Lake Frontage Dog Fence Layouts

When one side of the yard is lake frontage, and you want to continue to give the dog access to the lake, how do you run the dog fence layout?

Hi, we have a boxer living on a lake lot. Fencing runs along the slides of the lot to the lake. This fencing dead-ends with an extension above the water, yet our boxer finds away around it. We don’t want to run additional fencing along the lake and we would like to allow our dog access to the water in the center between the two fence ends – she won’t swim but she likes to stand in the water to cool down. What system would be best to prevent her from escaping from the corners where the fence meets the lake? To facilitate these conditions it seems like I would need two short sections of buried wire at the lake-fence corners or a wireless system. I understand the wireless systems leave something to be desired but, how do I power two separated lengths of wires, located in only the corners without purchasing two wireless fences?

Randy B

Hi Randy,

There two good options when you are going to run the wire along the fence:

Lake Frontage Layout #1First, you can do a u-shaped loop that doubles back on itself. You are going to want to separate the two opposite sides of the loop by about six feet to keep them from interfering with each other. When you run the wire to the house, you can either run both wires behind the house. Alternatively you can run one wire behind the house and the other wire in front of the house.

Lake Frontage Layout #2Second, you can make a regular loop and run the wire through the water, a few feet out from shore so the dog can still wade into the lake. I generally weight the wire down with some stones to keep the wire from floating around. Also I will be sure to place the wire such that I do not need to do any splicing in the submerged section.

Wes Riojas
General Manager
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  1. Keith says:

    I have a small lot and want my dog to have access the the lake and I dont know how to do the layout…

    Admin-Hi Keith,

    Please view our helpful diagrams for the method we recommend installing a dog fences on lake front properties:

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