How do I bury the dog fence wire?

How do I bury the boundary wire for the dog fence?

If you decide to bury the boundary wire there are many ways you can do it.  (we even have a customer that used a chainsaw to cut a groove in the ground .. we don’t recommend this method … but they swear by it)

  • Trencher – the easiest way to bury the wire is to rent a trencher (ditch witch) with a cable laying attachment.  This will dig the trench, put down the wire, and backfill.  If you are doing any serious amount of wire burial, this is the way to go.  It is a great way to save many hours of digging for around $50.
  • Edger – you can use a regular garden edger to dig a narrow trench.  That leaves you to place the wire in the trench and backfill.  Gasoline edgers are preferable since they tend to be more powerful.
  • Shovel or Hoe – you can dig a narrow trench with a spade or a hoe, then lay the wire and backfill.  This is the slowest method, but works fine for small distances.

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