PetSafe Stubborn Transmitter Issues

A customer reports strange symptoms from their transmitter.  We suggest a short loop test, for diagnosing whether the problem is due to the transmitter or due to a break in the boundary wire.

I have a Petsafe Inground Stubborn Dog Fence PIG00-10777. I walked in my house last week to find a loud alarm sounding from the room where my transmitter is plugged in. I went to see what the problem was and my power light was flashing. I can’t seem to find anyone else with this problem. I changed the batteries in the collar and moved it to a different outlet but still nothing has changed.

Hi Kaylen,

The alarm suggests there is a break in the wire, although usually the loop light would go off (and the power light would not flash). To diagnose the problems, start by attaching a short length of wire to the transmitter terminals and seeing if that makes the alarm and flashing stop. If it did, that would tell us the problem is likely due to a wire break. If it didn’t it would suggest the problem is with the transmitter and that needs replacing.

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