How Long Does It Take For My Dog to Learn to Stay Inside The Electric Dog Fence?


Let’s talk electric dog fence training. Radio-based wired dog fences are all about training. It is wrong to think about an invisible fence and e-collar as an out-of-the box solution that will work instantly. The goal of electric dog fences is to teach your dogs to remain within boundaries through sound and sensorial feedback.

How long will it take for my dog to learn to use an invisible fence?

Most dogs will learn the basics on the first day. However, it is not advisable to begin using the fence without supervision until the dog fully understands the consequences of crossing flag-marked boundaries. Most owners of electric dog fences have reported full responsiveness to invisible boundaries after 14 to 20 days of consistent training.

What are my options during the training period?

Until your dog fully understands and respects flag-marked boundaries it is best to keep your dog indoors or contained in a kennel or lead. Your method of containment should be selected based on your dog’s tendency to escape, physical strength and its safety. Make sure your dog is in a setting where it is protected from the elements, it has access to water and food as well as shade or warmth depending on the season.

Can I introduce multiple dogs to our new electric dog fence? 

You can and should introduce all your dogs to the electric dog fence. However, consider having one-on-one engagement with each dog or enlisting the help of additional family members to be able to focus on each dog individually.

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