How to Train Your Dog to Follow a Boundary Protocol in Combination with Their Electric Dog Fence

If you are a reluctant future electric dog fence owner you may want to become familiar with boundary protocols for dogs. Dogs are naturally territorial and easily establish visual queues that trigger behavioral changes. Teaching your dog to follow a boundary protocol will give you significant peace of mind and will reduce the likelihood of ever having to resort to electric corrections. To be clear, boundary protocols should never be used as a standalone method to keep a dog contained. Any dog will violate their boundaries when exposed to a trigger such as a squirrel or a bunny.

If you plan to install a wired electric dog fence, you may want to begin boundary protocol training a few weeks earlier. Here is the step, by step process to successfully teach your dog to follow visual queues as barriers.

Things You Will Need:

  1. Several flags, rods or markers
  2. Long lead
  3. High value treats
  4. Clicker

Flag Touch

Place a flag a short distance from your dog. lead the dog to touch the flag with its nose. When the dog touches the flag have him turn around to be rewarded through a click at the moment of contact and treat upon its return to you. You may want to use the word flag or target every time your dog touches the flag

Continue target training increasing the distance between you and the flag or flags until the dog demonstrates fluency in responding to visual queues.

Flag touch training is best achieved indoors with minimal distractions.

Outdoor Markers

Create a small perimeter of about 10 to 15 feet outdoors using the same type of flag or rod you used inside. Walk your dog around the perimeter using a short lead and encourage it to touch the target using once again the click and treat method. Once the dog has mastered the concept and is touching every flag in the perimeter move to the center of the perimeter and extend the length of the lead. Encourage the dog to touch the target and return to you at the center to receive its reward. Always click as soon as the dog touches target and call the dog to come to you to receive a treat.

Expanded Perimeter

Position the flags just before the warning line for your electric dog fence and use a short lead to walk the perimeter multiple times rewarding the dog for touching target through click followed by treat.

Move to the center of the perimeter and encourage the dog to go to target. Once your dog reaches target click and call back to you for a treat. Practice this perimeter for at least a couple of weeks twice to three times per day.

Introduction of Electric Dog Fence

Once you have installed your electric dog fence follow the training protocol allowing your dog to become familiar with audible warnings and even experience a small correction. The combination of boundary protocol and a full grasp of the potential consequences associated to crossing the electric dog fence warning zone should make for a safer happier dog who is very unlikely to push its boundaries.

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