Can I Train a Puppy?

Can I train a puppy?  How old does a dog have to be to train them on a pet containment system?  What about pregnant or infirm dogs?

We do not start training a dog younger than six months of age.  Most young pups just aren’t cognitively ready to learn.  Most of those goofy buggers are just too easily distracted to do any effective training.  If you must train a dog under six months, at least make sure they can do the training basics confidently before hand (sit, stay, come)

We also would not train a pregnant or infirm dog.  Wait until the dog is back to normal.

Mentally ill dogs.  If a dog is suffering from mental illness, or dementia they just aren’t capable of learning something new.

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Betty March 29, 2012 at 2:49 am

Hi, We want to keep out toy fox terrier, barely 4 pounds, in our yard. We have a picket fence, with chicken wire stapled to the side, but our sweet little darling has learned how to climb over the fence and escape. The chicken wire was put in after he climbed, wiggled through the picket fence. He always goes to my daughter’s house 3 door down, but it is a busy road and several larger dogs are around so that really scares us. Once concern is the weight of the collar. He is very small. Do you think it would work with him?

ADMIN – Hi Betty,

I suspect at 4lbs, he is going to be too small for the collar on these system. We generally find 5-6 lbs is the lower cutoff. If you wanted to give it a try, the PetSafe Little Dog collar is the smallest and lightest and is the only one that has a shot of working. We would put the collar on the dog without switching it on, and let him run around for a couple of days and see if he is comfortable. If he is comfortable you can install the fence, and if he isn’t you can return it. My best guest is that it is not going to be a good fit for him.

DeAnna November 26, 2010 at 11:03 am

We have 2 puppies about to be 6 months old. I know I need to train them separately on an electric fence and they do very well on all training when they are not together. But how do I let them be together in the yard while I am training and how do I transition from training them separately on the fence to putting them together in the yard with the fence? We also always take their collars (even regular collars) off when they come in. Is that okay to do with these collars or will we have a hard time getting the collars on them when they go out if they are afraid of them?

ADMIN – Hi DeAnna,

Once the dog’s have done the two weeks of boundary training and are resisting your temptations on the other side, that is a good time to start letting them out together. At that stage you will be starting letting them out together for longer-and-longer unsupervised off-leash sessions.

You can take the dog’s collars off when they come inside. Most people don’t take the collars off except at night, but that is purely a matter of convenience. A well trained dog should not be scared of the collar, they may figure out that different rules apply when they have the collar on – but many won’t even make the connection between the collar and correction. For most dogs, putting on the collar is just part of their routine before they are allowed to go outside to play.

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