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Dogs have long been considered man’s best friend. This description holds true in that these animals have become loyal companions for millions of people. In many situations, dogs are regarded as a member of the family. Dogs serve many purposes beyond being just a pet for the enjoyment of people. Many dogs are used in service for the disabled and assist with crime detection. There are many different types of breeds that exist, bringing variety to those who wish to own a dog. Through care, training and love, these animals can be helpful companions who find significance in people’s lives.

General Dog Resources

Breed Information and Facts

Breed Clubs and Organizations

Assistance Dogs

  • Delta Society: Homepage of the organization with information about service and therapy dogs.
  • What Are Assistance Dogs?: Education about the types and purposes of assistance dogs.
  • Service Animals: Information from the Americans with Disabilities Act about functions and laws pertaining to service dogs.
  • Canine Companions for Independence: Organization devoted to training dogs for assistance.
  • Power Paws: Training and developing service dogs for people with disabilities.
  • Working Dogs: An article about certain dogs being trained to understand medical emergencies.


Rescue Dogs

Dog Health and Care

Spaying and Neutering

Dog Training


Intelligence and Behavior

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