Keeping the Dog Out of Garden Beds

Sometimes instead of keeping the dog contained

Hi! I have a French Bulldog and an English Bulldog who’ve developed a taste for my drip sprinkler lines and sprayers. I don’t need an electronic fence to keep them in the yard; rather, it’s to keep the AWAY from my backyard flower beds. I need a system that will keep them out of several different interior areas, yet allow them to use the rest of the yard. If I understand your system, all interior areas would need to be daisy-chained together, which would involve running the connecting wires across the yard to connect the beds. Since the flower beds all run along the perimeter, the best solution might be to run the wire in a continuous length along the flower bed perimeter and dial the boundary width back to zero.  I was thinking about using a PetSafe Stubborn.

Is this a possible solution? If so, what’s the maximum length of fence wire that the transmitter can accommodate? Lastly, how much does additional wire cost?

That would really cut up the yard and keep them away from a lot of areas they should be able to use.


Hi Don,

You could definitely use the PetSafe stubborn with a series of garden bed areas, each with it’s own loop and daisy chained together with twisted wire.  The PetSafe Stubborn will power 3,000 feet of boundary fence wire.  But generally, using a dog fence solely for exclusion rather than containment is overkill and is more effort than necessary.

I think, a better solution however may be to use the rock outdoor dog fence pod.  The Pawz-Away rock is made specifically to keep the dogs out of small areas.  Each rock can create either a circular exclusion boundary (adjustable up to 8 feet in radius), or you can use it to power up to 150 feet of boundary wire.  The rock is a lot cheaper than a regular system too.  One rock and the collar cost under $100.  Best of all you don’t have to lay wire all across the yard.

Bob Holmes

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