How an Electric Dog Fence Can Help You Preserve Your Coveted Golf View


Having a superior view from your backyard increases the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces as well as the value of your property. for many homeowners buying a house with a golf view is the realization of a lifetime dream. With more and more golf courses opening across the nation we have noticed a rise in questions regarding a common problem:


How do I preserve my golf view while at the same time keeping my dog contained?

Golf view backyards are often left unfenced or feature a rod iron, or white picket fence with the idea of maintaining a full view allowing home owners to fully enjoy the expansive view without compromises. These types of fencing solutions are quite attractive to the eye but when it comes to dog ownership they present multiple challenges. These are some of the most commonly reported problems related to fencing and containment in homes with golf views:

  • Escape artist dogs jumping the fence
  • Small dogs leaving through the gaps of a rod iron fence
  • Increased barking in response to golf course traffic and activities
  • Inability to give your indoor dog unsupervised potty breaks in the backyard

A traditional wood fence is never an option when a property has been selected and purchased specifically for the view. Even if a wood fence is optional many home owner associations have specifics in their covenant that limit your fencing and containment options when it comes to planning for your dog’s safety.

Limited Outdoor Activities Leads to Canine Obesity

If you are considering keeping your dog strictly inside and even looking into options such as the indoor potty for dogs you may not be making the best move for your pet. A life with limited outdoor activities often results in dogs that struggle with weight issues that often express themselves in heart disease or issues with their hips.

You Can Have Your Cake & Eat it Too

If you have been in search for a solution to allow your dog to use the backyard without compromising your view and you are getting frustrated by the quotes you are receiving from invisible fence installers some which run in the thousands we want you to take hope. Installing an electric dog fence is not rocket science. In fact, every week thousands of Americans save up to 80% by self-installing their dog containment solutions.

Wired Dog Fences are Reliable

With appropriate training a self-installed wired fence is highly reliable solution to keep your dog contained. Most dog owners report minimal failure and a quick learning curve. A number of the most popular e-collars have a training mode that provides dogs with a warning when they are approaching the invisible boundary. The warning mode is one of the most useful training tools when it comes to keeping your dog safe in your backyard.

Electric Dog Fences are Durable & Require Minimal Maintenance

When properly installed a wired fence will require minimal maintenance. Wires are designed to withstand the elements and you will get many years of safe invisible enclosure for your dogs.

Electric Dog Fences Use Very Little Electricity

A common concern of homeowners relates to the cost of running a fence. Because most of the engagement of a fence is passive expect minimal changes to your electricity bill. Even when the electric fences are used to create a perimeter in acreage homeowners report less than a dollar a month difference in their electricity bill.

Here is a list of the best dog fences in the market.


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