Electric Dog Fence Training-Day Two

Getting your dog to understand invisible boundaries is the key to proper training when using electric dog fences. In many instances the primary barrier will be the electric wired fence. In many others the electric fence will be secondary to a physical fence and aimed at providing a second layer of protection to contain dogs with a tendency to dig, jump, escape etc.

On your second day of training you need to reinforce the concepts learned on your first day. Generally, because of the need for repetition you may want to begin training your dog on a Friday to ensure you have at least three days of consistent feedback. As you move into your second day of dog fence training it is essential that you learn to read signs of stress. Look for the following behaviors:

  • Wanting to retreat to a comfort zone such as the house.
  • Ears tucked back
  • Tremors
  • Body lowered
  • Stiff posturing

If you perceive any signs of stress at any stage of their training move away from the flags and give your dog the opportunity to play and relax.

Second Day of Electric Dog Fence Training Step by Step

  1. Plan on three dog fence training sessions. Most dogs will tolerate up to 15 minutes of training. Consider scheduling the sessions in morning, mid-day and evening intervals
  2. Program the Static Correction Level on the Receiver Collar to Level 2.
  3. Begin with play.
  4. Approach the flagged boundaries while holding the dog on a secure short leash
  5. Expand flagged boundaries to include additional areas repeating all the steps we learned on day one
  6. If your dog is not responding to static correction check the fit of the collar. If it fits properly augment correction by one level.
  7. Continue working on the same area by approaching the boundary and pulling the dog back when the correction takes place.
  8. Repeat until dog backs up on its own.
  9. Close the session with play time.




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