GPS Electric Dog Fence Systems

We often get asked about how well GPS dog fence systems work?  And what are the differences between inground electric dog fence systems and GPS system?

Garmin Astro 220Unfortunately at the moment there really are no GPS electric dog fences. There are GPS systems to track your dog, such as the  Garmin’s Astro 220 and the RoamEO.  But these systems are really for tracking your dog, not containing them.  The RoamEO for example can help you locate your dog on a map and can even alert you when the dog has strayed outside your property boundaries.  But the systems do not stop the dog leaving in the first place.

Unlike a wired in-ground system such as the Innotek IUC-4100, the GPS based systems do not give the dog a correction when they stray beyond the boundary.  The main reason for this is that GPS based systems are not yet as precise as ground based systems.  They are even worse than wireless dog fence systems such as the PetSafe PIF-300 in that regard, and can at best locate your dog within a ten meter distance.  They can also be quite slugish and slow to respond to changes in your dog’s position.  Finally, the GPS signal frequently drops out when there is an obstacle blocking the signal, such as trees, buildings or even heavy clouds.  With this lack of precision, they are really not well suited to being coupled with a correction.

But, GPS systems are great for people that just want to keep track of their dog’s whereabouts.  Owners working with hunting dogs and farm dogs are the main users of the GPS systems and they work well for these applications where you are trying to keep tabs on your dog.  So GPS has a plaec, but is not currently useful for people trying to contain their dog.

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