Fence for an Invisible Dog

Would you ever install a dog fence without a dog. 

This week, we had a triumphant customer call Robert.  Their Innotek IUC-4100 was installed and working perfectly, nothing unusual there.  But, when Robert asked him about starting the training, he remarked that he had not started training because he did not have a dog.

Visions flashed through our head of a whole new untapped market for dog containment systems, non-dog owners.  Reminds me a little bit of that improv, performance art piece in New York with the invisible dogs (see below).  After all, if people are willing to buy an invisible dog, why not buy a invisible dog fence for your invisible dog.  But, what model to recommend for the invisible dog owner.  The Innotek 4100 is a good system, but is it right for the small invisible dog, and what should you do if you need independent correction?

The explanation was a little more prosaic.  The gentleman was getting a rescue dog that weekend and wanted to be set up with dog fence to be ready for the dog.  We talked briefly and discussed a few interesting points for training a new rescue dog:

  • Take is Slow – the most important thing when you get a new dog is to bond with the dog and make them feel integrated into their new pack.  Establishing clear boundary rules are part of that integration into the pack, but no need to hurry.  Bonding through walks together, affection, and some light training is the first priority.  You can start on the non-correction phase of the training straight away.
  • No Correction Early – do not correct the dog in the first week that you take them home.  They are just settling in, especially with very sensitive dogs, wait a little before introducing something new.  Let them settle into a new routine before you introduce the correction.  Waiting one or two weeks should be fine. 
  • Take into Account Past Dog Fence Experience – many rescue dogs will have had some exposure to electric dog fence systems or electric bark collars, so can learn faster.  If they seem to be getting it, that is a good thing and don’t try and force them to cross the boundary just so they experience the correction.

Hope are new friend is enjoying the first weekend with their new dog.

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