Invisible Fence on a Goat

According to this article, Invisible Fence* works not only on dogs, but also on goats. Scientists at Montana State University wanted to see if they could use an electric dog fence on goats to see if they could keep them confined. The idea of the exercise was to

Interestingly, they did not put the collar on every goat. Just putting the collars on a few goats, kept all the goats contained as the un-collared goats did not want to stray too far from the herd being pack animals. We have noticed a similar phenomenon with dogs. When you put the collar on the lead dogs in he pack, the other dogs tend to stay close by. Young dogs may still wander, particularly young male dogs! But, generally everyone else stays close to the pack leader.

Goats (Capra hircus ) are useful for brush and weed control. Their usefulness would be enhanced if their distribution on grazing land could be controlled without herders or permanent fencing. The feasibility of using electric shock collar to restrict the range of grazing goals was evaluated. Electric shock collars developed for canine control were tested as an alternative method for unattended containment. Shock collars effectively contained goats within the designated test area. Goals not wearing the shock collars remained close to the collared goats due to herd instinct and thus also remained with in the test area. Preliminary results indicate that the non-visual fence may make it feasible to develop commercial weed-grazing goat herds restricted to weed infestations by electric collars.

See the full article here.

* Invisible Fence is a registered trademark of the Radio Fence Company. This site is not affiliated with Invisible Fence.

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  1. Richard Bowles says:

    Can I use the single wire I have around my two acres pasture for the wire it doesn’t have to be underground does it.

    ADMIN – Hi Richard. Yes. You will need 1,500 feet of single Boundary Wire to contain your dog(s) in a 2 acre perimeter loop. You can also use Lawn Staples to attach the Boundary Wire on top of the ground. What is the age, weight, breed, and temperament of your dog(s)? Answering these questions will help me match your dog(s) to the best electric dog fence system.

  2. Candace says:

    Thanks for this info. Google is the best!
    Do you have a distributor in Mid-Michigan?

    ADMIN – Hi Candace,
    Our store is located online. We can deliver orders to most addresses in 2 days time. Mid-Michigan can either be a one day or two day shipping time.

  3. Susan says:

    Thank you for such an amazing and informative website!

    We would like to contain a goat. He weighs about 200# or better. He’s smart, like a dog, and likes to stay around the house so I don’t think he’d be a problem to train. We’d like to fence 3 to 50 or more acres–that’s why we’re looking at the SDF-100A–but it’s more important for us to get a system that can handle a 200# goat. Which do you recommend?

    Hi Susan,

    We have had a handful of customer that use the systems to create an electronic goat fence, so we are far from the experts but from what we hear it works fine. You just do the same training protocol for the goats as you do with the dogs and they pick it up very quickly. It makes sense, I would expect grazing animals like goats and sheep to be more alert to potential danger than a predator like a dog.

    The SportDog SDF-100 would be a good choice if you plan on doing 50+ acres. It is one of the strongest correction collars, so the correction should be plenty for a 200 pound goat. If it turns out we need more, we can always add a second collar (like the compatible PetSafe Stubborn), but the previous goat owners found the goats to be sensitive and responsive even on the lower correction levels.

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