How Do I Walk My Dog?

How do I take my dog for walks with a pet containment system?

For the first couple of months, try and keep everything consistent and don’t walk them out through the boundary.  To get them outside, take off their correction collar and either drive your dog over the boundary or carry your dog over the boundary so they don’t get confused.

After the first couple of months, you can train them to walk over the boundary, but only when accompanied by you.  The key  is to set up a routine.  Take off their correction collar, put on their walking collar and fasten the leash, then walk them out through the same location every time.  The first couple of times the dogs may struggle and you will have to firmly lead them over the boundary line, but they quickly learn the new routine and be ready to go.  Just stick with this same routine and they will soon learn that there is an exception to their general boundary rules, that when leashed and accompanied by you, they may cross the boundary.

Enjoy your walk!

For more detailed information on how to train your dog on how to go through the boundary on command, look here.

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