Install an Electronic Dog Fence-It Might Just Save Your Dog, Your View & Your Dollars


A dog’s ability to be obedient varies from dog to dog & breed to breed. If you have been struggling with an escape artist and it seems like every single week you are getting a call from the dog pound to pick up your pooch it is perhaps time to explore your dog containment alternatives. Here are a few facts to consider:

  • Electronic dog containment systems are safe when used according to the manufacturers directions. They have been tested as a reliable means to keep your dog within a designated area.
  • Wireless dog fences are friendly to landscape designs aimed at maximizing shared spaces and views.
  • Electric dog fences are an economical alternative for large properties where physical barriers are price prohibitive.
  • A highly rated electric dog fence can cost far less than a vet’s bill resulting from a dog getting run over by a car.
  • Under most state laws you are liable for car damage resulting from your dog running in front of a car.
  • Generally speaking a dog fence is a training tool. It is a myth that your dog will be exposed to training feedback from the collar on a daily basis. most dogs become aware and respectful of their boundaries within weeks of beginning their training program.
  • Not all electric dog fences are buried. One option is the no dig method for electric dog fences.

In-ground fences are the most customizable type of dog containment systems. Repair and maintenance are minimal
and you have little to no concern regarding wear & tear caused by climate variations such as heat, freezes or high wind.

If you are just beginning to learn about dog fences it is important to know that not all fences are the same. Our experts have reviewed the most popular electric dog fences and have made recommendations based on breed, behavior, owner’s need, budget and topography of your property. You can read our expert electric dog fence reviews and get a better idea as to which fence would work best for you.

The way a wireless dog fence works is simple:

You’ll define your dog’s boundaries by installing underground wires in your yard. The transmitter sends radio signals to the receiver collar your dog wears. During the short training period your dog will learn to listen for a warning tone as he nears the invisible fence. If your pet tries to leave the perimeter as defined by the buried wires, he will receive a safe but surprising correction from the collar, reminding him to stay in the yard. The correction feels to your dog very similar to the static we encounter in our laundry or the classic doorknob shock.

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