Using Electric Fence Wire

A customer asks if they can use electric fence wire left over from an electric cattle fence, with their dog containment fence.

I live on a 40 acre farm and would like to “invisible fence” about 6-8 acres around the house and barns. Having formerly raised calves, I still have some of the electric fence supplies. Would the wire (17 gauge) work for this PetSafe 4100 system? 2nd question. Does the wire need to connect to the control box like it does to a fence charger?
Thanks Dean

Hi Dean,

Unfortunately you cannot use electric fence wire with an electric dog fence system. Usually, electric fence wire is uninsulated, because contact with the wire is what actually causes the correction. With a dog fence, the wire is insulated – it only gives off a radio wave, the acutal correction is caused by the receiver collar that is worn around the dog’s neck.

The dog containment fence wire does need to connect to the control box, the loop of wire will both start and finish at the box.

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