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Many of our readers find it useful to to talk through their installation with us.  We offer live private consultations to help you with any aspect of the installation.  Common questions are about layouts, installation challenges or training (or some combination of the above).

Consultations are free for users who are purchasing a system from our dog fence store,.  For others, we charge $60 for a session.  Sessions run as long as you need, a typical session lasts half-an-hour. 

We would be happy to talk to you by phone, email or Skype (webcam).  We recommend Skype because you can see us and this allows us to demonstrate visually.  To set up an appointment email us at

It helps us tremendously if you email your questions in advance.  Clients that want layout advice should also email their planned layout and some photos of their yard in advance.  This lets us review your question/layout beforehand and use your time efficiently.   

Thank you for supporting us!

-Dog Fence DIY Team

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Cathy Nixon November 16, 2010 at 3:18 pm

Thank you for you informative website. We have a 2 year old Australian Shepherd that we recently rescued and he hates being confined to the back yard. We have two other dogs, so he isn’t alone, just prefers to be loose. I think a radio fence will solve the problem, since he has to dig under or squeeze through our current fence to escape. (He hasn’t tried jumping yet, but I’m concerned that would be his next move if we continue to block his current escape routes.) We are considering either the Innotek 4100 or 5100.

Since we already have a 4 foot wire fence, if I zip tie the wire for the radio fence about 8 inches off the ground, will it warn the dog either going under or over the fence? If it is several inches off the ground, I won’t have to worry about weedeater damage to the wire. Will the twisted wire under the gates allow him to go in and out of the gates when we open them and invite him out? The Innotek 5100 has two differing distances for the remote; on your information page it states the remote has a 150 yard range and under the details page about the 5100, it states the remote has a 100 ft. range. That’s a big difference. I’d like to purchase the 5100 if the distance is 150 yards to use in retriever training (for our labs) and for the perimeter control for the Aussie.

Thank you for your help. As soon as we know the details, we will order a system from you. Regards, Cathy

ADMIN – Hi Cathy,

You can indeed attach the boundary wire to the fence. Elevating the wire a few inches above the ground as you suggested is indeed a good idea since it keeps the wire safe from the weedeater, lawnmower and edger.

The boundary loop needs to be all regular single wire. You cannot create dead zones in the boundary loop by splicing in sections of twisted wire. (see the twisted wire section for more information on how it is used) If you want the dogs to be able to go through gates, you need to either run the wire high above the gate so the signals do not reach the dog at ground level. Or you need to take the collar off the dog, before you invite them through the gate.

The listed range on the Innotek IUC-5100 remote control is 150 yards. We find that we never get anywhere near that range in practice. Once you go out beyond 100 yards the corrections become increasingly unreliable. Close range (under 100 feet) is the sweet spot for this remote training collar, and is a nice conservative range where the remote control works consistently. If you are doing medium or long range training then a dedicated remote trainer is a much better choice.

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