Invisible Fence* Compatible Systems

Say you have friends or family with an Invisible Fence branded system?

Hello Stewart,
My wife and I were the first of our families to rescue a pup from the shelter. After we got him we purchased a Petsafe wireless system. Mainly for ease to take with us when we traveled to our families houses. It has served us decently, aside from some glitches that makes Mali scared in his own house when his collar beeps. My parents, and my brother & his family have since gotten dogs as well. They have had Invisible Fence come out and install a fence for their pups. Wanting to give our pup more freedom in his own yard, as well as our families when we visit, we are researching fence systems.
After reading through your all’s website, I’m a 100% confident I can do the install my self. Is there a system available to the public that is compatible with the Invisble Fence, or will Invisible Fence sell a system without one of their dealers installing it? If so any ideas on price for a 1/2 acre lot. Or will we just have to bite the bullet and get an additional collar for the Invisible Fence systems at their houses?
Thanks for your help,


It’s cool that you seemed to have kicked out a major rescue operation with your family. Rehoming a dog is majorly good karma!

Unfortunately there is no other system compatible with the invisible fence systems. (we do however have these collars compatible with the invisible fence collars that are about half the price of an original Invisible Fence Collar)

You do have a few other options.
1.  Invisible does sell their systems alone and let you do the installation. Prices vary a lot depending on your local franchise, and they usually cost around $800. You don’t get much of a discount if you do it yourself – if you are paying that much, I think you are a lot better off paying the extra $400 and getting them to do it. You can often get second hand systems on ebay so that might be another good option. (Just make sure you get the same model # as your family)

2.  Get a non-Invisible Fence System for your home and purchase an extra invisible fence collar, or invisible fence compatible collar for when you take your dog for visits

3.  When you visit, take a collar off the least wondersome dog and put it on your dog.  Chances are that the dog will not have learnt the connection to the collar and will stick to their regular boundary even with the collar off.  I would only do this if it is for a short time and you can keep an eye on them.  You don’t want the un-collared dog to unlearn their boundaries.  

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*Invisible Fence is a trademark owned by Radio Systems. It is used here to refer to that particular brand of product and is not intended as a representation that this site is affiliated in any way with that brand or it’s corporate owner.

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