Neighbouring Invisble Fence* Interference

Sometimes when your neighbour has a dog fence along a common boundary they can cause interference that will make both fences stop working along the common boundary. Here is how to tackle the problem!

I’m interested in purchasing the Innotek IUC 4100 system. My neighbor has an Invisible Fence that is encroaching into our property. I’d like to install my system over his in the area where he is encroaching. Will it affect either system if the system wires overlap? If so, how far apart do the wires have to be? Is the Innotek the best system based on my prior question? Is there another system that is more suitable?

Hi Brian,

Overlapping systems tend to interfere with each other. The signals from lines that run too close together will cancel each other out (so neither will work in the overlapping section). There are a few approaches that you can take to limit this problem.

  1. You can separate the lines of the two systems by 12 feet. You can get away with less, but you have to experiment with it and it will vary from system to system. You can also reduce this distance if your neighbor and you both turn down the boundary width on your respective systems.
  2. You can install a Perimeter Technologies Ultra system. These systems let you choose the frequency the fence operates at, usually by shifting frequency you can avoid interfering with you neighbor’s system
  3. You can extend your neighbor’s system so that you have one big loop covering both yard. This is a great solution if your dogs like playing, but be aware that you should be totally cool with your dogs being dogs. Both the dogs are going to decide it is cool to poop or dig in one of the two yards … if that is going to cause neighborly discord this is a bad idea.

If all else fails, get a pair of scissors and cut your neighbor’s boundary wire. Problem solved! If they complain, ask them to address the complaints to:

Stewart Aldous

*Invisible Fence is a trademark owned by Radio Systems Corporation. Dog Fence DIY LLC is not associated with Invisible Fence in any way, shape or form. The Invisible Fence trademark refers to one particular brand of underground dog fence available on the market.

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  1. Casey says:

    I just want to keep my Lab out of my flower bed area. It varies from 2 to 5 feet. Can I run it along my fence line one way and twisted on the way back? I can possibly run the twisted 2-3 feet lower, and 2-3 feet away when I replace my retaining wall. But there is no way to go all the way In a loop based on my yard and landscape with out crossing back.

    ADMIN – HI Casey. As you do not need a total fence system, I would recommend looking at the Pawz Away Rock Outdoor Zone (RFA-378):
    These zones are meant to create an exclusion barrier. For your flower bed, you would need one rock and up to 150 feet of wire to create an exclusion zone for your flower bed. You will want to add one YardMax collar as well. .

  2. Bob says:

    So is there a small yard solution to this issue? I’d like to get an inground fence, but may be out of luck as the neighbor beat me to it. They have the Invisible Fence brand and the installer put the wire right on the property line which puts the wire 10ft from my house.

    ADMIN – Hi Bob,

    The solution if you need to run your wire near a neighbor’s fence is to use the dual-frequency Perimter Ultra system. The Perimeter lets you switch frequencies to avoid having your fence interfere with your neighbors.

    Alternatively, you can sneak out in the middle of the night and cut their wire!

  3. Terry says:

    How far away from an electric fence should the ground wire be installed? I am preparing to install a perimeter around our 18 acres. I would love to use the existing fence but am thinking I might experience interference and so want to install it where it will work the best. thanks!

    ADMIN – Hi Terry, In most cases you’ll need to separate your wire from your neighbor’s by 15 feet, maybe more to avoid interference. For 18 acres, I highly recommend upgrading to 14 gauge. This is pretty much break proof.

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