Above Ground Installation (No Dig Method)

It is not necessary to bury the boundary wire.  An effective boundary can be created in minutes by simply laying the wire along the ground and fastening it in place with lawn staples (also known as sod staples, landscaping staples or grass staples).  The boundary cable is surprisingly resilient and can stand up to light traffic, and even vehicular traffic.  Even professionals will often not bury the wire when the installation is for a very large area, particularly a wooded area where it is difficult to operate a mechanical trencher. Over time, (three to five years) the cable will bury itself as the lawn grows and leaves fall.

The advantage of the no dig method is the time required for installation.  However, the wire is visible so it is less attractive than buried wire.  On the surface the wire is also more susceptible to breaks especially due to lawn mowers and edgers. Critters such as squirrels may also pose an issue as they are know to chew on the wire.  Of course, being on the surface, the boundary wire is also easier to repair.

To install the cable with the no dig method, lay out the boundary cable just as you would for a normal installation.  If you use boundary cable that is green for grassy areas and black for wooded areas it will be less noticeable.

Now use lawn staples (pictured right) to affix the cable to the ground at 3-5 yard intervals.  In heavily trafficked areas, reduce the space between staples.  Similarly, in areas where the wire changes direction often, increase the staple frequency. Staples can usually be driven into the ground by hand or by standing on the staple. In harder soils, a mallet or hammer can be used to gently drive the staples.  Do not hammer the staples over zealously otherwise you may damage the boundary wire.

To get across driveways and pavement, you can cut across the cement and bury the wire.  Alternatively, you can just lay the cable across the driveway, preferably in an expansion joint where it will be protected. See this link for more information on getting the dog fence wire across a driveway.

You can buy lawn staples in our online store, and at most landscaping and home improvement stores. They are inexpensive, typically costing around $15 per 100.

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