Metal ID Tags with a Correction Collar

A reader asks why you cannot use metal id tags in conjunction with a dog fence system. And how you round the corners when running the system along a gutter where there are sharp ninety dgree turns.

I just bought an Innotek 4100
their manual says for the dogs not to wear any metal tags – is that an issue? most dog id tags i know of are metal
i’ll be doing a backyard only installation – i have ~ 1 acre in my back yard –
i’m looking at going over the house, as you suggest –
there are a lot of sharp angles in the rain gutters/on the eaves –
do right angles matter here?
also – how do you affix the wire to plastic rain gutter/aluminim siding?
thanks, mm

Hi MM,

The reason for the caution against using metal ID tags, is that if the tags touch both prongs of the collar, when the correction is applied it will short out and go through the collar rather than correcting the dog. This means the dog will not feel the correction and it will be an ineffective way of training them. I prefer to see customers use either plastic tags, or even better, a nylon webbing dog collar with the dog’s name sown into it. (I really like this Orvis personalised dog collar, I use it with my dogs and they have been really durable and wash out as good as new if you just throw them in the washing machine after the dogs have taken a good mud path!)

The reason why we avoid sharp 90 degree turns when laying the dog fence boundary wire is that the signals in the wire can interfere with each other if you do these sharp turns. This is not an issue when you are running the wire up along the gutters, because you don’t need the signal to be active there. So you can make sharp turns with the wire without any problems when running the wire alogn the gutter.

Usually, I just let the wire sit free in the gutter, friction seems to hold in place well enough. You can also zip tie it to any holes int he gutter, or to a leaf gaurd using zip-ties or something similar.

Bob Holmes

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