (W) x ??″ (D)
Collar Weight (with band) ??
Collar Weight (without band) ??
Collar Neck Size ?″ – ??″
Collar Water Resistance Waterproof
Maximum Number of Dogs Unlimited
Minimum Dog Size 12 lbs
Minimum Age 6 months
Maximum Containment Area 5 acres (2,000 feet)
Boundary Width 0-10 feet (adjustable)
Control Box Dimensions ??” (L) x ??” (W) x ??” (D)
Control Box Power Source Wall Outlet (110V)
Control Box Battery Backup No
Indoor Pod Compatibility No
Outdoor Pod Compatibility No
Included Boundary Wire 500 feet + 2 wire Splices
Included Boundary Flags 50
Training Materials Manual
Other Training Collar Caps
Package Dimensions ??″ (L) x ?″ (W) x ?″ (D)
Package Weight ?? lbs
Warranty One Year Labor (Limited Lifetime)


  1. bryan

    Hello, on the perimeter system you mention for smaller dogs use the Pet-safe little dog collar is that compatible with this system ? I have a 90lb rottie and two 8lb yorkies.

    ADMIN – Hi Bryan. The PetSafe little dog collar is not compatible with the Perimeter system. I would recommend looking at the PetSafe In-Ground Fence PIG00-13661:
    PetSafe In-Ground Fence PIG00-13661 is cross collar compatible and works with MOST PetSafe collars but DOES NOT WORK WITH THE YARDMAX COLLAR. This system would allow you to use the PetSafe Deluxe Collar (Standard correction levels, good for dogs between 5 and 90 pounds, $69.95), Stubborn (for large dogs or dogs that need more corrective power that are over 40 pounds, $79.95), PetSafe Rechargeable In-Ground Fence Receiver (A rechargeable collar with 4 correction levels ($119.95), Elite Little Dog (for dogs under 10 pounds, $99.95), Cat or SportDog (most rugged and waterproof collar and is meant for dogs that are hunting or farm dogs ($99.95)) collars. All of these collars are battery operated and have indicators to let you know when the battery needs to be changed. This system only operates in traditional mode and does not offer the run through deterrent. This is a good, reliable system that will work well in most configurations. This system will support up to 25 acres of wire.

  2. Kylie

    I have an issue with my perimeter system not picking up the collar. (The light on the collar is off) I purchased a new collar and battery which worked. The system has not been in use for 2 weeks and now I have the same issue with the system and now it’s not picking up both collars. Please any help on this issue would greatly be appreciated.

    ADMIN – Hi Kylie. What is the model of your Perimeter electric dog fence system? When did you purchase the Perimeter electric dog fence system? It sounds like the transmitter is going bad.

  3. Kevin

    I like Perimeter Technologies system very much But, i need an indoor too with the same frequency I understand you do not have one .What should i do ??

    Thank you

    ADMIN – Hi Kevin. What is the age, weight, breed, and temperament of your dog(s)? What is the size of your pet containment area?

  4. heather

    I need a fence that won’t interfere with my neighbor’s frequency (7k) and this one has great reviews….but, my nine month old puppy is already 100 lbs and loves to chase squirrels and bunnies out of the yard. Does this system work well for a dog that big? I can’t find any reviews that speak to larger dogs. I’ll buy it today if it does!

    ADMIN – Hi Heather, no the Perimeter Technologies Ultra is not designed for large breed and/or stubborn dogs. However, it truly depends on a dog’s correction threshold, not their temperament. Most dogs that people consider “stubborn” are actually “independent.” When these dogs are introduced to dog fence training, they respond very well and are highly containable. On the flip side, a truly stubborn dog has a high tolerance for the static correction and are able to ignore to breach the boundary. So, if your think your dog fits the former, then I would recommend giving the Perimeter Technologies Ultra try.

  5. Lark

    considering the Perimeter technologies Ultra dog fence. Your review sounds like it is fair, but system has some flaws. So what else would you recommend over this brand? We have approx. 1 1/2 acres to fence, plan to run 3 sides through chain link fence and the third side bury. I was told to get 16 gauge wire, now I see there is also a 14 that may be better. I want to purchase the extra wire on my own separately.

    ADMIN – Hi Lark, The Perimeter Technologies fence is good but it requires an expensive battery you constantly have to buy. We instead recommend going with the rechargeable PetSafe Yard Max fence. 16 gauge and 14 gauge are both break proof wires, but 16 gauge is easier to bend.

  6. Eric Marcoe

    My neighbor has an underground fence and my house is built very close to the lot lines. I figured I would need to go with the Perimeter fence to avoid interference. We have an almost 6 month lab puppy. I have a few questions: What is the recommended boundary area distance? The wires will only be about 6-8 feet away from the house on each side. Will there be enough room to walk along the side of the house and keep the dog contained? My cable line is buried and will run within a foot of where I can place the pet fence wire. Will the cable line interfere with the signal?

    ADMIN – Hi Eric, the Perimeter Tech fence is the best choice for this scenario. There may or may not be interference from the cable line. I would recommend laying it out and testing above ground before burying. The signal transmits from an adjustable range of 3 to 8 feet from the wire. That will cover most of the area on each side of the house and prevent your dog from walking down the sides of the home.

  7. Jeff

    I have a Petsafe In-ground System and all 3 of our dogs are using Stubborn Dog collars. My understanding from Petsafe is the Stubborn Dog Sytem works on 10.65kHz. I want to add an in-ground system for our cats that will parallel and in some places cross over the dog boundaries. Which system operates at a different frequency and has the samllest collars that would work on cats. Thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Jeff, the best/only fence for this solution is the Perimeter Tech Ultra fence. It’s the only fence that can successfully avoid creating and receiving interference.

  8. Derrick

    Advice needed!

    I just bought and installed the Perimeter Techonology system, wired the perimeter of the yard, and bought an extra collar for my 2nd dog (one a rottweiller and the other a wymeraner). I tested both collars and they ‘beeped’ at the perimeter, then programmed them at the transmitter and left them together that night intending to install them on the dogs the next morning. Next morning – they did not work! They did not beep or gave any electrical activity! I have tried changing the batteries in both, and even re-programming them at the transmitter – but still they do not beep at the perimeter nor give any electrical correction. Could the programming from the factory be ‘eliminated’ by my leaving them both together overnight? What next should I do?

  9. joe meinkoth

    Can you help me. I want to install my dog fence just in the front yard starting in the garage. How do I go about running the wire so the dogs can come out the front door without getting shocked?. I need to go out the side of the garage and over about 5 feet to the left side of the garage. Then I need to turn the wire 90 degrees and go to the street. Then turn 90 degrees again across the drive way to the other side yard. Turn 90 degrees back to the front of the house, Turn 90 degrees again and head back across the front of the house into the garage. I guess in other words, make a square. Any assistance will be most appreciated.Thank you, Joe Meinkoth

    ADMIN – Hi Joe, for partial yard boundaries, you want to follow one of the backyard yard layouts from our planning and layouts page. The three options are: run the wire into the gutters, wrap it around the back of the home or create a double loop.

  10. Rachel McAllister

    We have a very large back yard which we have allowed our next door neighbor to put a wireless fence around a part of for his dogs. Now we have a new puppy and need to reclaim the property. Is it possible for us to use this system, overlapping part of the yard he uses so the dogs can play together in the middle but not get to each others houses.

  11. Patty Williams

    We have two dogs – one is a 10 year old dachshund (low energy) and the other is a 2 year old mixed puppy (high energy) both are under 20 pounds. Just got a quote from invisible fence for $2,800! Not gonna happen. Which fence would be best for them? Our yard is small. Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Patty,

    With those two dogs, we are going to want to use one of the smaller collars. If either are under 12 lbs, the PetSafe Little Dog would be the best choice because it has smaller collars (but uses a disposable battery). If they are both over 12 lbs, a small but rechargeable collar like the PetSafe Ultrasmart would be the better choice.

  12. Christy Kuntz

    What is the best invisible containment fence on the market? I would like to install one before getting a new puppy. We all ready have a 14 year old Weirmer/German short-haired pointer and are looking at getting a Rhodesian Ridgeback puppy soon. I would like any advice you could give me to keep our dogs on our property without putting them on a leash. Thank you for your help.

    ADMIN – Hi Christy,

    For you situation, where you are going to have two dogs that are at very different energy levels and sizes, a system that let you have independently adjust the correction levels for each dog would be important. The Dogtek EF-6000 would be my top choice. It has the independent correction levels, has one of the smaller collars, and is fully rechargeable.

  13. Pat

    We have the Perimeter Ultra since we needed the alternate frequency from our neighbor’s fence. I have a problem, I have not seen here yet. My Staffordshire/Catahula mix female tugs my Amstaff by his collar and has chewed the receiver to bits. I have tried bitter apple, etc. & think I have her trained not to collar tug anymore, but I wondered if there is a system with a more self contained or integrated receiver in the collar that might be a bit tougher. At over $70.00 a pop, I cannot afford a new collar every month. I might have to negotiate with the neighbors to let our dogs share the backyards so we could use something compatible with the Invisible fence. I presume the wire in the ground does not need to be changed.

    Admin – Hi Pat,

    Unfortunately all the systems that have a stronger collar will have interference issues with your neighbors system. However in our experience, dogs that continuously chaw collars off will eventually chew up any collar that is offered (some collar might be a little faster than others). If you did purchase another system, the wire you already have in-ground will work for it.

  14. ann

    We have a 12lb Schnauzer-Yorkie mix. We have the PCC-100 & PCC-200 system. The collar beeps when we are near it, it shocks when we carry it over yet our dog still runs through it after the neighbors cat. We have it set to “5” which is the extra high setting. We have had the system for just over a year now and twice now he has run through without even a flinch! Any suggestions?

    ADMIN – Hi Ann,

    If you have tested the collar and it is working, and the dog is not bothered by the correction when they cross – then the likely culprit is the collar prongs not contacting the dog’s skin. When this happens, the dog does not get the correction.

    With a long-hair dog, you may need to thin out the hair with scissors. When you put the dog’s collar on, you want to move fur out of the way, and fasten the collar tight enough so it stays in place. (FYI – turn down the correction level, 1, or 2 should be fine for a small dog.

  15. jessica

    I want to do only my back yard for my American bull/boxer mix but their is no door to go directly there. Will it hurt the wire to get ran over if so will it confuse the dog to take her out on a leash then put the collar on once she is in the fence

    Admin- Hi Jessica,

    All the wire that we offer is UV protected. You will be able to install it across the backyard along the trim or gutter level of your house.

  16. Betsy bezubek

    I have 2 ten pound miniature dachshund hounds and a forty pound beagle. Is there one system that will work for all three.

    ADMIN – Hi Betsy,

    I use the PetSafe systems when there is a big difference in size between dogs. The PetSafe Little Dog, Deluxe, and Stubborn collars are inter-compatible and can be used for small, medium and large dogs respectively.

    I would use a PetSafe Deluxe system amd use the included collar with the Beagle. For the two miniature Dachshunds, use PetSafe Little Dog collars.

  17. Mike

    I recently just got a 1yr old German Shepard, husky mix, I’ve briefly reviewed your systems and the Perimeter Technologies Ultra looks like a good choice i like how the prongs on the collar are soft and the collar is pretty small she’s about 40 lbs so I don’t want to lug her down with a heavier collar. i actually prefer to have a no rechargeable collar my questions are would i be able buy these batteries from a store local or do they have to be strictly be bought on line? and does the controller have a battery back up in case of a power outage?

    ADMIN – Hi Mike,

    The Perimeter technologies batteries are available at some (but not all) PetSmart stores. The controller does not have a battery backup.

    If you want something with a smaller collar, rechargeable and battery backup, you may also want to take a look at the PetSafe Ultrasmart (IUC-4100)

  18. Laura

    My neighbor has an Innotek system and I am considering buying the Perimeter system. My question is how close can the wires from the two systems run in parallel. We have a driveway that ends at our property line and the space between our driveway and my neighbor’s house is not too big. Can the two wires run within inches of each other or would the systems interfere? We don’t want to restrict his space or cut into our driveway if possible since it’s rather long.

    ADMIN – Hi Laura,

    If you have a dual frequency system like the Perimeter, you should be able to put the wires right next to each other without creating any interference between the two systems.

  19. Derrick

    I currently have an invisible fence system that I moved from another property. It is no longer functioning and signals a wire break even though the wire is intact and all connections were re-spliced. It also continues to signal a break with a test loop wire and an RF choke. I have concluded that I need to replace it.
    I have two dogs and I purchased a perimeter brand 2nd collar for the second dog which worked well when the transmitter functioned. Can I therefor use a perimeter brand transmitter to use with my existing collars? The wire covers an area that may be 6 or 7 acres with 12 gauge wire. If I cannot use the perimeter fence due to the area covered or if it is not compatible with my existing collars, what would you recommend?

    ADMIN – Hi Derrick,

    I presume you have the Invisible Fence compatible Perimeter collars. They unfortunately will not work with a regular Perimeter system – they are made only for use with Invisible Fence systems.

    Happy to make a recommendation, what kind of dogs do you have (age, weight, breed, temperament)

  20. Erin

    I currently have one beagle/hound mix (40 lbs) and getting another coonhound (50 lbs). We have a fenced yard, but it’s only 4 feet high. Very easy to jump over, and one of the dogs likes to dig. We plan on leaving them outside in the cooler months. The Innotek SD-2100 looks like it would do well for us, but the collars are not waterproof. I didn’t even think about this until I saw this system. Do you have a recommendation? The fenced area in our back yard is only about .3 acres.

    ADMIN – Hi Erin,

    With those two dogs it would be useful to have a system that would let you change the correction level. The PetSafe Stubborn would be a good choice for a less expensive fully waterproof system. The Innotek IUC-4100 would also do a good job but is a little more expensive.

  21. Lori

    I am interested in getting a puppy/young lab. We are fenced on three sides, the fourth side has an opening of about 15 to 20 feet into the neighbor’s yard. How do I determine what is necessary for a puppy (that I don’t have yet!). We are on a tight budget but obviously we need something since my neighbor’s yard is not fenced at all.
    How does the system work? What is actually put underground? Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    ADMIN -Hi Lori,

    If you are just blocking off a small area, consider using one of these outdoor pods instead of a full system.

    You would just run a short wire loop that goes across the opening, then doubles back on itself six feet apart. (Like this Single-Side Dog Fence layout)

    The wire you bury along the boundary gives off a signal, and when the dog gets too close the collar that the dog wears gives them a correction. With some training, the dog learns not to go near the system boundaries.

  22. Jeanne Delmonego

    I have 4 dogs.. 2 jack russells, one Heeler (40lbs) and a beagle/bulldog mix (35lbs) How do we do this, these dogs have been on a farm all their lives and don’t have any understanding of cars other than the long driveway into my home.
    i know you need to buy the same collars matching the fencing frequencies

    Admin- Hi Jeanne,

    A great system for all four of your dogs will be the PetSafe Deluxe System with three extra Deluxe collars bundled in. The PetSafe Deluxe system offers independent correction levels; therefore, you will be able to set the correction levels for each dog on the collars themselves.

  23. Christina

    We are moving to a new home and trying to pick an underground wire system for our 4 year old Great Pyrenees. We are a bit worried of the system working as he is very strong and fast (especially when chasing after deer, birds, etc.) although he is really a gentle giant and is scared of the silliest things as well (like flies.) We thought about getting the “stubborn” dog system but think maybe instead will go with the Innotek IUC-4100 or Perimeter Tech Ultra Deluxe Plus Comfort. Are there any differences between the two systems besides rechargeable batteries? The Perimeter appealed as it seems to be very light weight and comfortable as opposed to other systems.. We would be okay spending the amount the Innotek costs but wonder what else you get for the $100 difference in price. Do both systems respond the same way when the dog crosses the boundary? What height do the systems cover (as our dog can jump very high)? Also looking at the Perimeter system what are the differences between the deluxe plus comfort vs. just deluxe system? It’s only a $6 difference. Thanks for any advice and feedback you may have!

    ADMIN – Hi Christina,

    You can set how wide the boundary zone is for all systems by adjusting a dial on the control box.. For a Pyrenees, I would make the boundary at least five feet wide on either side of the boundary wire. If you were particularly concerned about jumping, you could make it wider.

    The Perimeter collars are indeed a little smaller and the system is a good one. The Innotek adds a few extra features like the collar fit detection (to let you know when the collar is fitted correctly) and the battery backup.

    The “plus comfort” adds a different type of collar probe that is meant to be more comfortable on the dog’s skin. It is less of an issue for long hair dogs like Pyrenees that have a thick woolly coat.

    If you were looking at cheaper options than the Innotek, take another look at the PetSafe Stubborn. It is also a good system, has a stronger correction that would be useful on a Pyreness, and unlike the Perimeter it uses a regular 9V battery instead of an expensive proprietary battery.

  24. vanda

    we live in a very large farm and even though I have installed an electric wire fence in the dog compound (2 acres), three of my ten dogs are running out and are causing big problems,like killing my chicken and my lambs! what would be a more secure way of keeping them in!!!

    ADMIN – Hi Vanda,

    Dog containment fences work a little differently to a livestock electric fence. The dog wears a collar that picks up when they get near the boundary and corrects them. Unlike an electric fence, the dog does not need to actually contact the wire, they just need to get near it. This makes it more effective, because a dog cannot dodge the wire and get through. The containment fence is combined with a few weeks of training, and you condition the dog to think that they should stay inside their designated yard.

    Until you have the dogs contained, you want to secure them with a line. Once dogs get in the habit of escaping, and pursuing livestock it gets harder to train them out of the habit, so we want to stop reinforcing the behavior immediately.

  25. PHIL


    Admin-Hi Phil,

    The Perimeter Technologies Ultra is a good system. The collar is very comfortable with a nice cloth brand. The system also offers independent correction levels. We think Perimeter Technologies is a great choice and the system will work perfectly for your Italian Greyhound and Bloodhound.

  26. Cindy

    We have a one year old great dane (over 110 pounds) that is going over a four foot chain link fence, 11 year old lab (weighs between 89 – 100 pounds) has never gone over the fence and the two year beagle (weighs 20 pounds) does not bother attempting the fence. What do you recommend to keep the Great Dane away from the fence. Thank you, Cindy.

    ADMIN – Hi Cindy,

    Hi Cindy,

    The PetSafe Stubborn would be a good choice for the Great Dane in your situation, because if you one day have trouble with the Lab or the Beagle then you can add a smaller collar for them. The PetSafe Stubborn is one of the stronger collars available and is good for large guardian type dogs like Great Danes that sometimes need a little more correction.

  27. Stacey

    I have a 7 month old beagle. We live in the country and our dog is an “outside” dog. I don’t know where to start with a fencing system. Our objective is to keep our dog in the perimeter of our 3 acre yard. My concerns are price, ease of installation, waterproof-ness. and size for our situation. What are your recommendations?

    ADMIN – Hi Stacey,

    For a beagle, I would recommend our premiere fence, the Innotek 4100. It has a sleek, rechargeable collar; a benefit we enjoy. The base fence cost 299.95. You’ll need 3 boundary wire kits ($89.85) to have enough wire to cover 3 acres. Installation is light to moderate depending on which layout you choose. The collar is waterproof, but the wall transmitter will need to installed where it’ll be safe from the wind and rain. For further installation concepts, please check out this useful link to get a good sense of the scope of work necessary to install a dog fence:

  28. Debra

    Hi, I installed the Perimeter underground fence. For 2 months my lab stayed in it fine. Then one day the power went out on the unit and he got out. Ever since then he continues to run through it. I have increased the charge to 5. I have put new batteries in the collar. I have put a new collar on him. I tested the collar at 1 and it gave a small shock fine. I put the long prongs on the collar and tightened the collar. I am running out of options. Do I need to shave his neck or put on an additional collar? I have spent a lot of money and time and effort on this fence and I want to give it every opportunity to work and every opportunity for him to stay in it! Can he wear 2 collars? Any ideas? I am desperate.
    I really appreciate any advise you can give.

    ADMIN – Hi Debra,

    When the dog goes through does he react? If not, my suspicion is that the collar is not on quite right and he is not getting the correct. You can go back to the short prongs, but when you put the collar on you need to move hair out of the way and make sure you can see the prongs actually touching the skin. Then tighten the collar so you can get two fingers under but not more.

    Shaving works to get a good fit, but is rarely necessary. You can thin out his undercoat a little with scissors, but even that should be unnecessary for a lab.

    I would also make the boundary a little wider (at least temporarily) and go back and do a bit more training. (Dog on a long leash, let him wander over either on his own or being tempted by some distraction, let him get the correction (while you yell NO, NO, NO), and then pull him back and praise him)

    We could put a second collar on the dog, but for a lab I don’t think that would be necessary. The correction on a Perimeter Fence is more than enough to get the attention of a Labrador.

  29. Tracy

    Would the perimeter technologies collar work with a Sport Dog fence? The Sport Dog fence suits my brother’s needs with his lab and we have neighbors with fences so the Perimeter Technologies fence would be our choice. I would like to have our springer spaniel wear her collar at my brother’s house. Could that even work with the 30 lb difference in dogs?

    Hi Tracy,

    The Perimeter Technologies dog fence collar does not work with a Sportdog fence. But, the new SportDog SPF-100A lets you switch frequencies like the Perimeter, so you should be able to use it where you have neighbors with fences.

    The size difference should not be an issue, because the SportDog lets you set different correction levels for each dog.

  30. Erica

    We have an 8 year old lab who has had the run of the neighborhood for 6 years. She has become more protective of the kids lately. She feels it’s necessary to “fight off” all dogs in the neighborhood while they are contained in their yard. I may be forced to get rid of her, but I’m interested in this fencing system. She is about 50 lbs, but her age concerns me the most. Are older dogs that have been free to roam, more difficult to train on this system?

    ADMIN – Hi Erica,

    Age is not as big a factor as breed and temperament. You shouldn’t have any issues with your Lab. Lab’s do well on our systems and I believe your dog would do well on an Innotek 4100. If you’re concerned about needed the option of higher correction levels, the best unit is the PetSafe Stubborn Dog. But again, an 8 year old Lab is probably not going to need a fence that strong.

  31. Cheri

    We already have the Platinum Invisible Fence Microlight which uses the R21 collar and it works fine with my 11 lb. poodle (we turned the shock level all the way down). We rescued an 8 lb. poodle last week and I need another collar that is compatible with our Invisible fence. I was told the Perimeter collar wasn’t appropriate for my 8 lb. dog. Do I have to pay $289 for another Invisible Fence R21 collar or is there another compatible collar that would work for my new little guy?

    ADMIN – Hi Cheri,

    Unfortunately, the Perimeter Technologies nor the generic Invisible Fence collar we sell are going to be compatible with your fence if it is an 800 series Invisible Fence model. The generic collar we sell works with the older series of fences.

  32. sean

    I don’t understand why I would need the twisted wire. What is it for? and does it help?

    ADMIN – Hi Sean,

    The twisted wire is used in some layouts to join the loop to the
    transmitter. This twisted section is not active and will not correct
    the dog if they go over it. For full details on the twisted wire, see

  33. Nikki


    I would like to get your opinion. I live in the country so there will be no interferance with neighboring systems. I have a nine pound chihuahua. I just want to protect him from roaming to the road. I am wondering which system would be best. The petsafe little dog or the perimeter technologies. And which collar would be the best fit? Thank you so much for your informative web site!

    ADMIN – Hi Nikki,

    With a dog under 12lb, I prefer to use the PetSafe Little Dog. The size of the collar will be fine on either. But, the correction levels on the PetSafe are lower and more appropriate for a small dog. The Perimeter is a good system, but everything but the lowest correction level is going to be inappropriate for your dog, and even that lowest level may be too much.

  34. Allison

    Is the Ultra system a good system to use with small dogs? I have an 8lb Yorkie. I’m trying to decide between this system and the PetSafe Small Dog. I like that this system has a cloth collar that is still small and it’s a bit cheaper.

    ADMIN – Hi Allison

    With a dog under twelve pounds, they will be happier with the PetSafe Little Dog. Although it has a nice small collar, the correction levels on the Perimeter are set too high for an eight pound dog.

  35. adriana

    is this collar waterproof??

    ADMIN – Hi Adriana,

    The Perimeter Ultra collar is indeed waterproof. The Perimeter and the SportDog SDF-100 are generally considered to have the best waterproofing.

  36. Liz

    My neighbor and I would like to set up our fences with some overlap – so the dogs can play in the their own yards, and can play together in the overlapping side/back yards. Is this possible if we use different frequencies, or does is still cause a problem if the fence wires cross each other?

    ADMIN – Hi Liz,

    If you set them at two different frequencies, there should be no interference between the two systems. But, the frequencies are close, so you could get some beeping (but no correction) with the signal from System A accidental getting detected by Collar B. This would be very confusing for the dogs, so I would avoid doing this.

    One idea, would be for you to do one big boundary around both yards. I am not sure if that configuration makes sense for your situation, but that would let the two dogs play in both yards.

  37. Sharon Lynch

    I have two dogs a 20 lb miniature schnauzer and a 23 lb boston terrier mix, I really only need the system for the mini schnauzer. I am torn between the perimeter system for the collar design and the innotek 2100. My neighbor has the invisible fence system installed but only a small portion of our yard in connected. I can’t find many reviews on the perimeter system. Can you give me more info?

    ADMIN – Hi Sharon,

    The Perimeter Technologies inground is a really good system. The reason it is not so prominent as say the Innotek’s and the PetSafe is that the price is a bit on the high side and the unit is saddled with a proprietary battery. For the same price you can get say an Innotek IUC-2100 and have a similar system that is rechargeable.

    The two really strong points are the collar and the ability to switch frequencies. The collar is really small and light! The system itself can work on different frequencies that you can adjust at the base station. This makes it a great choice where the neighbors have a system and you could get interference. Most of the time, you can just use a different frequency and avoid the interference issues.

  38. Nichole

    Do any of these systems accomodate dogs that are different sizes? (I.e. a 30 pound Beagle and a 60 pound lab)


    ADMIN – Hi Nichole,

    if you use any of the ultra models (Perimeter ultra or Perimeter ultra deluxe) you can have independant correction levels that you could use with your Beagle and Lab.

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