Invisible Fence* Indoor Pod Compatibility

System compatibility is an ongoing issue.  Unfortunately, systems are not highly intercompatible.  Despite Radio Fence owning Invisible Fence*, SportDog, PetSafe, and Innotek the systems are not mutually compatibly.   Indeed there is often not compatibility within systems.  For example new invisible fence collars are not compatible with old invisible fence systems and vice-versa.  And an Innotek IUC-5100 collar will not be compatible with an Innotek SD-2000 dog fence system.

I currently have two Invisible Fence collars/receivers as well as an indoor Invisible Fence transmitter. The ex-wife refused to hand over the Invisible Fence outdoor boundary transmitter in the divorce (even though she has no pets), so whaddya do…
Anyway, my question is whether my Invisible Fence collars/receivers and indoor transmitter would be (or could be modified to be) compatible with the Innotek 4100/5100 outdoor boundary transmitters? I could just buy another Invisible Fence outdoor boundary transmitter, but they are wanting to charge me more than a whole new Innotek system, even if I do the install myself! Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

- Podless

Hi Podless,

Touch break.  Afraid the Invisible Fence collars are not compatible with the Innotek pods.  You either need to get the Invisible Fence stuff, or replace you transmitters and receivers with an Innotek.  If you got the former route, Invisible Fence equipment can often be scored cheaply on eBay.

Bob Homes

*The Invisible Brand is a registered trademark of Radio Systems Corporation.  This site is not affiliated with Invisible Fence.

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  1. jody says:

    I have a pet safe underground system at one home and wiring for an Invisible Fence underground system at my new house. Can i plug a Pet safe transmitter in where the Invisible Fence transmitter used to be and have the system work?

    Admin – Hi Jody,

    Absolutely, the old Invisible fence wire will work just fine with the PetSafe transmitter.

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