Installing An Underground Dog Fence Before or After Landscaping?

A reader asks whether it is smarter to put in their underground dog fence system wiring before or after they have some landscaping work done on their property.

I’m in the process of moving from a big wooded lot in the country to a small lot in the city. My has never been leashed and at 7 i don’t really want to have to start. I’m going to install a system but not sure on the best time to do it. Meaning, right now the yard isn’t put in. I’m having a landscape crew come in a put one down in about a month. Do i wait until they are done? or do i put one down right now and bury it an inch or so before they put the black dirt down. Guessing that would mean it would be about 4 or so inches under the ground when they are completed. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks Chris

Hi Chris,

I generally find that it is easier to lay down the wire immediately before the landscapers lay down sod or mulch. If you lay down the wire after they are finished, you have to dig the trench, which while not particularly difficult is nice if you can avoid. You also will create a line through that nice new lawn, it will heal but will take a few months.

You don’t want to put that wire in too early, because the landscapers will often till the soil or aerate the soil prior to installation. You want to time the wire so it is put in after they are finished with all the mechanical digging, and just before they lay down sod, soil, or mulch.

I will generally just run the wire out and staple it tight to the ground with sod staples, and hook up the system, then let the landscapers do their work. It will take at most an hour on a regular sized lot, a fraction of the time it would take if you could do If you can, hang around while they work so that if they accidentally break the wire, you will hear the alarm sound and can quickly locate the source break and fix it.

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