Getting Your Yard Dog-Ready For The Fall & Winter

If you and your dog live in a four seasons region it is important to carefully plan your indoor and outdoor setup to ensure the safety and comfort of your dog. Summer is a great time to plan and purchase dog containment systems. The better, milder weather of fall often motivates dogs to expand their boundaries and frequently get in trouble by wondering beyond your property and finding it hard to find their way back. With cooler evenings the risk of dog hypothermia increases. Another risk associated with dogs straying too far from their home, particularly in wooded areas is the risk of perishing in the jaws of predators such as mountain lions and bears.


Dog owners are often exploring affordable dog fences making fully serviced installations such as Invisible Fence may not be a viable or cost effective solution for dog owners with large properties such as ranches, hunting leases and farms. Even a one-acre lot may prove too expensive for a home owner. Thanks to detailed dog fence installation guides it is entirely possible to save thousands of dollars while creating a custom wireless dog fence that fits the specs of your property. If you are looking into affordable alternatives for an invisible fence installation as part of your summer to fall planning you have arrived at the right place. Dog fences are not the only consideration when it comes to seasonal planning. In addition to safe containment for your dogs you may want to explore the following safety and comfort needs for your canine companion

Outdoor Shelter or Access to Indoor Shelter

With temperatures falling the priorities for your dog safety change. While you still need to make sure they have a shady spot to rest and water you now also have to provide indoor warm shelter for the evenings or harsh weather.


Proper Tagging

If you have a gifted and talented dog who is known to be a escape artist the increased number of outdoor critters such as bunnies and squirrels create a compounded problem with their chase instinct. Make sure they are properly tagged or chipped. This will equip others to help your dog find their way back home


Weather Appropriate Outfits

Dog clothes are not necessarily a fashion statement or evidence of a spoiled hound. If your dog participates in outdoor activities such as hiking and hunting and they have a smooth coat or had a recent haircut consider using a coat We use and recommend the three-season sport coat.


We look forward to helping you successfully install your affordable electric dog fence before the weather becomes too harsh and the ground freezes. Let us guide you step-by-step with our online manuals and installation hotline.





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