How do I fix breaks in the boundary wire?

To find a break in the wire, first walk along the route of the wire and look for places where there has been recent digging.  The most common culprit will be a lawn edger, so check where the wire crosses the driveway or any footpaths.  

If you can’t find the break, you will need to get an RF choke, a $2 device available at Radio Shack.  These devices makes the wire emit a signal that you can hear on an AM radio.  Follow the path of the wire until you find the spot where signal disappears.  Voila! You have found the break.

Once the break is identified, splice in a new bit of wire to cover the broken area.

For more detailed information on finding and fixing wire breaks, see here.

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Wanda October 3, 2015 at 8:59 pm

Does a wire fence have to make a complete loop or can it dead. We have 25 acres, but the fence along the back is in very good shape and does not need another barrier? So we only need the barrier on three sides of our property – is that possible.
We also have a creek that runs through our property, if I am running the wire above ground attaching to the existing fence, can the wire be run attached to a barb wire that runs across the creek?
We have a lab mix that weighs about 75lbs. We are trying to decide if we are going to limit her to the yard or let her run the entire/larger portion of our place.

ADMIN – Hi Wanda. What is the age and temperament of your dog? What is the size of the pet containment area? Are you planning to use the whole 25 acres to contain your dog?
Answering these questions will help me match your dog to the best electric dog fence system.

Hans Kurtz November 19, 2012 at 3:49 pm

I have lost my power source due to Hurricane Sandy. Can the system run on the battery back up with rechargeable batteries? My system surrounds 4 acres. I tried putting 8 new AA batteries in and when I turn on the monitor it beeps and flashes red. I also could not get the fully charged collar to beep.
Thank you,

Admin- Hi Hans,
Yes, the PetSafe UltraSmart 13619 system will operate with the battery back-up only. With new batteries, the dog fence system should last about 40-hours. The flashing red monitor indicates that the fence has power but a break has accrued in the boundary wire.

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