How Do I Get the Dog Fence Across the Driveway?

How do I get the electric dog fence boundary wire across the driveway?  How do I cross the driveway with the boundary wire?  How do you deal with the driveway?

There are three ways to deal with the driveway:

  • Through the Driveway – the easiest way is to cut a small groove into the driveway, using a circular saw.  The groove should be just an inch deep.  Then place the wire in the groove and seal with an outdoor caulk.  If you cut the groove in an exsisting expansion joint in the driveway, the cut can be hidden nicely.
  • Over the Driveway – you can run the containment wire over the driveway.  The wire will eventually wear out, but is pretty hardy and when you do need to replace it, it is not very difficult.  Preferably you will protect the wire to stop people tripping over the wire and protect it from traffic.  You can do this by running the wire through an old piece of hose pipe or having a cable protector over the wire (you can get them at the hardware store, they are intended to protect extension cords).
  • Under the Driveway – you can tunnel under the driveway and run the wire through the tunnel.  This is the most difficult way to go, unless there is already a tunnel or conduit under the driveway in place.

For more detailed information on dealing with getting the dog fence wire across the driveway see here.

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s walker December 5, 2017 at 8:02 pm

Can you use the gate / rock system for the gate at the same time we have a non barking collar on our dog? We have an automatic gate but o otherwise fenced and want to keep him in. thanks

ADMIN – HI S. You could do this but the dog would need to wear two collars.

Susan Webster December 16, 2014 at 3:05 am

What can you do if a yard is 3/4 fenced in and the rest is on a driveway and door into house is off the driveway. Would like to somehow fence in the whole space so can open the door and just let the dog out. Is there some portable fence or large gate??? Would really appreciate your help. Thank you.

ADMIN – HI SUSAN. Do you have any metal objects in the driveway (e.g., washing machine, dryer, hot water heater, cars)? These metal objects will amplify the radio signal in the Boundary Wire. We recommend crossing hard surfaces (e.g., driveways, sidewalks) by placing the Boundary Wire in a convenient expansion joint, or create a groove using a circular saw and masonry blade. Place the Boundary Wire in the groove and cover with an appropriate waterproofing compound. For best results, brush away dirt or other debris before patching. We also recommend crossing gravel or dirt driveways by placing the Boundary Wire in a PVC pipe, or garden water hose to protect the Boundary Wire before burying. Have you considered using the Pawz Away Outdoor Rock & Collar Set? The Pawz Away Rock is a barrier system that stops the dogs entering certain parts of the yard. You can use it to stop them entering a flower bed or bolting out through a gate. The Rock base station can operate either wirelessly, projecting an adjustable boundary up to 16 feet in diameter. Or you can use the system with up to 150 feet of Boundary Wire. The rock takes four D batteries. The Dog Collar included with the system uses disposable 3V lithium batteries. The included Dog Collar is a single level general purpose Dog Collar. It is not the best, but perfectly adequate for keeping the dogs out of small areas as intended. The package includes: Control system – cleverly disguised as a rock, One Dog Collar, Training Guide, and Tester Tool.

Ken Nunez February 23, 2012 at 4:16 pm

I don’t have a problem keeping my dog in my yard. My problem is keeping other peoples dogs out of my yard. Do you have a product that will help me do this?

ADMIN – Hi Ken,

Afraid a dog fence isn’t going to help you keep other dog’s out of your yard. The fence only works for dogs that are wearing the collar, and that have been trained on the use of the fence.

mark McIntire October 24, 2009 at 7:26 pm

can you put the wire on a chain link fence with zip ties.
and what size box will I need for 1500ft of fence.

ADMIN – Hi Mark,

You can absolutely zip tie the wire to a chain link fence. All the systems we have available can handle 1,500 feet of wire.

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