Is Your LGD A Wonderer and at Risk of Being Shot By A Neighbor? Setting up an Electric Dog Fence May Save its Life

If you live in a farm and your setting is mainly agricultural hearing stories about dogs being shot is not news to you. It breaks my heart each time I hear about dogs injured by firearms that die slowly or end up maimed or blind because the caliber of the weapon used was not enough to kill them

Perhaps you have been in one or the other side of the story. Your livestock has been attacked by a neighborhood dog that is otherwise a saint at home or your dog that is well trained to properly care for your sheep has sneaked by digging under your fence and absolutely destroyed the flock next door. Perhaps you have been a protagonist of both sides of the story and you are looking for sound and cost-effective solutions to fence your dog and livestock while keeping predators inclusive of other dogs away from your livestock.

Bonding & Breeding Matters

I can’t emphasize this enough animals that are bonded to their herd or flock are unlikely to wonder unless there is a female dog in heat in the vicinity and your LGD is not fixed. Dogs that are bred to stay with their livestock and their breeding is enforced by bonding and training will always be your best bet.

Maturity Matters

If your dog is under three years in age it is a dog in training. Don’t expect for their behavior to be perfect and put systems in place for proper containment and supervision.

Keep Your Animals In & Predators Out

Fencing solutions must address internal and external risks. It is not enough to set a cattle wire or sufficient to cross fence with horse fence or to simply purchase an electric dog fence system and flag the perimeter around your property. Animal containment requires intentionality in design. Every setting is different but please consider including the following:

  • No-climb physical fence
  • Supplemental hot cattle wire
  • Underground barrier for diggers
  • Large perimeter electric dog fence
  • Coyote rollers

You Have Tried Everything & Nothing Works

If Houdini simply refuses to remain contained consider using a GPS collar that will alert you when it leaves the safe area. At least that will give you a chance to go catch it before it gets in trouble.

Be Accountable

If your dog causes damage please be ready to make amends. This is specially important if your neighbor opted to preserve the life of your hound.

A Few Things To Remember About Electric Dog Fences

  • It is not indispensable to bury your wire. You can tie it, you can protect it with conduit or PVC or you can staple it with ground staples. It is also possible to use half bamboo sticks to cover the wire and protect it from damage.
  • Electric dog fences can cover up to 100 acres. You don’t need to purchase multiple transmitters.
  • With proper training you can move electric barriers from pasture to pasture as long as your rotations are not too frequent
  • Keep in mind that your LGD will attempt to chase predators to the point of self injury when crossing barriers. weigh your pros and cons and design your fence around the behaviors and disposition of your dogs.


Here is a list of best rated electric dog fences with detailed explanations of benefits and shortcomings.





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