Incredible One-Handed Woman Makes Dead Dogs Come Alive (14 photos)

At Dog Fence DIY we have always taken pride in providing dog owners with a variety of resources on every possible topic related to dog ownership. Our in-house vet has written extensively on dog bereavement and her work is regularly quoted by many publications. Recently while updating our guide we came across the most incredible artist and we can’t help it but share her work with you. She is a kind and gifted soul able to bring healing and comfort to pet owners in a very unique way.

Tammy Hendricks was born with only one hand, yet she creates soft sculptures of dogs with such attention to detail and realism that at first one might think it is the work of a taxidermist. Tammy creates dog sculptures using the finest materials such as Alpaca and Mohair, to make her sculptures as life-like as possible Tammy creates a frame out of wire and adds metal and plastic beads to match the weight to the original weight of the pet she is duplicating.

Her work is nothing less than amazing and worth every penny.

Her work is exquisite and haunting, let’s take a look:

Neige the Chihuahua

Neige a Chihuahua

Neige's Sculpture StandingTake a look at this miniature Yorkie:

Miniature Yorkie

What about this Havanese? (I think the sculpture is nicer than the real dog by far…)


Take a look at this long haired chihuahua. Taxidermy or soft sculpture???

long haired chihuahua

More of Tammy’s awesome work:

Warning!! These Are Not Real Dogs-Do Not Fall In Love With Their Cuteness

Look at those eyes!





I want it!

So alive

I have died and gone to dog heaven

I did not do it!

Ultimate lady dog

In addition to fantastic dog sculptures Tammy’s talents also come handy in the creation of the most wonderful memory bears.

Meet Tammy:


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    I just found this article, thank you so much for sharing!

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