Picking The Best Electric Dog Fence For A Large Ranch

Main Problems You Will Find When Containing Dogs In Large Properties

Farming and ranching frequently depend of working dogs to shepherd cattle, protect livestock and provide security to assets. In addition, farmers often keep hunting hounds whose work function is radically different from an LGD. If this is you chances are you have encountered 1 or more of the following problems:

  • Need for different levels of correction based on the behavior of each dog. Some dogs are more stubborn than others.
  • Collar resistance to the elements. LGDs live mainly outside and that often means you will need a dog collar that has a durable battery and is also waterproof
  • Pasture rotations where working dogs need to move from one area to another
  • Inability to dig due to soil conditions forcing you to place the electric dog wire above ground.

The list above is not all-inclusive and mainly representative but after having tested multiple electric dog containment systems we have come to the conclusion that most farms will do best using the SportsDog. There are many reasons why this is the ideal system but our key reasons to point you to this solution are:

Affordability: The unit and collar combo can be purchased from under $300.

Coverage: This fence can be expanded to cover up to 100 acres

Collar Sturdiness: The collar is waterproof and extremely strong. It is important to note that the collar does not have a rechargeable battery adding to the long term costs of ownership. If this is a concern you might want to consider the upgraded version of this collar which has the dual function of serving both as a containment system and a training collar. The Contain & Train by SportsDog is definitively a dream come true in the sense that it offers flexibility, value and long-term savings.

Durability: When properly installed and maintained you will get many years from your transmitter unit. It is important that you place the transmitter unit in a place where the temperature is controlled to avoid below 0 temperatures. Below 0 temperatures may result in unit failure jeopardizing the perimeter for the dogs.

Using The Right Wire: Because you will have a large area coverage we encourage you to select the best possible wire. If you are in extra cold weather the thicker the better. Thickness of the wire will ensure your system wire does not become brittle during bad weather.

If you are ready to purchase your SportsDog head to our store and let us help you from beginning to end. We are one of the most affordable sources for farm dog electric dog fences.

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