How Long Does Training Take?

How long will it take to train my dog on the fence?  How long will it take to contain my dog?

It usually takes 2-3 weeks to train a dog on the fence before you are ready to start doing some off leash supervised play time.

Stage One – in the first week you will introduce the dog to the system and establish the rules.  The key learning for your dog is that when it passes the flags and hears the beep he must turn and retreat quickly.

Stage Two – in the second week you introduce the correction and the dog learns there are consequences for not obeying the rules set out in week one.

Stage Three – in the final week you are going to introduce distractions and temptations to make sure your dog follows the rules even when excited or lured beyond the system boundary.

Each stage takes about a week and you will need to do two or three 10-15 minute sessions a day.  This training is key to keeping your dog contained.  For this small investment of time,  you will be rewarded with years of having a safe dog and being worry free.

After the training is complete you will start lengthening the amount of play and reducing the supervision.

For detailed information on dog fence training go here.

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Veronica West March 20, 2010 at 6:05 pm

We have just purchased and will be installing (tomorrow) the Innotek IUC-5100 Contain and Train system. We also have a traditional fence. The reason for the “invisible fence” in addition to the traditional fence is because our two 5 year old labrador/coonhound mix dogs have discovered they can dig under the fence and roam the neighborhood, which is NOT SAFE for them.
I am wondering if you think the training will be slower or quicker due to the physical fence?

ADMIN – Hi Veronica,

Training is much faster and easier with a physical fence for two reasons. First, there is a really clear physical marker for the boundary that is easy for the dog to follow. Second, running through a physical fence takes a lot more time that when there is no fence (the dog needing to either climb over or dig under), so run throughs are less of concern. But, training is still important to make learning the new system as easy as possible for your dogs. I would still follow the standard training regime – but if you are short on time you can cut short the first week (three days instead of a week)

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