Dog Fence for LARPing Pitbulls

Just when I thought I had heard every electronic dog fence question there was, I got this LARPing question.  I particularly enjoyed how our reader just through in the word LARPing, assuming that I would know what that is.

I have three, very playful, pitbull puppies. They are five months old now. I have been having a huge problem when I let them out to go potty. Two of them seem to make a b-line straight for the road. I have one that seems to have his head on his shoulders and thinks this is not a good idea. I want to keep them in my yard and have been looking into getting a system for my property. I have approx. five acres. What system do you think will work for my puppies? I know that they are growing and they seem to be a little hard headed. All of them are within 25-35 lbs. My son has one of the other puppies and I would like to get him a system as well. They only have approx. one acre but I want them to be able to bring their dog to my house and vise versa. Could you please help with a recommendation? I had also thought about getting a wireless one for when we go LARPing is there one that would work for four dogs well enough.

Dear LARPer,

I would wait till they are six months old if you can, if will be easier to teach them at six months.  I would get a PetSafe Stubborn dog fence.  You likely won’t need all that power, some pitbulls have a very low pain sensitivity so it is nice to have that power available if you need it.  And if you don’t need it you can keep it set down at medium or medium-low.  The system can handle 10 acres.

Wireless is good for out in open spaces, but is really bad for having in your home.  It has a lot of trouble with walls and just will not work for about half of homes.  Also the boundaries move a lot making it hard to train the dog because they aren’t getting the correction consistently.  I would not get one for you home.

Wireless is ok for camping, especially for dogs that have already been trained.  For portability, I would probably get the Wifi Fence.  It is smaller than the PetSafe wireless, and has a battery backup, so you won’t need a power source.  But if you need to support four dogs, I would get the PetSafe Wireless … it is the only one that will support four dogs, the WiFi will only do two dogs at a time.   Neither are great, but hopefully in wide open conditions they will work for you.  Note that they will both have a lot of trouble in a forest with all the trees.

I enjoyed learning about LARPing.  If you do get a system for LARPing, I am going to insist you send us a photo for the website.

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