Burying / Mounting the Boundary Wire

There are five principal ways you can bury or mount the dog fence boundary wire:

1.  Hire a trencher, that will automatically dig a trench, lay the cable and bury the cable.  A trencher is what the pro’s use to lay cable and REALLY speeds up the job, allowing you to lay cable at about 3 yards a minute.  You can hire a trencher with a cable laying attachment for a day for around $50 at most tool supply houses, it is money well spent as it will let you halve your installation time.  If you are laying less than 300 yards of cable, you can get away with hiring the trencher for half a day. Remember the recommended bury depth is 1 to 3 inches. You may want to ask the rental company if the trenching blade is adjustable so that you do not bury your wire too deep. For detailed instructions for using a trencher click here.

2.  Use a power edger to dig a shallow trench, then manually lay the cable and bury it. If you don’t already own a power edger, your neighbors probably do, so take a six-pack next door and see if you can borrow it.  Alternatively, buy a cheap power edger for around $50 or hire one for even less.  For detailed instructions click here.

3.  Shovel.  If you don”t mind putting in a little elbow grease, using a shovel (or pick axe for harder soil) is a good way to bury the cable.  You will need to dig a narrow trench, then manually lay the cable and bury the cable.  This method is best suited to smaller yards (under 1/2 an acre) or to doing the smaller sections where you cannot run the edger or trencher.  Click for more detailed instructions on burying the wire using a shovel.

4. Above Ground  (No Dig Method) You do not have to bury the wire at all. In areas that are not mowed, you can simply lay your wire on the surface of the ground and staple it in place using lawn staples to hold it in place. This is particularly useful in lightly trafficked areas and wooded areas where burying the wire is difficult. For details click here.

5. Fence Mounting If you have a convenient fence, the boundary wire can attached to the fence instead of buried. Running the wire along a fence line allows for a quicker installation, and the presence of a physical fence aids in the training process. For more details on fence mounting the boundary wire, see here.


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