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The wire break kit helps you find a break in the boundary wire for an Innotek in-ground electric dog fence system, and then repair the break (Specifically, IUC 4100, IUC 5100, SD 2100, SD 3000, and SD 2000). It works by creating a signal in the boundary that can be heard on an ordinary AM radio. You follow the signal until you find a point on your boundary where the signal fades out. The break will be near by, and can be repaired using the supplied wire nuts and gel capsules. If you own a PetSafe or SportDog in-ground dog fence, you’ll need the PetSafe Boundary Wire Break Locator. This kit is located in the Accessories page.

The kit includes:

  1. One RF Choke – connecting the RF choke to your system causes the wire to make a throbbing sound that you can hear on an AM radio (not supplied). This allows you to locate the break
  2. Two Wire Nuts – used to splice together broken segments of wire
  3. Two Gel Filled Capsules – the spliced wire and wire nut is inserted into these capsules and sealed to create a completely waterproof join
  4. Three Feet of Boundary Wire – used to replace damaged sections of boundary wire
  5. Instructions – for using the wire break kit to locate and repair breaks in the boundary wire.


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