Long Hair Dogs

Dog Fence collars have two probes that need to contact the dog’s skin in order to deliver the correction. THis is no problem with short hair dogs, but with long hair dogs the hair often stops the probes touching the skin and prevents the dog receiving the correction for leaving their boundary zone. How do you fix his?

If you have already selected a system try these three steps:

First, trim a bit of the hair from the dog where you want the probes to contact.
Second, make sure the collar is on sufficiently tight.
Finally, feel around a bit with your fingers to make sure that the collar is properly contacting the skin. You may need to move their hair around a little or wiggle the collar to get the contact.

If you are still choosing a system look for one with a long probe option and also a contact checking mechanism. For example our favorite, the IUC-4100 includes a set of interchangable long probes. It also has a contact checking feature that lets you know when the collar is properly attached and your are getting contact with the skin.

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