Steering Using a Dog Fence

A scientist has created a dog fence style for cattle. The collar the cow wears keeps the cow in the boundary. But it gets even cooler:

In the February 2009 test, Dr. Anderson equipped cows with a prototype neck saddle and stretch halter for a virtual fence system he hopes will eventually be used on ranches to remotely hold and herd cattle by combining GPS technology, recorded sounds, and, when deemed appropriate, electric shocks. The Ear-A-Round halters use speakers near the cows’ ears independently or in concert to steer cattle or hold them within invisible boundaries.

Two things jump out:

  1. The collars can be used to steer the cows. How cool is that? Imagine this on your dog and beeing able to steer then by noises in their ears!
  2. The collars can have recorded messages play in the cow’s ear. Imagine the look of suprise on your dog’s face when they try and get through the boundary and your voice is telling them “no, no, no”

Hopefully the next iteration of the wifi fence will have this extraordinary technology. This is usually how dog fence technology works, it starts with cows and trickles down into the more consumer friendly canine versions!

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